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All-in-One CRM Solutions for Marketing, Sales and Services Teams

Wishing to build long-lasting relationships with your customers and grow your business? We have the best CRM solutions that would support you through every step of your profit-making journey. These systems include the right set of tools that would streamline all your operations, provide greater visibility and thereby enhance your decision-making capabilities.

Our cloud CRM solutions and powerful management software are designed to enhance customer experience, increase sales and save productive hours of your marketing, sales and services teams.

Modern CRM Solutions That Would Work Wonders for Your Business

Automate operations, save time and serve better!
We develop tailored CRM solutions to help you get promising prospects, provide meaningful customer experiences, convert leads faster, keep a check on marketing activities, improve attention on sales pipeline management and everything else needed to run a successful business.

CRM Software CRM Software

Centra CRM

All-inclusive CRM solutions for small businesses and enterprises. Automate repetitive tasks, get market insights, improve sales and serve customers anytime, anywhere.

HCM Software HCM Software

Centra HCM

Agile human resource management software that transforms the way HR department handle their operations. It makes the employee lifecycle management simpler and more streamlined.

Centra CAFM Centra CAFM

Centra CAFM

Personalized CAFM solution that enables you to prioritize and manage asset maintenance plans in order to ensure they perform perfectly and suffer no breakdowns.

Centra REMS Centra REMS

Centra REMS

It is built for real estate businesses of all sizes, Centra REMS offers the forefront property management software, sales process and automated features to grab more deals in less time.

Centra AUTO Centra AUTO

Centra AUTO

Centra AUTO is a web-based auto dealership management software solutions that provides everything needed to build a customized solution for a dealership, and auto wholesale.

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Customer Loyalty

CRM solutions CRM solutions


CRM Solutions CRM Solutions


CRM Solutions CRM Solutions


CRM Solutions CRM Solutions


CRM Solutions CRM Solutions

Work Flows

Modules at a Glance

We have an exclusive set of CRM modules that play an important role in the overall business growth. They function to ensure that workflows are maintained in order, tasks are effectively handled and each process is optimized for sales, marketing and service departments.

Major Industry Challenges

While it is important to establish and maintain amicable relationships with your customers, it is also important to ensure your business continues growing, keeping up to the standards. Your business activities require constant tuning, tracking and monitoring to achieve sustained growth.

A CRM software solution removes this hurdle and without it, your business might get exposed to numerous troubles born due to:

  •    Unorganized customer data
  •    Data not stored in a single system
  •    Inaccuracy in task reporting
  •    Lack of accessibility to data outside the office premise
  •    Poor field reporting structure
  •    Inability to track and determine marketing ROI
  •    Huge amount of time spent on doing manual updates
CRM software solution CRM software

Why Choose Us?

CRM Integrations CRM software

We offer the most technologically advanced CRM solutions in UAE. These end-to-end custom applications are scalable and powerful systems that help you manage a huge volume of customer information, generate reports on changing trends and accordingly deliver robust and effective solutions. We provide both developing and hosting services in the region.

Things We Are Known For:

  •    Committed to delivering quality.
  •    Guaranteed security
  •    Reliable communication
  •    Proven track record
  •    28+ years of experience
  •    Priority given to customers

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