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Best Performing Warehouse Management System (WMS) for Storage and Logistics Facilities

warehouse management software

Focus WMS is VAT-ready warehouse management system (WMS) from Focus Softnet, a provider of top ERP, SCM, MRP, inventory software and other business automation solutions in 17 countries, including the MENA region.

It is a cloud-based WMS software with reliable accounting features for storage facilities, logistics establishments and organizations dealing in distribution, supply chain, retail and manufacturing.

Focus Softnet has established itself as one of the best warehouse and logistics software vendors by providing efficient warehouse inventory control software to a range of diverse business houses and companies over the last 25 years.

As a vendor of robust business applications, Focus Softnet is known for implementing innovative solutions that effectively control warehouse inventory to meet customer and retailor expectations, competitive pressure, and new business models.

Focus WMS, our warehouse and stock management software not only combines latest technology with standard practices but is also the result of extensive research, collaboration with world-class clients and exploration of all business needs.

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Powerful Features of Focus WMS

Warehouse Management System

Comprehensive Modules

Achieve total integration

The web-based inventory management software allows on-time order fulfilment and shipments, reduce processing time, minimize shipping errors and accurate accounting, while eliminating the need for costly physical IT infrastructure. Being RFID-enabled warehouse material management software, it also automates restocking based on maximum and minimum levels.

Warehouse Management System

Powerful Dashboards

All-inclusive information panels

The warehouse inventory management software provides you with total overview of all operations through its powerful dashboards which can help improve your responsiveness towards demand and supply. The info panels allow you to quickly sync data from multi-location warehouses and access information in real time.

Warehouse Management System

Warehouse Setup

Customizable and scalable system

Unlike generic ERP systems, warehouse management software from Focus Softnet can be tailored to suit your organization’s requirements. The software application includes a user-definable tariff system that can be linked to different stores and gives you freedom to scale up as and when your business grows.

Warehouse Management System

Resource Management

With user-defined parameters

The warehouse management software system enables you to configure the application as per your needs. With its optimized features for planning and tracking of human resources and establishing user configurable parameters, the WMS software lets you create workflows and hierarchies that you can define.

Warehouse Management System

Simplified Invoicing

Improve transaction accuracy

Focus WMS (warehouse management system) streamlines accounting, invoicing, sales and procurement processes to simplify calculating and generating invoices for money charged against each shipment. It also fulfills the requirements of both third-party inventory control and in-house stock management.

Warehouse Management System

Easy-To-Use System

With advanced security features

Known for being ease-of-use, the warehouse management system comes equipped with a comprehensive security module that safeguards resources without hindering inventory movements.

Warehouse Management System

VAT Compliant

Quick and easy return filing

Focus Softnet is an accredited VAT-ready business software provider. Since its inception, our company has designed multiple business solutions that comply with various tax regulations in several countries. We are one of the first ERP providers in GCC countries to put our users live with VAT compliant features.

Warehouse Management System

Quick Order Processing

Ensure customer satisfaction

It also includes modules for handling strategic processes such as receiving, put-away/flow-through and material management along with other key operations to enhance order management for quick order processing such replenishment/pick/pack, loading and sales inventory tracking.

warehouse management system integrations warehouse management system integrations

AI for warehouse management – Integrate Focus WMS with AIFA

AI in logistics, supply chain and warehouse management has become the next big thing. Focus Softnet has launched its own state-of-the-art AI platform AIFA – Artificially Intelligent Futuristic Applications. It includes advanced features such as robotic process automation (RPA), chatbots, predictive analytics and face recognition. Explore AIFA now to know how it can assist you in your warehousing operations!

Practical Benefits and Modules of Focus WMS

Customizable and Scalable WMS

Facilitates business growth

Focus WMS can be adopted by small and medium scale businesses without worrying about implementing a new ERP system as and when the business grows. The customization and scalability provided by Focus WMS makes it the best choice for growing establishments seeking to deploy a smart system tailored to their specific needs.

Introduce Automation

End manual processes and errors

As one of the most technologically advanced warehouse software, Focus WMS introduces automation throughout your organization to end time-consuming and error-prone manual practices. The software is also RFID enabled for quick barcode scanning.

Maintain A Balanced Inventory

Aligned with market demands

Generate demand forecast through the powerful Business Intelligence module of Focus WMS. Get assistance from the WMS software in standardizing and prioritizing the restocking based on customer demands. You can also get personalized alerts pertaining to low stock to avoid understocking.

Response Faster to Orders and Demands

Eliminate delivery delays

By introducing automation, Focus WMS helps you speed up operations and eliminates delays in picking. By reducing the time consumed during the initial stages of orders fulfillment, you would be able to improve responsiveness and gain a significant competitive advantage and win more customers in the process.

Ensure Perfect Order Fulfillment

Reduce shipping errors

Focus Softnet is among the first warehouse management providers in MENA to introduce automated features for small and medium scale warehouses as well as large scale storage facilities. These advanced features ensure perfect order fulfillment and reduce shipping errors. 

Inventory Management Tools

Track and manage the stock

Focus WMS ensures that your picking and shipping errors at your warehouse are reduced by its powerful features for maintaining barcodes, pallet IDs, batch numbers and expiry dates. Use the warehouse management solution to track your inventory by aisle, location, rack and bin.

Quick Billing

Simplified invoicing processes

Simplified billing with total compliance with VAT is an important feature of Focus WMS that sets it apart from other WMS software. Personalize the whole billing process and define it by storer, storage, pallet, weight, quantity or set monthly, weekly and daily billing options.

Focus WMS ERP Software: Modules

A Complete Solution For Warehouse And Storage Facilities

As one of the most trusted providers of warehouse management software in the MENA region. We have successfully deployed Focus WMS for many warehouses and storage facilities in Riyadh, Dammam, Jeddah, Al-Khobar, Doha, Muscat, Kuwait City, Manama, and other cities.

Focus WMS is also very popular among medium and small-scale warehouses, as it provides unparalleled customization and scalability features. It is also one of the most preferred WMS applications for large sized warehouses and enterprises.

To discuss your business challenges, opt for a free consultation from our product expert by sharing your details in the form.

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