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Focus i is a revolutionary product that combines the power and sharpness of Business Intelligence (BI) with the depth of a traditional ERP solution to take organizational excellence to the next level. The evolution in technology brought by BI is the key to make ERP a success in today’s digital ecosystem. With the help BI, ERP systems are able to achieve a meaningful result from the calculative analysis of business data that is growing at an explosive rate every moment. This is precisely the major reason for companies to relying on BI enabled ERP software over the one without it.

Focus i is a VAT ready ERP solution that empowers users to run statistical models, analyze data, extract, and generate business intelligence reports on the go. It helps in gaining total control over business functions through seamless integration, effortless customization and reliable/flawless automation. Further, the fully customizable capabilities make this solution suit the need of every business and industry.

The system collects and integrates valuable business data from multiple sources. The system provides a flexible and scalable platform that can be used by businesses to bring operational excellence through deeper insights from information. The Business Intelligence ERP software include extensive, advanced built-in modules that cover every aspect of a business including inventory and logistics, accounting, marketing, HR, point of sales, supply chain, and much more required to meet specific and unique requirements of an organization. All these enable the solution to provide functionally strong analytics on sales, purchase, finance, and other business aspects.

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General Ledger

Cash Management 

Accounts Receivable and Delinquency Management 

Accounts Payable

Financial Planning and Budgeting

Barcodes, pallet IDs, batch numbers and expiry dates can be maintained. inventory can be tracked by aisle, by location, by rack at the bin level

Perpetual count, cyclic count, physical stock reconciliation and stock adjustments and transfer of ownership

Ease of access to inventory at the bin level with tracking of batch numbers and expiry dates, easier physical stock count with an option to upload the txt. files for reconciliation


Human Resource


Fixed Assets & Depreciation

Asset Transfer

Asset Revaluation & Repair

Asset Disposal & Retirement

Production Planning


Quality Control

Lead Time Analysis

Quotation Analysis

Supplier Contract Management

Material Requirement for Planned Orders and Forecast

Planning for dependent and Independent Requirements


Analyze (Slice "n" Dice)

KPI Definition

Report Writer

User defined procurement flow

User Defined Sales Flow


project status report

project wise profit

materials shortfall report

materials management

Top Benefits

erp software business benifits
Business Benefits

Business Benefits

• Analyze business growth with the built-in business intelligence tools
• Combine multiple reports from different modules
• Get quick view of your business even on the move on the executive dashboard
• Improve responsiveness to activities that impact your business
• Reporting capabilities eliminate the need for a separate reporting tool

erp software functional benifits
Functional Benefits

Functional Benefits

• Accessibility of dashboard on mobile device
• Integrated Business Intelligence
• Alerts - customized as per user’s requirements
• Dashboard interface for each user
• Key Performance Indicator (KPI) definition

erp software technical benifits

Technical Benefits

Technical Benefits

• Available on MS-SQL
• n Tier Architecture allows online remote access and supports Load balancing• The Focus on web (FOW) client interface works on Unix/Linux platform
• Mobile dashboard on iOS and Android devices• Active X Application Programming Interface (API) allows external integration
• The technical manual provided with Focus i has complete data dictionary.


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