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All-in-One, Cloud-hosted Retail ERP Software Applications

Retail businesses are fast paced, require a very creative way of handling daily operations and face several challenges. From inventory management to demand fulfilment, retailers in India have to gauge multiple factors on which the success of their stores is hinged.

In order to navigate these complex challenges, businesses need retail ERP software with integrated modules and automated features.

Challenges in the Retail Industry

Retail businesses consist of multitude of complex operations. Inefficiency in managing any of their operations can disturb the entire revenue chain.

Retail establishments comprise of various complex operations that interdependent for the overall business success. Inefficient management of any of these processes has the potential to disrupt the whole business process and bring it crashing down.

Retail ERP Software
Retail ERP Software

Keeping up with changing customer expectations

Customer preferences change more often than you might expect. As a retailer, this poses a serious challenge to your business as it would make inventory planning difficult.

Retail stores lack systems through which they can bridge the gap between customer demands and inventory. Unplanned product procurement may lead to over-stocking or under-stocking and in both the cases, result in losses or overspending.

Retail ERP Software

Lack of internal communication

Retail businesses depend on multiple departments for smooth functioning. Lack of coordination between departments would hamper not only the functioning of your store but would also make it difficult to identify areas that need improvement.

Lack of internal communication would also result in mismatched inventory and other chaos in operations that would have a serious impact on the store’s operations.

Retail ERP Software
Retail ERP Software
Retail ERP Software
Retail ERP Software

In efficient space management and flawed store layout

Store layout and space management are very important factors that define many major success metrics of a retail business. Visibility and arrangement of products along with their proximity with complementing products plays a great role in convincing customers to buy them.

Store space management and layout is not just about product visibility. Inefficiency in this area prevents cross-selling, upselling and causes imbalances in inventory, affecting the whole business and resulting in under-utilization of space.

Retail ERP Software

Improper Product-Mix in the store

Nowadays buyers are more interested in visiting stores which offer better alternatives and more choices. In-store product mix has a huge role to play in improving footfall and sales.

Managing the right product-mix is quite a complex process as it involves consideration of several other factors that influence the demands and preferences of the purchasers. A pen-paper approach or basic systems are not enough to achieve the right product mix.

Retail ERP Software
Retail ERP Software
Retail ERP Software
Retail ERP Software

Frequent Change in Product Prices

It is a difficult exercise to manage the dynamic pricing for every product, particularly for retailers with multiple stores. The variations in prices based on factors such as location and season may be difficult to keep up without an automated system.

Retailers who are unable to maintain this flexibility fail to sustain the competition. They experience drop in sales and minimal or no returning visitors.

Retail ERP Software

Hiring and retaining the right workforce

High employee iteration rates are evident in every industry, including retail. Finding and retaining the right workforce is very important for the smooth functioning of your store.

The lack of proper employee management procedures and effective employee engagement strategies are key reasons as to why employees leave an organization. Running a company with untrained employees who are not the right fit, decreases operational performance drastically.

Retail ERP Software
Retail ERP Software

Modules to manage retail sales and customers effectively

Benefits of Implementing e-Retail Software systems

Scaling up your business requires an effective retail software. At Focus Softnet, we provide retail management systems equipped with point of sale and bar code scanning, to simplify your business operations. With the best retail POS software you can get real-time operational information, ensure visibility across the retail chain for proactive and faster decision making.

Improve Customer Trust and Loyalty

In order to streamline store operations, retailers should leverage the power of advanced technology.

When all the communication and transaction data of your customers is collected in a single system, it becomes easier for you to analyze and identify their interests. It also helps you in creating personalized shopping experiences for customers with which you can build better relationships and improve their loyalty.

Advanced Data Handling and Security

It is vital that you protect your data from security threats and do not rely on outdated methods in storing and handling them. Outdated methods of data storage not only make it less secure but also hard to access.

Retail businesses need custom made ERP for retail businesses to ensure confidential business information is stored with complete security. Our ERP systems are protected with multilayered security features and also provide easy access and navigation to authorized users.

Faster Payments with Retail Billing Software

Our cloud-based retail POS software allow customers to choose different payment modes including split bills, payments using cards, partial cash payments and so on.

Faster and more convenient payment options allow you to run your business smoothly and improve the store experience for your customers.

Quicker Product Delivery and Easier Returns Processing

Fast delivery is one of the most common expectations of customers. Our cloud-based ERP platforms provide end-to-end tools to simplify your retail operations, allowing you to manage inventory processing proactively and thus make distribution and return processing faster.

Simplified Sales Discount Management

Sale and discounts attract the customers and build loyalty. It is important to manage them efficiently to increase customer interest in your store while making sure all discounts are part of a larger business plan to drive sales.

Our Retail POS systems help you gain a strong understanding of pricing and promotions, helping you to plan schemes that can bring you enough profits even after delivering major discounts in the price of goods sold.

Gaining Actionable Insights

A powerful retail management software is not limited to stocks and invoicing. It appropriately automates all administrative tasks to make stock purchase scheduling, timekeeping and sales monitoring easier and faster.

The integrated retail POS solution allows you to track and manage retail operations from a single platform and empowers you to gain actionable insights to make more informed decisions.

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