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Unify marketing, sales and service activities under the best CRM software on cloud

best crm software

CentraHub CRM is a VAT compliant, cloud-based CRM software solution by CentraHub, a fully owned subsidiary of Focus Softnet and one of the top CRM solution vendors in the GCC countries.

With its powerful tools, the online CRM application allows users to effectively convert leads and opportunities into revenue-paying customers.

It helps organizations boost operations with features such as sales lifecycle stages (including estimation), quotation management, authorizations, calendars & activity trackers and many more power-packed options through its robust, easy-to-use and comprehensive platform.

The SaaS CRM software helps organizations boost operations through its robust, easy-to-use and comprehensive platform, with features like sales lifecycle stages (including estimation), quotation management, authorizations, calendars, activity trackers and many more power-packed options.

With this simple and best CRM solution, users can gain insights in their sales operations to maximize every customer interaction. It provides a platform for business owners to analyze, plan, develop and deploy activities related to marketing, sales and service.

To discuss your business challenges, opt for a free consultation from our product experts by sharing your details in the form.

Advanced features of CentraHub CRM – 100% cloud hosted business application

Best CRM Software

CRM for sales

CRM on-the-go

CentraHub CRM is the top CRM software with advanced sales and marketing management features such as sales analytics, role permissions, hierarchy for sales teams and management of territories. It functions as a mobile-ready, on-the-go CRM, with offline access and individualized dashboards

Best CRM Software

Lead management

Track leads in real time

The customer relationship management software is preloaded with lead management tools that would cover all aspects of the business including tracking, customer accounts, contacts and opportunities identification. With our CRM solution, you could convert leads to sales faster, with a higher rate of customer satisfaction.

Best CRM Software

CRM for marketing

Improve your brand reach

Deploy CentraHub CRM's powerful marketing management tools to run campaigns, expand brand reach and ensure steady flow of leads. As the best CRM solution, it has features for campaign management, market segmentation, landing page integration, telemarketing, campaign creation, response tracking, budgeting and ROI analysis.

Best CRM Software

CRM for services

Win and retain customers

As a CRM for large and small businesses, CentraHub CRM is also loaded with service management features that include tools such as tracking SLA performance for service calls, managing AMC/Call-based service calls and billing and smartly allocating service call requests to relevant service personnel.

Best CRM Software

Ensure service resolution

Simplified SLA management

Simplify the SLA management and governance processes with CentraHub CRM. Our CRM software would allow you to manage the resolution and escalation of service requests in real time. Use smart tools to create and manage contracts, schedules, requests, services and assets under efficiently maintained Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Best CRM Software

CRM for communication

Enhance communication at all levels

CentraHub CRM can be trained to function according to the rules, policies and conditions-based actions of your organization. With its best CRM tools, you can enable smart communication through user-defined email templates, SMS messages, notifications, reminders, KPI definitions or periodic actions for both internal communication and customer support.

crm solution third party integrations crm solution third party integrations

Achieve AI powered automation – Integrate AIFA with CentraHub CRM

Upgrade your business with an AI based CRM! Boost your sales and customer interactions with Focus Softnet’s AI platform AIFA – Artificially Intelligent Futuristic Applications. Equip your business with an AI powered CRM to automate tasks. AIFA includes power-packed features including chatbots, predictive analytics, robotic process automation (RPA) and face recognition.

Benefits of deploying MENA’s award-winning CRM software

Contact management

Unified data repository

HHandle customer accounts and communications by maintaining a single account repository with different data parameters along with customization of the interface. Use the CRM to schedule calls, resolve support tickets and engage customers through personalized interactions and communication.

Sales pipeline management

Close sales faster

Identify and engage with maximum opportunities to convert prospects into leads. Use CentraHub CRM to monitor all aspects of the revenue pipeline. Manage sales teams, sales visits, follow-ups, inward/outward documents and all other phases leading to the sales closure

Third party integrations

For smooth and easy data access

The development of CentraHub CRM software was a result of extensive research and collaboration with industry experts. Along with its advanced features, it is also equipped with integrations for third-party applications in email, e-commerce, payment gateways, finance software, ERPs, communication and telephony.

Task specific features

Easy navigation and configuration

Tap into CentraHub CRM's easy-to-navigate features to improve operational efficiency and reduce reliance on manual processes. Close sales faster with the help of insights and tools that can be customized to meet your needs and automated for repetitive tasks.

User defined info-panels

customizable dashboards

CentraHub CRM enables you to create multiple dashboards with customizations specific to the user. These dashboards can be assigned to the employees based on their roles and usage. The dashboards and info-panels provide real-time monitoring of business through live graphs, helping you attain overall operational oversight.

Reports and BI analytics

Gain deeper and more accurate business insights

Prepare and review multi-dimensional reports with insightful capabilities such as color coding, interpretations of KPIs, engine graphing etc. Use the BI capabilities of CentraHub CRM to generate specific tasks or department-specific reports to dive deeper into each operational aspect, such as financial data and budget plans.

Multi-lingual CRM

Available in English and Arabic

As one of the most widely used CRM in the MENA region, CentraHub CRM is available in both English and Arabic, keeping in consideration local demographic requirements and local linguistics. The multilingual features would allow you to easily navigate and configure the CRM.

Customizable CRM software

Industry specific personalization

CentraHub CRM does not compel you to go with its standard processes but rather gives you the flexibility to customize the software as required by your industry. The CRM solution can be deployed for retail, real estate, automotive, services, project management, courier services, education and trading.

CRM Software: Modules

Deploy CentraHub CRM for fast and sustained business growth

CentraHub CRM is fast rising customer relationship management application in Riyadh, Dammam, Jeddah, Al-Khobar, Doha, Muscat, Manama, Kuwait City, and other commercial hubs across MENA. It's quick deployment and easy setup has been winning it a growing customer base. The SaaS CRM software can be customized to suit your business needs and processes across all industries, for businesses of all sizes.

CentraHub has successfully deployed industry-specific CRM applications for many major businesses. Connect with us by filling the form and get in touch with expert consultants to discuss your business challenges.

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