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Focus 9 is the new leading-edge and the best cloud based ERP solution by Focus Softnet, a distinguished enterprise applications provider and the top ERP vendor with revolutionary products to support today's complex business requirements.

A web-based VAT compliant ERP system, it is a smart, AI powered application with simplified IT infrastructure that modernizes and accelerates business operations.

Whether it is advanced financial accounting, real-time customer response system or managing human resources, Focus 9 ERP solution includes end-to-end tools that can drive growth through innovation.

Focus 9 serves as an ERP multiplatform software that would help connect organizations to the workforce, business networks and all departments.

The ERP application also delivers integrated solutions for customer relationship management (CRM) and human capital management (HCM) along with ERP.

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Power-Packed Features for Streamlined Processes

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Robust Security Mechanisms

Enhanced data security

The cloud-based ERP software, being pre-equipped with a Single Sign-On (SSO) data security protocol, provides a highly secure and convenient single login for all business applications, helping businesses implement a compliant identity management system.

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Simplified UI

Easily configurable interface

Compared with any other enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, our cloud ERP system Focus 9 has a simplified landscape. It is designed to adapt rapidly to changes in technology with features that are simple enough for non-technical personnel to manage.

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Hybrid in-memory computing

Instant data and reports

As the best ERP software Focus 9 is built with next-generation in-memory computing technology and other upgraded features to increase the speed, accuracy and accessibility of data. The application supports organizations with advanced analytics and real-time insights to digitally transform business operations.

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Report visualization

Graphically rich reports in all formats

Focus 9's automation and data visualization substantially improves performance and reduces the duration of data analysis involved in all steps, right from raw data to final analytical results. Organizations benefit greatly from Focus 9’s efficient tools that can provide instant answer to search queries.

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Industry-ready templates

With unique, customizable features

Focus 9 has a ready-made set of templates for multiple industries, unlike generic,' one-size-fits-all' ERP solutions that house a standard set of modules for all types of business. Each industry template is designed with a dedicated set of features to suit its own unique requirement and to address its challenges.

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Reduced deployment time

Quick and smooth implementation

Industry ready templates eliminate the need for the software to be developed from the scratch and thus significantly reduce the deployment time. This also helps in reducing costs, making Focus 9 the best ERP for small business.

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Easy customizations

Customizable features on cloud

The industry-ready templates from Focus 9 also support further customizations for smooth operations. This allows repurposing of the ERP to fit to your company's specific requirements and also helps the administrators gain complete control over all features of the system.

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Improved ERP usability

Get the most out of the application

In addition to making changes to the user interface, the substantial customization options provided by our cloud-based ERP solution Focus 9 improve the usability and performance of the software and make it easy to configure, especially while using it to handle complex projects.

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Reduced ERP costs

Eliminate the need of costly servers

Focus 9 is built to be flexible and adaptable. Running on thin client, the biggest advantage it offers to an enterprise is cost reduction as no additional investment is required to install powerful servers. With reduced hardware installation requirements, the ERP set-up becomes much faster and smoother.

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Mobile ready application

Stay connected to your business

Another great benefit of the system is that it is fully mobile and can be accessed anytime, anywhere on any device. Focus 9 can be accessed through devices that include desktop computers, laptops or smartphones running on Windows and Android operating systems.

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AI enabled ERP – Focus 9 with artificial intelligence

Focus Softnet has recently launched its own AI platform AIFA - Artificially Intelligent Futuristic Applications. The AI for ERP features powerful tools such as robotic process automation (RPA), chatbots, predictive analytics and face recognition. Explore the possibilities of what an AI based ERP can do for your business!

Comprehensive Modules with Advantageous Benefits

Advanced finance management

For total finance control

Focus 9 is equipped with an advanced module for financial management integrated with other modules like sales and inventory. The Finance Management module includes SBU accounting options, financial reporting, automotive intercompany and intracompany transactions, as well as an intelligent budget control system.

Sales Management

Sales lifecycle and tracking

Focus 9's sales management module streamlines and gives you total control over sales lifecycles. Through its features, you can attach multiple customer documents by items and transactions, manage enquiries, quotes, consignment sales, orders, pricing, contracts and master data from a single platform.

Procurement Management

With market predictions and forecasts

Attain total transparency with Focus 9 in all procurement related activities. Use the Procurement Management module to attach your vendors’ multiple documents by item and transaction, manage purchases of consignments, returns of materials, rejections, replacements and advance payments.

