ERP Software for Trade & Services Industry ERP Software for Trade & Services Industry

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All-in-One ERP for Trade and Services Industry

With emerging technologies and fierce market competition, the sustainability of your trade and services business can be difficult unless you are able to meet the demands of your customers effectively.

At Focus Softnet, we have specifically built ERP for the trade and services industry to help you maintain tight control over your resources, keep your information up-to-date and automate operations for each project to ensure that they are delivered on time and as planned.

Challenges in the Trade and Services Industry

Trade and business companies struggle to address a range of issues related to project management, allocation of resources and billing. Unless they are overcome with permanent and reliable solutions, they can alter productivity and profitability of the business.

ERP Software for Trade & Services Industry
ERP Software for Trade & Services Industry

Dependency conflicts and project delays

Careful scheduling and planning is required while handling multiple projects with shared resources to avoid dependency conflicts. Service establishments often witness such conflicts due to lack of asset management and inventory tracking systems, resulting in project delays and incomplete deliveries.

ERP Software for Trade & Services Industry

Lack of effective project tracker

Knowing the current status and progress of each project is vital for resource planning and allocating new projects in the current schedule.

This requires an advanced ERP software for the automation process, because manual or conventional methods are not adept enough to control complex projects simultaneously. Without ERP automation tools, you would not be able to track your projects in real time and would not be able to prevent lapses in operations.

ERP Software for Trade & Services Industry
ERP Software for Trade & Services Industry
ERP Software for Trade & Services Industry
ERP Software for Trade & Services Industry

Manual generation of price quotations

Price quotations are very complex to prepare as they are required to match customer expectations as well as project necessities.

With each project consisting of numerous activities, manually approximating costs and generating quotes is not only time-consuming but also would have lesser accuracy. This often results in prospects dropping out in the quotation stage.

Modules for Profitable Project Management

Benefits of Cloud ERP Software for Service Establishments

Our intelligent and powerful cloud ERP software for service establishments are equipped with customizable modules to help you manage multiple projects seamlessly.

Better connected departments for faster data sharing

For a business that handles multiple projects, it is common for its operations to overlap with each other in resource usage and department-wise involvement. The successful completion of each project requires inter-departmental coordination to ensure timely delivery.

Our cloud-based project management software solutions include a centralized database that can be accessed by all teams based on their roles. This facilitates easy data sharing, security and prevents data duplications and formation of data silos.

Reduce operational costs with superior project planning

Our all-inclusive ERP and CRM solutions also include advanced project management modules that enable you to track, monitor and manage projects at all stages, improving the transparency and control of your operations.

Streamlined administration and management of projects would save you huge costs and resources as it would prevent reworks and enhance productivity. Our ERP systems for business automation also help you cut down on unnecessary expenses and track all financial transactions.

Improved client communication for error-free project execution

Understanding the requirements of your clients and keeping them up-to-date about the developments in the project eliminates the possibility of errors due to early-stage miscommunication. This ensures you are more accurate in your final deliverables, with minimal or no modifications.

Our professional services ERP software systems empower you to share project updates with your clients, monitor their input and alert the team regarding any changes requested.

Faster delegation of tasks, better allocation of resources

Project managers frequently struggle to identify the right resources and appropriately allocate tasks, especially when the project is complex and involves different departments and locations.

Our integrated ERP platform for task management makes this easier for you to identify activities, allocate personnel and put forth relevant instructions. It saves time and prevents any potential complications resulting from incomplete or missing instructions.

Smart Solutions for Efficient Project Management

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