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Waste Management Software With Integrated Modules And Mobility

In an age where our planet is facing major environmental crisis, waste management has emerged as crucial sector in the fight against climate change. The need for environmental preservation, paving way for commercial waste management opportunities.

Waste management companies are thriving and functioning well, both financially and operationally. However, there are some challenges that these companies face in waste reduction and waste treatment. In the following, we have identified these major hurdles and how Focus Softnet could solve them through cloud-based and AI powered best waste management software.

Challenges Faced By waste Management Companies

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Rising Costs and Challenges In Finding A Uniform Solution

Although much has been done to propagate recycling, the amount of waste produced is on rise. Most importantly, waste management companies are not able to find a uniform solution and end up spending more on various methods of waste management, based on the type of waste, quantity and feasibility to transport it for recycling.

Experts argue that finding a singular and uniform solution for multiple problems may not be possible. This raises a question as to how waste management companies would reduce their expenses and put a cap on rising costs.

Financial And Operational Sustainability

Challenges in Maintaining Financial And Operational Sustainability

Organizations need to ensure financial and organizational efficiency to achieve success. The shortage of automated systems is a big cause behind the operational challenges. Without tracking mechanisms and systems for controlling day-to-day operations, companies will succumb to unplanned spending and waste of resources.

Establishing a strong connection with customers is also a challenge for many waste management businesses as they lack CRM systems to store and maintain contacts. This leads to lack of coordination between the customers and service providers which leads to situations where both parties are unaware of each other’s challenges.

Financial And Operational Sustainability
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Regulatory Compliance
Regulatory Compliance

Lack of Established Systems to Monitor Assets And Regulatory Compliance

When it comes to waste management, the value of asset management and monitoring cannot be overrated. Businesses in this sector depend on many essential mobile and non-mobile assets such as waste transportation vehicles, devices to segregate solid waste, food waste, medical waste, and proper disposal of hazardous litters.

Without an asset management solution, waste management companies would be unable to balance the allocation of tasks based on asset capacity, track wear & tear and schedule repairs. This would lead to underutilization or overutilization of assets and adversely affect the overall operations.

Customizable and Integrated ERP Modules that Drive Efficiency

How Focus Softnet Can Assits You In Overcoming Waste Management Problems

Quotation Management With Flexible Pricing

Focus Softnet's waste management ERP system would allow you to create personalized quotations of services for your customers. You can also incorporate it with a built-in price list and set pricing rules for more flexibility along with different billing fees.

Tracking Resources And Waste Collection In Real Time

Track all your assets and resources by allocating them with unique serial numbers or barcodes in real time. The monitoring will help you direct your resources remotely, e.g. when transporting hazardous waste or when handling biomedical or medical waste.

Asset Maintenance And Management

Focus Softnet’s ERP software for waste management conducts effective asset maintenance for operational assets to ensure they are in their prime condition. Regular maintenance would help you in maximizing their lifespan and usage while ensuring customer satisfaction owing to minimal breakdown and peak performance during waste collection.

Workflows, Hierarchies And Seamless Approval Processes

Our waste management systems would help you set up powerful hierarchical workflows that you can define and customize. These workflows would aid you in creating a seamless approval process which would be web-based, with proper stages and tiers to ensure every approval reaches the right person.

Business Analytics And Smart Reports

The waste management ERP software solution would also give you insights related to all operations through its smart reports. For example, you can evaluate which contracts give you more business, what are the receivables and payables for a specific period of time or a customer.

Customization And Personalization

You can configure workflows and functionalities of our smart waste management system to suit the unique requirements of your waste management operations. You can also customize features in contract management, billing, asset management and inventory management and tailor the dashboards with info-panels you want to be displayed when you access the system.

Integrated Finance Management With Tax Return Filing

Our cloud ERP for waste management firms is equipped with powerful, finance management modules, integrated with other modules to ensure no transactional data goes unrecorded. The system is also compliant with local tax regulations, to facilitate easy filing of tax returns.

Smart CRM For Customer Services And Communication

Through our smart CRM, waste management companies would serve and communicate more effectively with their customers and ensure there are no gaps in terms of service requests. You can also use the CRM to execute marketing campaigns, track sales status and monitor communication carried out by other employees at your organization.

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