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Focus 9 is the new leading edge ERP solution by Focus Softnet, a distinguished enterprise applications provider building revolutionary products to support today’s complex business requirements.  

Focus 9 is a web-based VAT compliant ERP application. It is an intelligent application with simplified IT infrastructure that modernizes and accelerates business operations. It gives companies the best tools to automate their critical processes, allowing management to focus on the new market opportunities. Whether an advanced financial accounting or real-time customer response or skilled human resource or beyond, Focus 9 includes end-to-end tools that can drive growth through innovation. 

Focus 9 serves as a multiplatform ERP software that can help connecting the enterprises with the workforce, business networks, and all departments. The integrated application delivers modern solutions for customer relationship management (CRM) and human capital management (HCM) combined with ERP. 

Being pre-equipped with a Single Sign-On (SSO) data security protocol, Focus 9 offers a highly secure and convenient single login for all business applications, helping businesses implement a compliant identity management system.

Even though Focus 9 is packed with the latest technology, the application has a much-simplified landscape compared to any other enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. It is designed to rapidly adjust to changes in technology and at the same time, the application’s web services are simple enough to be handled even by a non-technical person. 

Focus 9 ERP is built with next-generation in-memory computing technology and other upgraded features to amplify speed, accuracy, and accessibility of information. This application supports organizations to transform business values with advanced analytics and real-time insights.

Focus 9 integrates data from divergent resources. The converged infrastructure solution coherently combines the structured and unstructured business data to dynamically generate meticulous analysis reports entailed to promulgate critical insights for informed decision making. The progressed framework enhances ERP workload performance and simplifies business operations while also dramatically improving user interface experience.

The automation and higher visualization levels offered by Focus 9 substantially improve the performance and reduce the duration of data analysis involved in all steps, from raw data to final analytical results. Organizations are eminently benefitted with an efficient system that can provide instant response to search queries, displaying output within seconds instead of hours.

Unlike generic, 'one-size-fits-all’ ERP solutions that house a standard set of modules for all types of businesses, Focus 9 has a ready-made set of templates for multiple industries. Each industry template is designed to suit its own unique requirement and address its challenges with a dedicated set of features. This eliminates the need for the software to be developed from scratch and hence makes the process of organizations getting them significantly faster. Also, this standardization of components enables businesses to use the ERP solution without customization, which reducing the solution cost.

Again, these industry-ready templates also support further customization, adding an edge to the application. This enables repurposing to fit the specific requisites of the company alongside helping administrators attain complete control over the dashboard features, making it easy for them to stay organized. Besides bringing modification in the user interface, the substantial personalization improves usability and performance of the ERP software, especially when the business handles complex projects.

Focus 9 is built to be flexible. Being a thin client application, the most obvious advantage it brings to an organization is by lowering the hardware costs as no investment is needed on powerful servers. The ERP set-up becomes much faster with much-reduced hardware installation requirements, leading to less disruption in the business operations. The system becomes highly scalable, virtually escalating to limitless capacity of dedicated facilities.

Another great benefit of the system is that it is fully mobile and can be accessed on any device at anytime from anywhere. Which means it is accessible through devices including desktop computers, laptops, or smartphones running on Windows, iOS, Android, or any other operating system. This device independence offers great flexibility which is vital for organizations functioning in multiple locations.

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Key Features

Growth & Scalibility
Online & Offline Sync
CRM Integration
Advanced Workflows & Report Writer
ERP Features
iOS & Android Compatibility
Advanced B.I
Advanced Authorizations & Escalations
Communication Tools


Accounting by SBU

Advanced Financial Reporting

Auto Intercompany and Intracompany transactions

Budgetary Control System

Attach multiple document of your customer by item and Transaction

Enquiry and Quote Management

Managing Consignment Sales

Order Management

Pricing, contract management and master data management

Attach multiple document of your vendor by item and Transaction

Consignment Purchases

Material Return, Rejection and Replacement Management

Management of Advance payments

Advance Credit Control System

Auto interest calculations on delayed payments

Customer Appraisal and Rating

Finance terms definition

Alternate/Substitute Item Management

Default Sales and Purchase unit by product

Inventory Reservations

Inventory Tracking and Transfers

Product profiling

QC Requisition

Quantity Breakups for sampling

Rule definition for testing

Sample and Total Test

Backward and Forward scheduling Manufacturing & Resource Planning

Batch wise analysis

Capacity Utilization Vs Production Target Analysis

Define Calendars, Capacities, Work Centres, Bill of materials, and Routes

BOQ Vs Actual

Budgeting and Analysis by Labour, Material, Overhead etc.

Creation of Phases for each Project

Option to capture project related cost

Profit Analysis by project

Asset Acquisition and Flexi fields in Master Creation

Asset creation with flexi fields

Auto depreciation posting

Asset Maintenance

Bin Management

Billing Module

Inward receiving process


Auto Replenishment

Day End process

Discount Management & Multi level user security and approvals

Membership, Loyalty programs, Rewards and Gift Cards

Pricing by outlet

Recruitment and Onboarding

Employee Loans, Advances, Arrears and Leave Management

Performance Appraisal

Transfer Management

Top Benefits

erp software business benifits
Business Benefits

Business Benefits

• Grows user roles and profiles within your organization
• Online and offline synchronization for storage and smooth access to data
• Unlimited masters, tags and workflow options that you can define and customize
• Introduces a new hierarchy structure or strengthens the existing one
• Strengthens the workflow and defines approval trees

erp software functional benifits
Functional Benefits

Functional Benefits

• Easy and efficient integration between different modules
• Uses practices of international standards for every industry

erp software technical benifits

Technical Benefits

Technical Benefits

• Real time data flow and ease of access
• Enables you to take decisions, convey them and then monitor them while on-the-go
• User specific multiple dashboards
• Easy to use and get familiarized with

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