Benefits of ERP Software for HR & Payroll Management

April 20, 2020
Nandinee Biswas
ERP Software for HR & Payroll Management ERP Software for HR & Payroll Management

Human resource, we all know, is the most valued assetfor any organization and their efficiency is directly related to the sustainability and profitability of the business.

This means, integrating your ERP software withthe HR and Payroll management module is essential toadd value in managing the daily activities and the needs of the human resource department.The unified system makes processing salary and administrating employees much easier.

Furthermore, the existence of a well-equippedERPfor HR and Payrollmanagement providessecured preservation of staff datawhile ensuring quick access to them.This informationprovides a clearer overviewof the performance and expectations of your employees, enabling youto analyze them and achieve a better-managed workforce.

How ERP for HR and Payroll Management Is Beneficial For Your Businesses?

The role of ERP in HR management is made evidentthrough the effectivenessit brings to the overall HR department operations. The automated system reduces data redundancy and saves a lot of time consumed on managing day-to-day administration activities manually.

Here, let’s take a close look at themajor benefits of using ERP software for HR and Payroll management operations.

Enhance Information Sharing and Collaboration

Since the HR department functions centrally for any business, the data related to employees needs to be eventually collected and shared with all other departments.

Without a unified ERP platform that allows you to directly updated and accessed information, the process would require additional staff to compile information shared by different employees into a useable format.

An integrated HR and payroll system creates a pool of information collected from diverse sources.The data is madeavailable through a single access point. Employees are able to view information about their payroll, work hours, deductions, benefits, etc.,faster and easier.

The system also guarantees accuracy of shared data, thus enhancing overall outcomes and making it simpler for different teams to work together.

integrated HR and payroll system

The entire process is complex and difficult to handleunless you have a proficientERP system. Integrated HR and Payroll management module provides you with advanced features that allows you to track work hours of each employee including theirmost efficient time, breaks, leaves and absences.

Besides, the system notifies the HR management team in case any staff passed a certain pre-defined threshold. This way,you are able tospotthe employees who are consistently practicing shortfalls and move quickly to address this.

Keep Employee Records Up-to-Date

We’ve already mentionedthat the HR management teaminvolves collecting information from various departments.Not to mention, in this scenario,the collaboration of this huge volume of dataalways leaves a high chance for duplication,redundancy andincorrect information.

An ERP system automates the updating process and ensures that all employee data stored in the integrated HR and Payroll moduleis up-to-date. Theinformationis available at a glance and the system allows you to view and extract them with only a few clicks.

This enables you to deeply drill into the data analyticswhich is relevant in identifying trends and spot problems while helpingyou make better and faster decisions

Automation Frees Up Time for More Relevant Tasks

Many HRmanagement activities require data entry and reporting. Automation of these processesremove major obstacles for the HR department.

The HR and Payroll module once integrated into your ERPsystem allows you storing and accessinga large employee information database.Simultaneously, if you are trying to generate reports, the system makes it faster to cite and retrieve data based on your requirements.

This saves timefor performing more relevant tasks and brings drastic improvement in your HR team’s efficiency.

Efficient Attendance and LeaveTracking

When your employees request forleaves, without an integrated HR management system, you would probably be caught off-guard and entangled with messy and time-consuming email trailsthat could significantly disrupt your workflows and productivity.

The system keeps track of leaves and provides extensive leave profiles of all your employees to simplify the way you handle their requests.Besides, the integrated attendance systems also allow you to accurately assess the effectiveness of an employee in terms of working hours, overtime, arrival time, etc.


A well designed and integrated HR and Payroll managementhelps you get a robust HR team and mitigate challenges that arise while working with a diverse workforce.

We are a trusted provider of industry-ready business software, offering customization to the core to ensure that you deploy a systemthat supports the HR department and other operational needs.

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