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Full-fledged, cloud hosted ERP accounting system with mobility features

best erp accounting software

Focus i is an advanced accounting software with full-fledged ERP modules on Cloud. It is provided by Focus Softnet, an accredited ERP software vendor in MENA, especially in Riyadh, Dammam, Jeddah, Al-Khobar, Doha, Muscat, Manama, and Kuwait City.

A cloud-based VAT compliant ERP accounting system, Focus i is equipped with a robust Business Intelligence tool that provides timely reports with accurate data. The reports present actionable information to the users, eliminating presumptions and empowering them to monitor key metrics with ease.

Explore The Features Of Focus i #1 Accounting Software In MENA

ERP Accounting System

Financial Management

Accounting software on cloud

This accounting and billing software is the perfect solution to manage finance. In addition to its ability to automate the filing of VAT returns, the module also has comprehensive functionalities for core financial management, expenses and analytics and works as a user-driven accounting software that simplifies accounting.

ERP Accounting System

Achieve total integration

Improve data quality

As the best VAT accounting software, Focus i allows companies to integrate all departments with the financial module, ensuring consistency and avoiding duplication. As an online accounting software, it allows users to access the ERP system from any computer and any location.

ERP Accounting System

Sales Management

Manage and monitor sales lifecycle

With unrivalled features as an ERP sales and accounting software, Focus i lets users put their resources to work while synchronizing sales operations. Users can handle and track credit sales, cash or retail sales and monitor specific purchases processes that are relevant to vertical sales.

ERP Accounting System

An ultimate ERP solution for Manufacturing

Material requirement planning

The web-based accounting software is also equipped with a manufacturing management module that includes features such as batch wise analysis, standard cost versus actual usage analysis, man, machine & material analysis, order-based and forecast based production planning and scheduling among many other capabilities.

ERP Accounting System

Warehouse management module

For storage facilities and logistics

Focus i also has a well-configured warehouse management module for storage facilities and logistical activities in addition to acting as a cloud accounting software. It has gained significant recognition and operates as a full-fledged stock management system with its extensive modules for Warehousing and Supply Chain establishments.

ERP Accounting System

Supply chain management

Integrated with inventory management

Focus i has also emerged as an effective ERP software for supply chain management, assisting manufacturing units through its sophisticated purchasing and inventory management module. It also aids users in managing standard vertical specific processes, inventory utilities and bin management.

accounting software third party integrations accounting software third party integrations

Artificial intelligence in accounting – Power Focus i with AIFA

If you are searching for AI in accounting software, then you are at the right place! Focus Softnet has launched its own AI platform AIFA – Artificially Intelligent Futuristic Applications. Powered with features such as chatbots and predictive analytics it can be integrated into an existing ERP to give you the best experience as the best AI accounting software. It also includes features such as robotic process automation and face recognition.

Focus i - Advantages and benefits

Procurement and purchases

Integrated with inventory

In addition, the best ERP accounting software features a robust procurement module which helps users automate procurement processes and save costs. Users can streamline sourcing and contract management with Focus i's procurement module and can proactively ensure compliance.

Data access

Prevent data duplications and data silos

Functioning as an efficient accounting and invoicing software, it allows users to fine-tune invoices and extract data automatically, eliminating the possibility of duplications and mistakes in the data entry. Users may also handle purchases of consignments, returns & rejections of goods, pricing and master data.

Inventory and storage

Automated restocking and total control

Businesses can boost their demand planning with Focus i's inventory management software to ensure they don't have to face out-of-stock situations. The module provides tools via serialized inventory controls to handle inventory reservations, monitoring & transfers, batches, expiry dates and product profiling.

Quality control

User-defined rules for testing

Focus i’s Quality Control module equips manufacturers and business owners to convert product designs into production realities. The module includes rule definitions for testing, quantity breakups for sampling and test approvals. The solution is also primed with dedicated modules for fixed assets management and retail management.

Automated accounting features

Centralized data storage

All these systems are integrated with the financial management module in such a way as to centralize the accounting records and prevent duplication. The automation in its accounting features saves time since the same record or account can be accessed in any module without further data entry.

Human Resource Management

Reduce manual dependencies

Focus i's Human Capital Management module is a revolutionary tool with features to streamline recruitment and automate payroll. Focus i helps businesses centralize employee data into a single platform, monitor all activities and offers them an easy-to-use ESS.

Focusi ERP Software: Modules

Focus i – Full-fledged ERP with advanced accounting features

While Focus i has been known for its comprehensive modules since its launch, it has emerged as the answer for all VAT related concerns from a business management perspective right since the VAT got implemented in the GCC countries from January 2018. With Focus i, users can automate tax-code in documents based on jurisdiction, place of supply and goods or service category. They can also generate FTA approved VAT files to upload and file audit reports, print or mail customized tax Invoices with all the basic requirements and also group companies with a single TRN.

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