Accounts Receivables & Payables

Balance the inflow and outflow of cash

Focus 9 allows you to have complete visibility of your financials by providing real-time information related to accounts receivables & payables. This module also includes an advanced credit control system and lets you define finance term definitions.

Warehouse Management

Storage space optimization

Automate warehouse administration with Focus 9’s advanced module. All important aspects of warehouse management are included in the module, from set-up and storage optimization to picking and stock tracking. It also features options for effective bin management, billing, inward receiving process and masters.

Inventory Management

Automated restocking

Focus 9 offers you a comprehensive and fully integrated Inventory Management module. Manage all aspects of your inventory such as alternate items or replacements, default sales/purchases by unit and by product, inventory reservations, stock tracking, transfers and product profiling.

Effective quality control

With user-defined tests

Focus 9 assists you in setting up an effective quality control process that will allow you to test more products in less time. The quality control module would enable you to control requisition, define test rules, manage breakups of quantities for sampling and total testing.

Manufacturing and Resource Planning

A complete module for production units

Take control over all production and resource procurement processes with Focus 9. The MRP module would assist you in scheduling manufacturing and resources backwards or forwards, conduct batch wise analysis, monitor capacity utilization against production targets, define calendars, capacities, work centers, bills of materials and routes.

Project Accounting

Manage multiple projects with ease

Use the project accounting module from Focus 9 to monitor bills of quantity against actual resources, control budgeting and analysis based on labor, supplies, overheads and other aspects. You can also segment each project according to stages, capture project costs and perform project-by-project profit analysis.

Fixed Assets Management

Automated capitalization and depreciation

Track all assets with Focus 9, including asset usage and capacity wise job allocation. Other important features of the module include capturing data related to asset acquisition and flexi fields in master creation, auto depreciation posting and asset maintenance, helping you align assets and their usage with your business processes.

Retail management

POS with inventory administration

Focus 9's retail management module includes all options to help you deliver a complete and immersive shopping experience to your customers. Automate stock replenishment, manage day end processes, discounts, multi-level user security, approvals, memberships, loyalty programs, rewards, gift cards and outlet-based pricing.

Human capital management

Integrated with payroll

Manage workers and employees with the in-built human capital management system from Focus 9 which provides features to manage all processes in a single system. Manage recruitment, on-boarding, employee loans, advances, arrears, leaves, performance assessments and transfers from a single ERP software.

Governance and Efficiency

Build powerful workflows

Define unlimited approval trees, hierarchies and unified processes with Focus 9. Users would not face any functional and technical complexities with our ERP system as the application has an easily configurable and interactive home screen, user-friendly UI and customizable dashboards.  

Advanced budgeting

Plan and monitor all expenses

Focus 9 is also equipped with an advanced budgeting feature, primed with a powerful calculation engine to facilitate instant financial planning and reporting. With this module, you can simulate budgets and get insights into how the financials are going to be playing out over the course of the year.

Quotation analysis

Get the best deals in purchases

You'd be able to identify the best suited vendor for your business with the help of Focus 9. You just need to feed all vendors’ data on the ERP platform with quotation details and it would automatically record and analyze it, after which it would suggest the most viable option for you.

Statutory compliance

Ensure compliance with local business laws

Focus Softnet is one of the most reliable ERP software providers in the MENA region. Our ERP systems are designed to help you comply with regional laws and other statutory standards. Track, update and monitor compliance issues and use Focus 9 to obtain actionable insights.

Customer portal

Engage customers effectively

Provide a smart online portal for easy communication to your customers and simplify the process of raising support tickets. The client portal of Focus 9 can be integrated with other ERP modules, provide self-service options and significantly reduce support costs.

Focus 9 ERP Software: Modules

Explore Focus 9’S Advanced Capabilities!

Right since its launch, Focus 9 has come to be known as the best and most user-friendly ERP software on cloud. The customized ERP software and its advanced features has made it the most favored enterprise resource planning solution for many reputed companies across MENA, especially in Riyadh, Dammam, Jeddah, Al-Khobar, Doha, Muscat, Manama, and Kuwait City, supporting all major industries such as manufacturing, retail, warehousing, real estate, distribution and services.

Focus 9 is a VAT-ready ERP with the options for automated return filing. It eliminates accounting errors, introduces sales automation, optimizes inventories and simplifies complex processes. It is a fully scalable and customizable application which is suitable for small businesses as well as large scale enterprises.

To discuss your business challenges, share your details in the form above and opt for a free consultation from our product experts.

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