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Real estate CRM software for construction projects and property management

real estate management system

CentraHub REMS is an all-encompassing real estate management CRM software for holistic property management. It guarantees a 360-degree view of all real estate assets, leads, and prospects with its extensive modules. The property management CRM software is provided by CentraHub, a fully owned subsidiary of Focus Softnet and the top real estate software vendor in Riyadh, Dammam, Jeddah, Al-Khobar, Doha, Muscat, Manama, Kuwait City, and other cities across MENA.

With CentraHub REMS, a SaaS based property management software, owners can manage accounts, contacts, campaigns, leads, real estate units, quotations, invoicing sales orders, lease contracts and invoicing. The software is also adept in the management of booking & registration, possession & snag-lists, transfer & cancellations, calendars, tasks, appointments and many more aspects of real estate operations.

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Feature-rich real estate management software on cloud

Real Estate CRM software

Online PMS system

The best suited CRM for real estate industry

CentraHub REMS provides complete visibility into the sales funnel, income, availability of assets and other key metrics as a one-stop real estate management software. You can track leads and prospects, monitor and record site visits, brokers, agents, proposals, deals, validities, confirmations, real estate stock availability with this real estate management system.

Real Estate CRM software

Real estate owner’s association

Efficient community management

Centra Owners' Association Management System is a web-based community management and invoicing system that facilitates the management of community events, calendars, services and activities. It is equipped with online logins for owners, tenants and community managers, with dedicated budget management tools, collection processes and occupant management features.

Real Estate CRM software

Tenant management simplified

Organize and streamline your collection process

CentraHub REMS also offers flexible tools to manage tenants and streamline the collection process. With the application, your collection process would be equipped with built-in alert systems for tenants and owners to verify the expiry of the contract and payment due dates for smooth financial transactions and easy collection.

Real Estate CRM software

Real estate CAFM

Computer aided facility management

Use our unique computer-aided facility management tools to manage all of your real estate assets. Automate and integrate Planned-Preventive-Maintenance (PPM) with inventory and collect important data such as warranty-based billing, services, product type, quantities and replacements of parts, as well as other significant factors.

Real Estate CRM software

Customizable and mobile ready solution

Integration with online portals

CentraHub REMS is a fully customizable solution that adapts to your unique needs. It's a ready-to-use mobile real estate software that tracks assets on-the-go, with scalable features for future business growth. It also has features for agreement management and integration with common portals and platforms in the real estate sector.

Real Estate CRM software

Document Management

Easy access and synchronized storage

Our real estate management system provides you with document management tools with role-based access. You can store and consolidate documents and monitor previous versions under a single view through its smart-search options. It also has options to save comprehensive layouts and maps of your real estate assets.

property management software integrations property management software integrations

AI in real estate industry – Integrate AIFA with CentraHub REMS

Use the powers of AI in real estate management! Introducing Focus Softnet’s advanced AI platform AIFA – Artificially Intelligent Futuristic Applications. Equip your business with an AI based real estate software and gain powerful insights through its predictive analytics. The AI also includes robotic process automation (RPA), chatbots and face recognition.

Benefits of deploying the best CRM for the real estate industry

Property Units

Simplified allocation, cancellation and reservation

CentraHub REMS has standardized and simplified processes for end-to-end property management. Capture attributes of each property such as area, rate, amount and other information as location and view etc. to sort and filter through premium units easily for quick allocation.

Bookings and Registrations

Track every lead and conversion

Initiate automation to record and store data related to all bookings and property registrations with our real estate management software. Gain clarity with respect to all contract terms, such as direct payments, installment or stage-based payments, terms and conditions, agreements, etc.

Comply with real estate statutory norms

Increase customer trust and loyalty

Build customer trust and safeguard your business by complying with all local regulations and statutory standards with CentraHub REMS. To ensure compliance, our real estate management software would provide you with automated alerts related to upcoming renewals or other statutory measures.

Integrate with legacy financial systems

Eliminate manual data feeding

Our real estate CRM software can be incorporated seamlessly with legacy financial systems and ERP applications to enable data storage, financial computations and reporting. The integration would eliminate the need to manually feed data and avoid data duplication and formation of data silos.

Alerts and notifications

Smart tools for contract management

The commercial real estate software alerts you about any impending tasks or deadlines through its smart notifications. Its user-defined intelligent alert system is a vital tool especially in contract management where it will notify you of upcoming renewals or terminations of contracts.

Scalable real estate software

Expand and grow your business with CentraHub REMS

CentraHub REMS is a completely scalable platform for the management of real estate, suitable for small and large businesses. Through its modular architecture, property owners can deploy specific modules suited for their business or deploy the complete application to integrate and unify all operations.

REMS Software: Modules

The best equipped real estate software for your business

As the best real estate system on cloud, CentraHub REMS covers all possible aspects of real estate business, right from project planning and construction to sales and facility management.

The SaaS based application would help you grow your business, identify and track your revenue sources and assist you in building financial sustainability and operational efficiency, through its intuitive tools and smartly integrated features. By deploying CentraHub REMS, you could simplify the management of sales pipelines and introduce marketing automation for generating leads and tracking opportunities.

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