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Since the last couple of decades, the retail industry in UAE has undergone a huge transformation. Customers these days have become more and more demanding, imposing additional pressure on the retailers to exceed their expectations. The challenges faced by today’s retailers could not be solved unless they equip themselves with advanced retail management software to navigate business complexities.

Challenges in Retail Industry

Retailers deal with numerous operations every day. In order to manage them effectively and align them with business goals, departmental integration is a major requirement that cannot be overlooked. In the following, we discuss some challenges modern retail businesses face.

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Inappropriate Storage Layout

Retail outlets offer a diverse mix of products from a range of brands, various sizes, different combinations and so on. When storage space is not utilized in the right way, it limits the number of products displayed, thereby reducing the choice for customers.

In lesser organized stores, customers commonly struggle to find what they want, which reduces the chances of cross-selling and upselling, preventing retailers in successfully reaching their end goal - selling more products every day.

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Flawed In-Store Product Mix

Buyers’ behavior has undergone drastic change over the years. Today, they are no longer satisfied with a handful of options, but are keen to have access to plenty of choices before making a purchase decision. Therefore, the product mix displayed at the store has a major impact on sales.

Managing the product placement manually is fine as long as the business is limited in scale and operations. However, this traditional method fails to perform when the business expands. Manual handling of product mix would also result in the unavailability of high-selling products along with increased piling of unsold ones.

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Inefficient Warehouse Space Utilization

Using logical sequences is the most efficient way to store products in warehouses. This makes the finding of goods easier and prevents misplacements. Instead of looking through each shelf, employees can directly reach the area where the products are stocked.

Easily accessible product placement reduces the processing time, which directly impacts the wait time of the customers and enhances their store experience. The successful optimization of the warehouse also allows storing of the right quantity of products and avoiding surplus or understocking.

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Frequent Price Changes

In a highly competitive business environment, the need for dynamic pricing cannot be overstated, for both popular and no-so-popular goods.

Retailers might be tempted by a higher margin which they can earn from selling goods at non-changing premium prices. But, eventually, they would fail to attain return visits from customers. Absence of an appropriate tracking tool often leads to unsuitable pricing - the biggest reason for losing in-store customers.

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Quick Shift in Customer's Demands

Customer preferences are evolving much faster than ever before. Retailers who embrace change have a bigger chance of sustaining in the market. On the contrary, if businesses continue to be unprepared and reject change, they would find it difficult to overcome modern business problems.

Retailers who still rely on manual methods to store customer information and preferences have limited visibility into customer data and cannot leverage it to increase their sales.

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Lack of Control Over Channel Partners

Efficient delivery networks and distribution channels boost retail businesses in achieving the desired reach and sales. Without a relevant tracking system, organizations have limited scope to monitor their channel partners and improve the way they perform.

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cloud based retail pos software

Inability to Engage Employees and Retain Right Talent

Retail businesses across the UAE are facing high employee turnover rates. While retaining staff is among the major problems faced by the industry, finding suitable employees is also no less challenging. Building effective employee engagement strategies is the most impactful way to overcome this problem.

Retail businesses that still rely on manual HR procedures often fail to analyze past employee behavior and could not take the right measures to retain the talents or streamline their hiring process.

Modules That Help You Track and Understand Customers Better

How Does a Retail Management Software Benefits You?

A successful retail business today needs a comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that would integrate all departments and help you connect with customers as and when needed. Focus Softnet provides power-packed flexible retail management software in UAE that are loaded with capabilities to overcome every industry challenge.

Enhanced Customer Data Security

Data vulnerability is fatal for a retail business. Traditional methods of data storage lack accessibility and are prone to several security lapses. An ERP store management system is developed with stringent security validation standards to ensure all customers’ sensitive data is stored securely.

The system allows user-based access to this information, enabling users to easily view and utilize this data as and when needed to improve operations.

Deliver Unmatched Experience and Build Trust Among Customers

Retail software systems leverage the power of advanced technologies and enable inter-departmental integration on a single platform. These systems store customer interaction from all stores and make it easily accessible. Businesses could gain quick access to this historic data to identify customers’ preferences and provide them with more personalized services.

Further, tailored services aid in creating a distinctive shopping experience that would exceed customer expectations and strengthen their loyalty.

Accurate Warehouse Inventory Allocation

Retail inventory management software systems assist stores in product placement to facilitate maximum sales.

The powerful ERP systems include features to evaluate and determine the demand of a particular product and allocate the stock keeping units (SKU) accordingly. This ensures that the high-selling products are more quickly accessible compared to the less selling ones.

Diverse Payment Options of Retail POS System

Dynamic payment solutions are top priorities for supermarket owners to run their businesses smoothly. Allowing customers to use different types of payment improves their store experience and increases satisfaction.

An integrated retail point of sale (POS) system is a necessity for retail establishments. These applications support payments done through multiple modes including split bills, partial payments using cash, payments via cards and so on, helping businesses achieve the much-needed flexibility.

Gaining Actionable Insight

The capabilities of a POS retail management software are not limited to just handling inventory and billing. It also supports store managers in staff scheduling, timekeeping, analyzing sales and much more. By automating administrative tasks, it saves time and empowers business owners to focus on improving business growth.

The ERP’s streamlined functionalities also allow users to monitor all business processes from a single platform and access business reports in real time. This helps in gaining actionable insights for more informed decision making.

Fast Product Delivery and Quick Returns Processing

Retailers are expected to deliver orders with speed and accuracy. Online retail software systems assist businesses in achieving this. Our automated systems reduce manual interventions and human errors, saving time, controlling costs, and making all processes more efficient.

The systems are also equipped with multiple support tools and alert mechanisms that notify users about stock levels and enable them to proactively handle deficiencies. Together, these leave no room for delay, allowing quicker delivery and returns processing.

Effective Gift Cards & Loyalty Point Tracking

Gift cards and loyalty programs are proven methods of customer retention and acquisition. These strategies help businesses increase their returning visitors, satisfy customers and minimize their switching over to competitors, leading to acceleration in revenue growth and faster ROI.

Our robust retail management software systems contain smart gift cards and loyalty point trackers that could meticulously capture every customer record and help businesses impose effective control on them.

Accurate, VAT- Enabled Billing

Invoice generation becomes easy and effortless with a cloud-based retail POS software. Our robust systems automate discounts and complex VAT calculations. This leads to fast and error free-billing which subsequently reduces the in-store queues and waiting time for customers.

A single online retail management software solution could be deployed for the entire retail chain, irrespective of the locations of stores. The stored data could be used across the departments to manage all finances from a central office.

Easy Sale and Discount Management

Sale and discounts largely influence customers buying preferences. If managed effectively, they have the potential to increase customers’ urge to shop more. Our retail chain management software systems make this achievable and easy.

With a strong grasp on pricing and promotions offered at multiple store outlets, the system empowers retailers to design strategic schemes that could earn adequate margins even in the face of price discounts.

ERP software is most effective when it matches and is tailored to the organization’s needs. Focus Softnet designs fully customizable systems to provide businesses with customizable solutions. These are the best retail software applications that include integrated tools to maximize operational outputs and improve business profits.

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