Industry Specific ERP Solutions Industry Specific ERP Solutions

Industry-Specific ERP Solutions For Tailored For Your Business Needs

Our enterprise software systems are designed to make managing your business simpler. These industry-specific ERP solutions have pre-built integrated tools that match and cater to your unique business needs. Powered by intelligent technology and automation, these applications enable you to run a free-flowing business with all its operations are effectively monitored and controlled from a single system.

ERP for Retail Industry Focus Softnet


Our feature-ready retail ERP software solutions make tracking your customer preferences easier. Increase the operating efficiency of your business, improve the consistency of your service and generate recurring sales. Being integrated with modern POS and other advanced tools, these systems accommodate and manage data generated from single as well as multi-location outlets and sellers.

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We offer industry-specific ERP software that adapts with your manufacturing business changes and grows with it. The robust material requirements planning software automates your inventory management, tracks production processes in real-time, manages order fulfillment, responds to evolving customer demands, adjusts schedules and other crucial processes in your manufacturing plant.

ERP for manufacturing industry
ERP for Warehousing & Logistics Industry Focus Softnet

Warehousing & Logistics

Designed to be flexible, our industry-specific ERP systems accurately track data and provide real-time insights into inventory movement and improve control over them. Whether you have a small or large establishment, these customizable applications easily fit into your requirement mix and work wonders in running a successful warehousing business, enabling you to take proactive and insight-driven decisions.

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Real Estate & Construction

We offer streamlined real estate and construction ERP and CRM solutions with pre-built features to help you get timely updates on the latest project developments, track resources, plan budgets and much more. Manage your business growth with a single software primed to drive optimum business performance.

ERP for Real Estate & Construction Industry

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ERP for wholesale distribution Industry Focus Softnet


Manage the entire quote-to-cash cycle of your business with our modern distribution management system. The wholesale distribution ERP software incorporates modules to track inventory in real-time, analyze and determine the product demands, ensure that the goods are stocked and delivered as scheduled while keeping transit costs in control.

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Our web-based automotive dealership management systems are integrated with the necessary internal and external operations to successfully monitor them and optimize their outcomes. These powerful solutions automate your business processes and digitize data, thus ensuring complete traceability and transparency of information across all departments. This make sales, leasing and garage or workshop management hassle-free.

ERP for Automotive Industry
ERP for Education Industry Focus Softnet


Data security would never be a concern again with our state-of-the-art ERP solutions. Tailored for academic institutes, these systems are loaded with precise features that match exactly to your organization’s requirement. Process automation brought by these systems not only reduces the workload of repetitive tasks but also keeps your institution more organized.

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Trade and Services

Our ERP for professional service organizations is equipped with tools that relieve you from the burden of maintaining multiple systems. These applications empower you to identify and assign the right resources, generate accurate price quotes, respond faster to change, deliver services on time and within budget. Meet your clients’ needs, generate revenues and avoid run powerful campaigns.

ERP for Trade and Services

Why Choose Vertical-Specific ERP Systems

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Unlike generic enterprise resource planning applications, our ERP solutions for different industries and vertical-specific ERP systems are built with specialized modules to support the operations of each business sector. Our functionally-diverse software systems are capable of managing your business processes and ensure they perform at their best. Here are some of the implementation and cost benefits of vertical-specific ERP systems:

Available with right features that require minimal or no customization.

Cost-effective as it is not developed from scratch.

Readily available systems enable quicker deployment.

Faster and Easier Implementation. Make Your Day-to-Day Tasks a Breeze!

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