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A highly efficient and customizable solution for human capital management, Centra HCM not only helps in automating processes but also enables users in tracking operations.

It’s provided by CentraHub, a fully owned subsidiary of Focus Softnet, one of the top business solution providers in the MENA region, complying with the local VAT laws in all GCC countries.

With Centra HCM, users can revamp their organization’s structure by auto-populating their establishment and viewing respective departments in a multi-level format.

The HCM management software can also define job grades, roles and responsibilities on various parameters including its effect on the CTC.

The revolutionary automating features in the human resource management software enable its users to steer the whole recruitment process including aspects such as manpower planning, requisitions, candidate screening, filtering, sorting, ranking and selection.

Users can onboard the new recruits with a user-definable process definition and can also get detailed information of the employees and manage it with efficiency. With this HR software, multi-level approval process can be defined with rules on hierarchies, companies, locations and document expiry alerts on its ESS portal.

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• The Cloud HRIS software is equipped with powerful features for recruitment and onboarding

• Using the HR system’s powerful APIs, job details can be posted directly on career website

• Based on filters, the candidates who apply would be automatically shortlisted and scheduled for interviews

• Multi-level onboarding processes could be set up with tasks and operations

• Custom payroll components, multiple pay groups and pay batches, with CTC matrix for quick review

• Multiple options to capture attendance data, based on shifts, locations and projects

• Reliable payroll software for error free payroll calculations, integrated with attendance and leave adjustment tools

• Fully automated workflows to replace manual HR practices with automated processes

• Enhanced communication tools for internal and external communication, with custom alerts and notifications

• Smart and BI powered reports for quick or comprehensive analysis

• Fully customizable solution to suit your unique requirements

• Mobile ready software to track real estate assets on-the-go

• Scalable features for future business growth

Fully automated human capital management software with in-built features for all aspects of HR management including, recruitment, onboarding, time sheets, attendance and payroll. Cloud hosted solution with automated processes. Watch the video to know more.

Top Benefits

Business Benefits

Detailed On-boarding Process Management

Multiple Pay Groups, Tags, Batches & Frequencies

Manage HR of Multiple Dimensions across Multiple Companies, Currencies & Locations

Comprehensive Employee Self- Service Module

Regional Taxation & Statutory Compliance

Function Benefits

Performance & Appraisals

Employee Self-Service

Compensation and Benefits

Retirement /Separation

Reports & Business Intelligence (BI)

Business Benefits

Web-Based Thin Client Solutions

On-Premise & Cloud Deployment

Integration-Ready API Kits

Swift Rollout Track Record

Interactive Dashboards & Reports

Modular Architecture

Login-based Secured Access

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