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UAE’s Top Performing Manufacturing ERP Solutions

The manufacturing industry in UAE is becoming increasingly competitive with each passing day. Manufacturing firms are now expected to produce and deliver goods of high quality at a rapid pace and for lower prices.

Sustaining in this fierce competition requires a significant amount of operational efficiency in your production units. This is possible to achieve only with the implementation of decent manufacturing ERP systems.

Challenges Faced By The Manufacturing Industry

The advent of technologies like cloud computing, business intelligence (BI) and artificial intelligence (AI) have strengthened the way manufacturing processes are managed. But that being said, dealing with the modern challenges is not easy and a little disruption can wreak havoc on the overall productivity of the business.

maufacturing erp solutions
Manufacturing ERP software

Shortage Of Skilled Labor

It is no secret that automation has swiped its hand into manufacturing operations and machines have become more commonplace. Despite AI and its capabilities, skilled workers are still needed in the manufacturing plants for applying their problem-solving expertise to operate the implemented systems and manage production processes with efficiency.

When manufacturing units have a labor shortage for a prolonged period of time, they are forced to drop rewarding projects or increase lead times. This reduction in the amount of work often affects the chances for manufacturers to increase production.

manufacturing erp uae

Improper Demand Forecasting

For every manufacturing organization, present production planning primarily depends on the future market demands. In other words, accurate forecasting is very important for production units.

Overestimation of product demand means investing money on unnecessary procurement of raw materials and devoting time on manufacturing the products that are going to be left unsold. These would also consume large warehouse space and ultimately add up to list of wastages in the future.

On the contrary, underestimating the demand for hot-selling goods means running out of stock during the peak selling seasons. This has an immediate impact on manufacturers’ opportunity to generate revenue and is also damages the long-earned trust of the customers.

Manufacturing ERP software
manufacturing erp uae
manufacturing inventory management
Manufacturing ERP software

Poor Control On Inventory

Inventory is one of the biggest assets and investments of a manufacturing company. Manufacturers own two types of inventory - raw materials that are to be used in the production and the finished goods that are ready to be moved out for delivery. Both require seamless handling and efficient management.

Poor control on raw materials impairs manufacturing processes while lower visibility into movement of finished products leads to losses due to theft and wastages. The chaos created by the inventory crisis in manufacturing plants and associated warehouses has the potential to further interrupt the supply chain operations.

manufacturing process management software

Flawed Project Planning And Management

Every manufacturing project needs rigid and tight control over all its aspects. This includes cost, delivery time, material and human resources. Loopholes at any level or inefficient tracking of change requests would have a huge impact on the projects’ success, resulting in businesses losses.

Adopting the manual method for production scheduling is never free from flaws. It fails to achieve the necessary accuracy and hence the productivity of manufacturing plants suffers.

Manufacturing ERP software
manufacturing process management software
production management software
Manufacturing ERP software

Irregular Machinery Maintenance

Machinery breakdown increases the downtime in manufacturing plants, leading to wastage of time, work hours and resources. Preventive maintenance of equipment reduces the possibility of these failures.

Manufacturers who do not map their machinery repair and plan preventive maintenance activities are unable to detect the conditions that might eventually lead to downtime. Therefore, they become more prone to unexpected and unnecessary losses.

Manufacturing ERP software

Lack Of Process Automation

Process automation is a boon for manufacturing establishments as it saves time and resources and helps businesses overcome redundancy in operations. Automated systems reduce or eliminate administrative and clerical tasks, mitigate the effects of labor shortages and increase staff productivity. Manufacturers who are reluctant to adopt automation are sure to suffer hardships in operations and would find it hard to sustain in today’s high paced, competitive market.

Manufacturing ERP software
Manufacturing ERP software

Modules For Fast-Track Production Management

Benefits Of ERP For Manufacturing Industry

With the nature of competition faced by production units, they need a truly advanced manufacturing software that would enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs and most importantly help the organization in making accurate, informed and strategic decisions.

Focus Softnet is one of the trusted ERP providers in UAE, offering innovative manufacturing software solutions that efficiently address industry challenges while empowering businesses to function smoothly and grow faster.

Streamlines Processes With Greater Insights

Visibility of business data greatly impacts the accuracy of decision making. Manufactures who rely on multiple systems to store their operational data, often find collaborating this information difficult, time consuming and not always free from errors.

On the contrary, modern ERP manufacturing systems integrate all business operations and store data in a centralized location, offering complete insight into the process flow. Streamlined operations result in fewer errors and delays. This further brings efficiency in accelerating the production processes and considerably improving the overall business productivity.

Achieve Superior Production Scheduling

Production scheduling involves effective allocation of time, labor, material and processes to manufacture products. Accuracy in resources planning improves its utilization, which impacts the overall production facility and takes it to the whole next level.

Right manufacturing production software plays a crucial role in establishing the required balance between the available resources and client orders. These systems not only improve the process flow; they make backward production scheduling possible, thus providing resilience to the manufacturers to modify their schedules in sync with the change in priorities.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction largely depends on the quality of services. Manufacturing establishments which supply quality products on time are more likely to have loyal customers.

This requires all business functions, starting from production planning and quality control and supply chain to perform proficiently. To meet these requirements, manufacturers need a powerful production management software. These systems help businesses expand operational capabilities and attain the desired performance.

Easy Forecasting And Quicker Response

Manufacturing companies often encounter situations when there is an unexpected rise or sudden slack in demand for a particular product. Both the scenarios are unfavorable for the businesses to sustain.

A robust manufacturing ERP software analyzes the stored data and predicts future demands. This aptly prepares the organizations to imply better control over their processes. When prepared in advance, organizations are quick to respond to any sudden change or unforeseen situations.

Improve Productivity, Reduce Costs And Time

Replacing the legacy systems with futuristic manufacturing ERP software lowers the rate of errors and improves the accuracy at every level of production process. This significantly reduces reworks, saving the company costs.

Besides, material requirement planning (MRP) systems provide a bird's-eye view over all operations in a manufacturing organization. These keep track of processes associated with production and provide total control on the resources used, thus optimizing operations, enhancing productivity and reducing costs and time.

Enhance Data Security

No manufacturing organization could succeed without the information about their prospective buyers, productions in progress, raw materials in stock, finished products ready to be shipped and so on. Manually storing these in files would not only increase the risk of mishandling but also cause security threats.

Cloud-based manufacturing software for small business and enterprises perfectly addresses this issue. The secured systems store digital data and provide access only to the authorized users, allowing them to generate reports from the real-time information and improve business management.

Manufacturers face a multitude of challenges today. In order to overcome them, they need all-inclusive software solutions to actively resolve complexities and improve their business efficiencies.

Focus Softnet is a trusted cloud manufacturing software provider in UAE. We develop advanced manufacturing ERP systems integrated with dedicated modules for the bill of materials handling, quality management, sales order tracking and much more.

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