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Best Equipped Material Requirement Planning Software (MRP System) on Cloud

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Focus MRP software is a VAT-ready cloud manufacturing software and a powerful application for planning and scheduling of material requirements. The solution is provided by Focus Softnet, one of the best manufacturing ERP providers in major business hubs across MENA, such as Riyadh, Dammam, Jeddah, Al-Khobar, Doha, Muscat, Manama and Kuwait City.

It is an ideal solution for manufacturing units/plants and supply-chain businesses, as it combines efficiency and compliance to ensure high quality output.

Focus Softnet's solutions are known for their integration capabilities and quick deployment. This has earned it a reputation of being the provider of best cloud MRP software for manufacturing and logistics establishments.

The material management software effectively minimizes bottlenecks and provides greater transparency and operational control. This reduces costs and wastage by increasing resource utilization.

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Financial Management and Manufacturing Scheduling

The user-driven manufacturing scheduling software is equipped with a financial module and manufacturing management features through which you can determine the output date based on plant-wise capacity, achieve standard output with predefined routes in production lines, generate forecasts, get process-based reports and send out timely procurement reminders, all from a single ERP platform.

Cloud Manufacturing Software

Finite and Infinite Capacity Planning

Increase production efficiency

The MRP system is loaded with modules for finite capacity planning and infinite capacity planning. Modules for finite capacity planning are essential for developing manufacturing plans that are accurate, feasible and efficient. Infinite capacity planning can be utilized to determine bottlenecks and initiate processes to minimize them.

Cloud Manufacturing Software

Delivery date estimation

Gain visibility across production stages

The MRP software’s delivery date estimation feature provides a quick and powerful way to determine realistic delivery dates for new orders, taking into account the current workload and availability of materials. This module plays a vital role in ensuring customer retention and satisfaction.

Cloud Manufacturing Software

Material requirement planning

Increase resource utilization

The extensive production module of the material requirement planning software makes it stand out as the top MRP software. Schedule the production based on priorities such as sales, availability of raw materials, time of procurement, availability of machines and capacity with the wide-ranging tools and features of our manufacturing process software.

Cloud Manufacturing Software

Align all aspects of production

Fulfill customer requirements

Our Material Requirements Planning (MRP system) would help you align all production aspects to ensure smooth processes free from bottlenecks and breakdowns. Focus MRP would also assist you in the evaluation of production feasibility, lead time analysis, quotations, supplier contract management as well as material billing and GUI routing.

Cloud Manufacturing Software

Quality control management

Eliminate production delays

As the best software for manufacturing, the solution is loaded with comprehensive features for quality control management. you can designate test definitions, define testing rules, manage sample and total testing, QC requirements, test approvals and quantity breakups, all from the QC module of Focus MRP.

Cloud Manufacturing Software

Fixed assets and maintenance

Initiate advanced production planning

The manufacturing process software would also help you manage your fixed assets. It can define jobs for individual machines and assets, schedule and maintain specific job cards, schedule breakdowns, manage asset capitalization, transfers, conversions, depreciation and retirement among other maintenance activities.

mrp system integrations mrp system integrations

AI in manufacturing industry – Integrate AIFA with Focus MRP

Artificial intelligence (AI) in manufacturing has revolutionized the industry and has transformed it into a gigantic powerhouse. Focus Softnet has introduced its dedicated AI platform AIFA – Artificially Intelligent Futuristic Application that powers manufacturing process automation with tools such as robotic process automation (RPA), chatbots, predictive analytics and face recognition. Check it out now!

Cloud based manufacturing software – Modules and benefits

Production master data

Achieve greater transparency

The cloud ERP manufacturing software unifies all production operations in a single platform, providing full operational visibility to business owners and managers. You can store and access material bills, manufacturing resource tools, GUI routing and work center capacity definitions with the product master data.

Material requirement planning

Optimum resource utilization

Track material usage, get reminders related to procurement to prevent the understocking of raw material which may result in process disruption. With Focus MRP, you can also evaluate lead time, quotations, handle supplier contracts, procure material for scheduled orders, generate forecasts for dependent and independent requirements.

Shop floor management

Increase production efficiency

Organize your shop floor and improve efficiency with our cloud-based manufacturing software. Reduce production bottle necks and introduce smooth workflows to increase output. Manage problems and transfers to production, analyze variance and generate replenishment reports from the shop floor management module.

Reduce costs

Increase revenue and output

Reduce operating costs, including IT costs, by deploying our cloud-based manufacturing ERP software. Integrate all operations with finance and inventory, update the cost of production including overheads to improve visibility and decision making. Integrate with warehouse management for better inventory control.

Timely order delivery

Smooth processing

With Focus MRP, you can put in place smoother order-fulfilment processes at your manufacturing unit, leading to timely deliveries and prevent delays. By facilitating timely procurement of raw materials, you could reduce idle time for machines and have better organizational visibility.

Demand forecasts

Advanced production planning

The cloud-based ERP manufacturing software would generate demand forecast reports to guide you on procurement and production scheduling of raw materials. Also, the module would help you align production processes with your targets, helping you get closer to your revenue goals.

Focus MRP ERP Software: Modules

Focus MRP – the Herald of Transformation for Your Manufacturing Hub

Transform your manufacturing unit with Focus MRP and its advanced processes to achieve automation, business growth and sustainability.

Achieve maximum output with minimal resources and have complete control across your business with features specifically tailored for the manufacturing industry. Equip yourself with its business intelligence tools, insightful reports and easy-to-configure features on a comprehensive platform.

Focus Softnet is the most reliable provider of IT solutions for businesses in the MENA region, with proven expertise in deploying ERP solutions across all major industries.

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