Industry Specific ERP Solutions Industry Specific ERP Solutions

Industry-specific ERP solutions for businesses in MENA

Focus Softnet provides quickly deployable ERP solutions for all major industries with features to suit their specific processes. Our industry-specific ERP software systems are equipped with robust modules, can be customized to help overcome market challenges and provide you with automated processes and 360-degree visibility.

retail erp software retail erp software


Provide a seamless shopping experience to your customers by deploying our Retail management solutions. Tailor made for retail enterprises, these ERP systems are ideal for establishments of all sizes, both single and multi-chain stores. All major retail activities such as billing, inventory management, customer service and discounts computations are automated through our cloud-hosted POS systems.

manufacturing erp manufacturing erp


Streamline the production processes and achieve maximum performance by deploying our BI-powered ERP software at your manufacturing plant. Generate customer demand forecast, accurately measure material requirements and avoid wastage of raw materials. Schedule output activities based on efficiency of plants, manpower and maintain quality control.

manufacturing erp manufacturing erp
ERP Software for Warehouse Management ERP Software for Warehouse Management

Warehousing & Logistics

Gain total control over inventory and stock with our cloud-hosted warehouse management software. Automate restocking of inventory based on reorder levels and optimize storage. Reduce errors in picking and shipping for quicker processing and completion of orders. Manage supply chain, logistics from a single ERP platform for storage.

ERP Software for Real Estate ERP Software for Real Estate

Real Estate & Construction

Automate real estate construction, project management and property sales with our cloud-based, multi-capability applications. Gain insights in real time, manage the lifecycle of sales and run marketing campaigns from unified ERP systems. Deploy our computer-aided facility management software for advanced preventive maintenance governed through service level agreements.

ERP Software for Real Estate ERP Software for Real Estate
ERP for Distribution ERP for Distribution


Industry-ready ERP distribution solutions that can help you keep track of your inventory in real time, analyze past data to forecast product demands and allow you to deliver goods to the retailer or customer on scheduled time. Our business solutions enable integration with third party applications seamlessly to make payments easier for suppliers/vendors and customers.

ERP for Automotive ERP for Automotive


Easy-to-use, cloud-based business software systems with features that enable you to manage your staff, engage customers, maintain efficient workflows and track the inventory. These web-based systems would help you automate garage operations, streamline auto sales and help you manage all aspects of your auto leasing and rental business.

ERP for Automotive ERP for Automotive
ERP for Education ERP for Education


Our software solutions for education management are integrated with specialized tools to streamline the data and digitize your institution's administration process. These systems are composed of several modules that can enable you to monitor and manage student information, academic plans, staff, teachers and admissions.

ERP for Trade & Services ERP for Trade & Services

Trade and Services

Flexible business management tools for enterprise and service companies that can help you manage multiple projects simultaneously. Starting with allocating the right resources, providing reliable quotations for costs to finding areas for enhancing margins and responding to change more rapidly and more effectively, our ERP systems cover every business aspect and aid you in driving growth.

ERP for Trade & Services ERP for Trade & Services

Initiate your business transformation today

ERP for Healthcare ERP for Healthcare


Cloud hosted ERP applications for healthcare management. Customizable solutions to manage hospitals, nursing homes and clinics. Improve the effectiveness and performance rate at your healthcare facility by integrating all departments for quick data sharing and real time reporting. Drive productivity through features powered by reliable business intelligence.

ERP for Marine Engineering ERP for Marine Engineering

Marine Engineering

Focus Softnet’s next-gen ERP applications are designed to assist you in managing the high-stakes projects of the marine industry, with tools and features that would help you stay aligned with your commercial goals, budgets and project deadlines. Get clear visibility and total control over your assets through real-time reporting. Maximize revenue and reduce risks with automated workflows and digital processes.

ERP for Marine Engineering ERP for Marine Engineering
ERP for Cleaning Solutions Industry ERP for Cleaning Solutions Industry

Cleaning Solutions

Wipe away the uncertainties of manual operations by deploying our advanced ERP software. Powered by automated modules and digital tools, our ERP systems empower you with a single platform from where you could direct daily operations, conduct comprehensive audits of your workforce and enhance their productivity. Drive efficiency by replacing manual systems with digitally automated and reliable structures.

ERP for Laundry Management ERP for Laundry Management

Laundry Management

If you want your business operations to be spotless and clean from the irregularities of non-automated tasks, get our AI powered ERP solution for your laundry management needs! Handle operations from anywhere and ensure your staff adheres to the quality standards you aspire to. Use the tailor-made modules to optimize daily processes and reduce errors. Improve customer satisfaction by making your service more reliable and efficient.

ERP for Laundry Management ERP for Laundry Management
ERP for Food & Beverage Industry ERP for Food & Beverage Industry

Food & Beverage

Revitalize your organization’s capabilities and energize your workforce through Focus Softnet’s ERP software, custom made for the food & beverage industry. Use a single platform for all procedures, from resource procurement to product distribution. Automate all major aspects of product handling and reduce costs. Ensure regulatory compliance with our ERP tools and rise above your competitors through higher quality standards.

ERP for Rental & Service Management ERP for Rental & Service Management

Real Estate Rental and Service Management

Attain complete freedom from the need to use disparate software to manage various aspects of your real estate rental and service management. Opt for our cloud ERP software and unify all tasks on a single platform. Handle your inventory, finances, workflows and projects from a mobile-ready ERP system that could be accessed from anytime, anywhere. Explore personalized ERP applications for real estate rental and service businesses for more details!

ERP for Rental & Service Management ERP for Rental & Service Management
ERP for Field Management ERP for Field Management

Field Service Management

Stand out among your competitors through Focus Softnet’s reliable field service management solutions on cloud. Exhibit your efficiency on the field as well as off the field with the advanced and real-time reporting tools of our ERP systems. Boost performance and ROI with customizable modules on cloud.

ERP for Waste Management ERP for Waste Management

Waste Management

Effortlessly gain the upper hand in waste management and disposal through our multi-capability ERP systems. Choose from a wide array of modules and customize them to suit your business requirements. Make a mark in the waste management industry by implementing responsible and eco-friendly disposal procedures with the help of automated tools and workflows.

Waste Management Waste Management

Why Choose Vertical-Specific ERP Systems?

vertical specific erp systems vertical specific erp systems

Our industry-ready ERP solutions include specialized features to handle operations unique to specific industries. Equipped with our technically powerful ERP tools, it would be easier for you to manage processes and monitor all business activities. Following are other benefits of implementing industry-ready systems:

Industry-ready templates that require none or minimal customizations

Can be customized and tailored if required, to suit your specific requirements

Cost effective ERP systems as they are not developed from the scratch

Quickly deployable and easily configurable

Faster and easier implementation. Make your day-to-day tasks a breeze!