Advanced Distributor Management System: Powerful ERP


Focus Softnet provides vertical-specific and BI powered distribution management software for businesses to manage their supply chains and distribution channels. Its solutions run on the in-memory computing technology and are built to cater to specific industry needs with integrated modules.


The VAT compliant distribution ERP software and CRM software provided by Focus Softnet are known for their quick deployment and ease of use. They can be customized to fit the requirements of any business organization and tailored to suit specific necessities. With comprehensive modules that cover all business functions, the ERP and CRM solutions are integrated as one-stop solutions that empower organizations so that they don’t have to invest in multiple software platforms.

Distribution and supply chains are the backbone of all industries and encounter multi-faceted challenges. These challenges range from long term operational difficulties to the unpredictable nature of local, national and international markets. Distribution companies also face problems in material handling mismanagement and imbalances in inventory, order picking, and space utilization.

ERP software for distribution are equipped to overcome these challenges and constitute workflows that bring smoothness, reliability and speed in operations. By deploying ERP software for distribution, businesses can get a firm hold on forecasting and predicting volatile markets and prepare better for upcoming changes. The solutions also provide businesses with the flexibility to adopt new technologies that would aid in adjusting operations and introducing modernization. With proven capabilities to empower distributors to take on new markets and focus on growth, Focus Softnet’s solutions offer broad visibility and unparalleled control over all operations, through which owners can manage transactions, suppliers, and customers; while simultaneously tracking thousands of inventory items.

Focus Softnet has been providing on-premise and cloud based ERP software for distribution and supply chain management over the last 25 years. All its solutions are compliant with VAT regulations and are capable of giving ROI within a short period.

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Focus 9

Focus 9 is the new leading edge ERP solution by Focus Softnet, a distinguished enterprise applications provider building revolutionary products to support today’s complex business requirements.

Focus WMS

Focus WMS is VAT ready warehouse software from Focus Softnet, a provider of top ERP and SCM software in 18 countries, especially the GCC region. It is a perfect cloud-based and VAT enabled warehouse management software for storage facilities, logistic establishments, organizations dealing in distribution, supply chain, retail and manufacturing, with reliable accounting features.

Centra CRM

Centra CRM is a robust Cloud CRM software provided by Centra Hub, a sister concern of Focus Softnet and one of the top CRM software companies in GCC countries, India and the Asia Pacific region. The solution is compliant with VAT regulations in GCC countries and is enabled with GST features in India and Singapore.

Centra HCM

A highly efficient and customizable solution for Human Capital Management, Centra HCM not only helps in automating processes but also enables users in tracking operations. It’s provided by Centra Hub, a sister concern of Focus Softnet and complies with the GST regulations in India as well as Singapore, and the VAT laws in GCC countries.


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