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HCM Software with Integrated Payroll System and Time Tracker

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A highly efficient and customizable HCM software for human resource management, CentraHub HCM not only helps in automating HR processes but also enables you to keep track of them efficiently. It is provided by CentraHub, a fully owned subsidiary of Focus Softnet, one of the top business solution providers in the MENA region whose applications comply with VAT laws in all GCC countries.

With this human resource management system software, you can revamp your organization’s structure by auto-populating it with information and view respective departments in a multi-level format. The HCM software can also define job grades, roles and responsibilities on various parameters including its effect on the CTC.

The revolutionary automating features in the human resource management software enable you to steer the whole recruitment process including aspects such as manpower planning, requisitions, applicant screening, filtering, sorting, ranking and selection.

You can onboard the new recruits with user-defined processes and can also record detailed information of the employees and manage it with efficiency. Use the HR management software to define rules for multi-level approval process based on hierarchies, companies and locations while also receive document expiry alerts through the integrated ESS portal.

To discuss your human resource management challenges or requirements, opt for a free consultation from our product expert by sharing your details in the form.

HCM Software with Customizable Features

HR Managemet Software

Comprehensive HRS Application

Automated recruitment and onboarding

The Cloud HRIS software is equipped with robust functionality to automate recruitment and onboarding processes. Use the powerful APIs of HR management system to post the job details directly on career websites. Based on the predefined filters, candidates who have applied would be automatically shortlisted and scheduled for interviews.

HR Managemet Software

HR and Payroll Management System

Salary computations, time sheets and attendance

Streamline payroll components, multiple pay groups and pay batches, with CTC matrix for quicker review. Use multiple options to capture attendance data based on shifts, locations and projects. Deploy the reliable payroll software for error-free salary calculations.

HR Managemet Software

HCM Software on Cloud

Enhanced workflows, communication and reports

Deploy our human capital management software to replace manual HR processes with fully automated workflows. Use the advanced information sharing system to enhance internal and external communication. Set custom alerts to get notified on time and generate BI powered reports to analyze operations quickly and comprehensively.

HR Managemet Software

Streamlined Operations

Automated HR processes

CentraHub HCM is a fully customizable solution to suit your unique requirements. It is a mobile-ready software to track HR operations on-the-go and scalable to support your future business growth. It would assist you in streamlining operations, eliminating manual methods and replacing them with automated processes.

HR Managemet Software

Attendance Management

Payroll integrated timesheet management

Manage attendance through our HR software and automatically integrate the data for payroll processing. Manage attendance, logins, logouts, leaves and timesheets, prevent data duplication and store all data in a unified database, with role-based access.

HR Managemet Software

Budget Management

Stay on top of your HR financials

Our human resource management system hosts a dynamic budgeting module. It helps you plan the recruitment budget of your organization, based on departments, positions, locations and projects using tags, and also provides complete visibility into financial details of all other HR operations.

hr software third party integrations hr software third party integrations

Artificial intelligence in HR – Integrate AIFA with CentraHub HCM

Automate human resource management with customized AI for HR solutions. Deploy AIFA – Artificially Intelligent Futuristic Applications and integrate it with your HR software to automate processes including payroll and automate logins with its face recognition technology. AIFA is also loaded with features such as chatbots and predictive analytics.

Benefits of Deploying CentraHub HCM

HR Lifecycle Management

Encompassing all HR aspects

CentraHub HCM provides you with a comprehensive set of tools to manage your workforce with ease, starting right from recruitment and onboarding to relieving. It encompasses all aspects of the HR lifecycle and helps you automate tasks and manage them from a single platform.

Employee Self Service

Integrated ESS with simplified UI

Empower your employees with an easy-to-use ESS platform. The integrated ESS portal serves as a reliable mode for your employees to communicate with your HR department as well as check information related to their logins, log outs, leave balance, leave application, time sheets, pay slips, etc.

Statutory Compliance

Stay informed with automated alerts

Ensure that your organization adheres to statutory norms and regulations through CentraHub HCM’s automated alerts. Manage payroll in multiple currencies and stay in compliance with VAT regulations in MENA.

HR Management for Multiple Locations

Unify operations across all offices

With CentraHub HCM, you can manage employees at a single office as well as a offices that are geographically dispersed. Through its real time data sync and integrated modules, you can have cross-departmental visibility and manage all HR operations from a single software.

Integration Friendly HR Software

Seamless third-party integrations

CentraHub HCM facilitates smooth integrations with third-party applications to fulfill departmental and office specific requirements for enhancing employee performance. You can integrate our HR software with numerous third-party applications and plugins to achieve better output, improve results and enhance experience.

Reports and Communication

Quick updates and reliable connectivity

Generate reports on your fingertips, analyze and collate data as per your requirement. Provide role-based access to data including time sheets and payroll details. Use CentraHub HCM’s powerful communication engine for inter-company communication, set alerts, notifications and reminders for important activities.

HCM Software: Modules

Simplified Human Resource Management With Payroll Integration

CentraHub has won multiple awards for the adept and efficient deployment of its smart business solutions. It's one of the top HR software companies in Middle East and relied upon by major business organizations across Riyadh, Dammam, Jeddah, Al-Khobar, Kuwait City, Doha, Muscat, Manama, and the whole MENA region.

CentraHub HCM is a fully automated HR management software that eliminates manual processes and ushers in efficiency and growth, something that every organization needs in today's era of breakneck technology advancements.

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