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Digitally Connected Workflows for Field Service Management

Field Services are an important aspect of domestic life as well as commercial operations. With higher standards of accountability, field service providers face more scrutiny from customers and regulatory authorities, making it vital for them to perform above expected levels of professionalism.

The success of any service-oriented business depends largely on how you define and uphold the standard of your service while reducing costs and optimizing processes. A digitally driven system paves the way for sustained growth and increasing profits. However, many field service providers still lack the digital apparatus that is important to drive operations proficiently.

Challenges Faced in Field Service Management

Operational challenges faced by field service management companies are numerous and complicated by various factors such as rising customer expectations, pressure to respond and resolve issues faster and complying with statutory requirements to ensure the safety of everyone involved. In the following, we explore the major hurdles faced by field service management companies and how Focus Softnet could help you overcome them.

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Field Service Management Software UAE

Work Order Management

The foremost challenge lies within a lack of efficient work order management. Many field service providers use outdated processes in task identification, allocation, completion and inspection, which impacts service quality and may even in result in customer resentment. With no integrated processes to manage work orders, various tasks in the above phases could not be tracked, leading to mismanagement and delays.

Another reason for the lack of efficiency in work order management is usage of disparate systems for different activities. In such a scenario, on-field agents could not communicate with their supervisors and it becomes nearly impossible to monitor them and provide assistance in real time.

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Scheduling Conflicts

With the magnitude of service requests that come in every day, it becomes difficult to create a schedule that would not collide with other tasks. Furthermore, business more often depend on scheduling software that are not integrated with other operational processes. This causes imbalances in the schedule and makes it difficult to adhere to deadlines.

Scheduling conflicts also arise due to mismanagement of prioritization of service requests. Total dependence on manual methods to prioritize requests is not viable nor efficient. Wrong judgement related to request prioritization increases the caseload, fosters customer dissatisfaction and also makes technicians more prone to errors.

Field Service Management Software UAE
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Field Service Management Software UAE

Service Validation

Was the service rendered satisfactory? Did the express their satisfaction post-service? Were all the necessary protocols followed? Were the quality standards maintained? These are some of the questions that could be answered through service validation, something that many businesses lack.

Validating service quality is not possible if the records are maintained on paper. A supervisor could not track the status of service delivery unless there are digitally powered processes that integrate all operations. With no regular inspection and validation, service quality would deteriorate over time.

Service validation significantly improves service quality and helps you understand the customers’ perception of your business. The lack of this last crucial step hinders customer retention and robs your business of the opportunity to make your processes better and more streamlined.

ERP Modules Tailored for Your Business Requirements

How Focus Softnet’s ERP Solutions Help You Overcome Field Service Management Challenges

We at Focus Softnet have a vast experience in simplifying complex business workflows, creating processes that drive efficiency and maximizing ROI. With our field service management software, we could transform your business into a powerhouse with fast and sustainable growth.

Our field service ERP software solutions are capable of converting the above challenges into opportunities and reduce your overhead costs. In the following, we explain some of the primary features of our ERP solutions that would help you overcome your business challenges.

Centralized Point of Operations

Our field service ERP software solutions serve as centralized points of operations from where you could assign, track, monitor, validate and close service requests. By providing you complete freedom from disparate software and myriad applications for various activities, our ERP applications simplify the whole service process through end-to-end solutions. They are also equipped with scheduling tools that are integrated with other modules to ensure there are no conflicts and all operations run smoothly.

Real-time Status and Tracking

Unlike paper-based or Excel-based processes, our digital field service management software empower you with real-time tracking of each service request. Not only could you communicate with your on-field agents directly from our ERP systems, you could also check the status and validate the service delivery for quality assurance. Real-time tracking would also help the supervisors guide the technicians in extraordinary circumstances.

Fully Customizable Workflows

With our field service ERP software, you could create an infinite number of workflows and customize them to suit your unique requirements. You could tailor each aspect of the workflow such as the hierarchy, approval process, billing and more. The workflows would enable you to have separate processes for different teams, making it easier for you to monitor their performance, prepare team-specific budgets and define standards for various tasks.

Simplified Billing and Integration with the Finance Module

Simplify the management of invoices and payments with our field service ERP software. Make the billing process faster and free of errors. Our applications automate the return filing and record tax details for quick and easy access. The integration with the finance module would also help you have a view of the financial performance and standing of your business, all within a single solution.

Reports and Dashboards

Gain a consolidated view of all business operations with a fully customizable dashboard that reflects information in real time. Create dashlets and info-panels to access information on any business activity. Generate detailed reports to measure operations on any metric. Take data-backed decisions and gauge business performance from multiple angles. The reports could be generated in the format you desire and could be printed with ease.

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