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Schools, colleges, universities, and all other educational institutes function with the core objective of providing their students with an enriched learning experience. This is not easy to achieve considering the day-to-day operational complexities faced by these organizations.

Strategic planning is required to frame effective learning techniques and increase student engagement and improve the establishment's success.

This is possible only through a robust education management system that can empower you to automate all daily operations and allow you to monitor and control them from a single platform, allowing the administrators and teachers sufficient time to plan new initiatives that can improve the learning experience of your students.

Challenges in the Education Sector

Each educational institution includes numerous dedicated processes starting with lesson planning, class scheduling, library management, record keeping related to teachers, students, staff and information management, admission tracking, fee payment and more.

This growing volume and multidimensional nature of data make its tracking difficult. Additionally, the use of traditional or manual methods creates limitations such as redundancy of information, duplication and other discrepancies.

Flawed or incomplete data leads to inaccurate decision-making, which can hamper the progression of operations at your educational institute.

Education Management System
Education Management System

Manual admission processes

The admission process includes a series of complex procedures that begin with verification of the application form, shortlisting, counseling, procurement fees, and so on.

Manual handling not only takes time and requires a lot of resources, but can also cause multiple errors. If you still practice the traditional way in which admission activities are conducted there are higher chances of losing track of applications when there is a surge. The data loses its accuracy and can therefore not be used for predictions about your program-wise seating plans.

Education Management System

Inefficient record-keeping system

New students are enrolled in your educational institute each year, resulting in an ever-increasing volume of information that will need to be stored securely for years to come.

Maintaining these students’ records in paper files is not secure and nearly impossible to access from a huge pile of files. Furthermore, if any of these files is accidentally not kept in its defined location, it becomes a nightmare to locate it later. This becomes difficult in the long run and would create serious administrative problems.

Education Management System
Education Management System
Education Management System
Education Management System

Multiple fee structures and payment methods

Managing the payment of fee is a complex process as it includes various elements, configuration and payment formats. The fee payment processes start with the calculation that takes into account multifaceted information such as type of course, duration facilities availed, pending dues, payment method, etc.

Due to errors or incomplete data, relying on inefficient tools or methods to manage this highly complex activity can lead to serious complications.

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How Do Our Education Management Software Systems Benefit you

Focus Softnet offers the best school management software solutions to simplify administrative tasks. These school and college management software securely store digitized data from each department on a centralized platform. They allow you to easily view, update and share information to establish effective communication between teachers, students, parents and administration.

In addition, these industry-ready, customizable education ERP software solutions function as unified management systems that automate your campus operations and bring your organization a multitude of benefits.

Streamline operations with a unified database

Our cloud-based school ERP systems integrate multiple modules, each for one department, enabling you to track and store all information in a single, unified database.

Data stored in an ordered manner is easier to access and manage. Unlike traditional processes that use multiple systems to store information, our ERP systems preserve data in a single application, eliminating administrative problems that may have raised due data duplication.

Improve data security

Whether it's report cards, fee payment history or courses taken, any piece of information about your students is stored safely even after they complete their studies and graduation.

Our college and school management software feature multi-layered security with role-based access, which regulates the accessibility of the database and guarantees complete security for all data stored within.

Enhance communication

Transparent communication is essential to keep the students and their parents, teachers and staff away from discrepancies in information. This significantly contributes to the smooth running of operations and builds trust.

You can share relevant information more quickly with our feature-ready education software ERP and CRM. These systems can properly help teachers stay up-to-date on their lecture plans, inform students about their upcoming projects, enable parents to keep track of the progress of their children, ensure staff are informed about operational changes, etc.

Increase productivity

Correctly tracked and controlled data leads to effective forecasting, which significantly helps you achieve the operational efficiency necessary to drive progress.

You can record and monitor day-to-day activities with our cloud-based student information system and analyze the recorded data to predict future events. You can thus be better prepared to tackle the challenges, and even find ways to avoid them. All-in-all, this saves time and increases the institution's operational efficiency.

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