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Personalized Service Automation ERP Software

Industries these days are a target of extreme completion with the rapid rise in the number of traders and service providers. Sustainability in the current market depends on how easily an organization can satisfy consumer requirements and demand.

Achieving this requires an agile service automation ERP software solution that could establish total control over resources and optimize operations, bridging the gap between real time data and decision-making.

Challenges in Trade and Service Industry

The trade and service industry is undergoing constant transformation. Clients these days are keener to receive faster delivery with no compromise in quality, this imposes additional pressure on the service providers to fulfill their expectations.

While dealing with modern challenges is not easy, overlooking them can bring disruptions that can alter the overall profitability of the businesses. Here are some of the major challenges that businesses from trade and service industry deal with:

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Service Automation ERP

Dependency Conflicts Resulting in Delayed Projects

Projects handled by service establishments are mostly inter-connected. They involve the sharing of resources and equipment. This gives rise to dependency conflicts that can disrupt the project schedules, affect the deliverables and can even trigger expensive disputes.

Problematic execution of a project often hinders the business in getting returns on investment and even takes a toll on the brand image.

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Lack of Proper Project Tracking

In the absence of proper monitoring systems, businesses fail to keep track of the recent developments in each project.

Using manual methods to manage these updates may work only till the projects are of small scale. But as they grow complex, keeping up with operations becomes tougher and may even lead to disruptions and errors in executions.

Service Automation ERP
Trade and Services ERP
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Service Automation ERP

Generating Appropriate Project Cost Quotations

Trade and service establishments spend a considerable amount of time to estimate project costs and prepare appropriate quotations.

Low quoted projects suffer from insufficient funds while projects for which higher costs are quoted always have the risk of losing clients. In order to sustain and overcome these challenges, business establishments need to be as accurate as possible while preparing their quotations.

Modules for Providing Service in Profitable Ways

How Project Management Software Benefits Service Establishments?

Unlike other businesses, trade and service organizations deal with an array of separate ventures at any point of time. Thus, they require specially designed Project Management Software that can collaborate and manage resource planning, time tracking, and invoicing from a single system.

Focus Softnet’s advanced service automation software and courier tracking software solutions are integrated with industry-specific modules to help businesses effortlessly manage projects from start to delivery.

More Connected Departments For Easier Management

Nearly every task performed in a service-based company overlaps departmental and locational boundaries. Due to this, team members are usually unaware of events happening outside their immediate circle.

Being available on the cloud, ERP solutions have a centralized database that could be accessed by every team irrespective of their location or department, making communication and collaboration seamless.

Improve Project Planning to Reduce Operational Costs

Keeping track of project progress is quite difficult if done manually. However, with the help of an efficient ERP system, it becomes easy and effortless. These solutions include advanced project management tools that allow users to set deadlines and priorities with transparency.

This also eliminates the misunderstandings or overlapping of tasks and schedules, which are often the reason for chaotic project execution, poor resource management, missing deadlines and other productivity issues that cause business losses.

Better Client Communication For Error-free Deliverables

Our cloud-based professional services ERP software systems provide reliable communication tools to allow the clients to view project progress, provide feedback or notify the service establishment to make edits to as needed.

Faster Delegation of Tasks for Effective Time Utilization

Task allocation is a complicated, time-consuming activity. Managers often struggle to delegate tasks, especially if the project involves multiple departments and locations.

A task management software eases this job. An ERP for professional services allows users to define tasks and related instructions to assign them to the concerned employee. This saves time and removes future complications.

Focus Softnet offers cloud-based CRM, HCM, and ERP automation software for business operations performed in all types of professional service establishments. These ERP automation tools include comprehensive modules to provide smart and insightful reports required to manage operations and build efficiencies.

Whether you own a logistics company, law firm, recruitment agency or any other professional service, our ERP for business operations can help you deliver error-free services on time.

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