Cloud-Based ERP Solutions
For Small Medium And Large-Scale Businesses

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Mobile Ready, Cloud-Based ERP Solutions with Industry-Specific Templates

Deploy multi-capability, cloud-based ERP solutions from Focus Softnet for sustainable business growth, streamlined operations and efficiency-driven processes. Introduce automation in all aspects of operations and gain competitive advantage through the integrated and comprehensive modules. Customize the applications to suit your business requirements and scale up as needed.

Our ERP applications empower you with:

Cloud Based ERP Solutions


stay connected to your business

Mobile-ready ERP software with simple and seamless accessibility that does not compromise its security

ERP Solutions

Industry-specific features

with customizations

ERP solutions with vertical-specific modules that would reduce deployment complexities and streamline operations

Cloud Based ERP Software

Quick deployment

Minimal downtime

Quickly deployable, easy to configure interface. Customizable and integrated ERP modules for complete process automation

top cloud erp solutions

Cloud hosting

Secure and easy access

100% cloud hosted applications that reduce deployment costs and provide optimum data accessibility and security

ERP Buyers Guide

What Is ERP Software?

Explore all the facets of enterprise resource planning software. Understand how it helps organizations streamline operations and make processes more efficient. Get in-depth information about how ERP assists business owners, managers and executives in day-to-day operations through its data storage and accessibility features.

For more details, check out our definitive guide to ERP.

Types of ERP Buyers

Enterprises, small and medium-sized business establishments require ERP systems to streamline their operations and prevent wastage in terms of raw material, manpower and man hours.

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Large and Enterprise-Level Companies

1. Large and Enterprise-Level Companies

Focus Softnet’s ERP systems are equipped with comprehensive modules that cater to all departments of enterprises and large-scale businesses. These are cloud-hosted solutions, offering secure access to data from any device.

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2. Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (SMBs)

We provide business-specific ERP software solutions for small and medium size establishments. Businesses can deploy specific modules as per their requirements and scale up when needed.

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Industry-Specific Buyers
Industry-Specific Buyers

3. Industry-Specific Buyers

Our custom ERP solutions include modules that support processes specific to an industry. We cater to the software requirements of all major business verticals and assist them with the necessary customizations.

Industry Stats

Focus Softnet provides 100% cloud-based ERP software for businesses of all sizes, catering to all major industries. The shift towards cloud has been prevalent in the business world. The following statistics give you a brief glimpse.

Here are the statistics covering the facts of ERP implementing:

erp software solutions

76% of businesses either plan to transfer or have already moved to the cloud.

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30% of all IT budgets are allocated to cloud computing this year.

erp software

73%of companies already have at least one application on the cloud

  The demand for ERP software is set to grow by $47 billion between 2017 and 2022.

  After ERP implementation, 95 per cent of businesses reported changes in their operations.

  Since implementing ERP systems, 57 per cent of businesses are able to reduce their working capital.

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