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Focus i is an advanced ERP and the top performing cloud-based accounting software in UAE. It is a fully compliant VAT ready system, specifically developed for businesses operating in the United Arab Emirates.

Apart from functioning as a full-fledged ERP accounting software solution, Focus i is also equipped with a state-of-the-art business intelligence module that would help you get a 360-degree view across all business departments, integrate data, generate reports and analyze KPIs with ease.

Focus i is provided by Focus Softnet, an accredited VAT accounting software provider in UAE and a reputed developer of smart business solutions for all major industries.

BI Powered Features and Modules

Accounting Software in UAE

Finance Management

Automated and VAT compliant

Focus i features a robust finance management module that replaces manual accounting methods with automated processes. The business accounting software has customizable features and can adapt to your business without any hassle.

Accounting Software in UAE

Real Time Data-Sync

No duplications or data silos

The online accounting software synchronizes data in real-time so that you would always have up-to-date information about each operation, its every stage and current status. The information sync also prevents data duplications and data silos.

Accounting Software in UAE

Inventory Management

Integrated with finance

Focus i is equipped with a powerful inventory management module loaded with comprehensive warehouse management features such as storage space optimization, expiry date tracking and overall stock tracking based on aisle, location and rack. The module is integrated with finance through the accounting software system.

Accounting Software in UAE

Payroll And Human Resource Management

Do away with manual processes

Known as the best accounting software, Focus i also helps you manage human resources by automating redundant tasks and eliminating manual processes. Most importantly, it allows you to automate payroll computation with no human dependencies, therefore free from human errors.

Accounting Software in UAE

Fixed Assets Management

Automated revaluation of assets

Focus i helps you track all your fixed assets, manage asset transfers and re-evaluate and repair assets as needed. It also supports you in asset disposal and retirement process while noting all the financial details and providing you with complete overview through insightful reports.

Accounting Software in UAE

Production and Planning

Simplified manufacturing processes

If you own a manufacturing plant or factory, Focus i helps you in planning production, based on forecasts that the system generates from historical data. It would also assist you throughout the entire production process, improving overall production quality.

Accounting Software in UAE

Material Requirement Planning

Get raw materials in the right quantity

Apart from functioning as a customized accounting software, Focus i also assists you in material requirement planning, which is an important part of manufacturing process. It helps you manage supplier contracts, analyze quotations, lead time and overall material requirement for planned orders.

Accounting Software in UAE

Supply Chain Management

Transcend boundaries to expand your business

The ERP is equipped with an adept supply chain management module which allows you to define your procurement processes and sales flow. This module tracks the supply chain, maintain records of distributors for quick and easy contact.

Accounting Software in UAE

Determine Cost

Accurately plan and execute projects

Focus i functions as a one-stop ERP solution for businesses that work on different projects. Use the business software to estimate project costs, check the status of each project, generate project wise reports, monitor material shortfall and more.

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Artificial intelligence in accounting – Integrate AIFA with Focus i

Artificial intelligence in accounting has transformed finance management and has made it more accurate and easily accessible. Boost your accounting processes with the best AI accounting software on cloud. Use AIFA’s (Artificially Intelligent Futuristic Applications) chatbots and predictive analytics to access data instantly.

Benefits and Advantages of Deploying Focus i

BI Powered Reporting

Integrated reporting for all modules

Focus i is equipped with a powerful BI engine which helps you generate multiple reports. The module extracts relevant information from the centralized database, analyzes it using the slice and dice method, monitors KPIs and generates reports in the format you desire.

Mobile Ready

With security mechanisms

Focus i is one of the top accounting software used in UAE. This mobile-ready system allows secured access via any device with internet connection. This eliminates limitations on data accessibility and allows you to view or modify information and make timely decisions even when you are not in office.

User Defined Roles

Equipped with customized dashboards

Focus i allows you to assign each user a specific role so that they have access only to relevant information. The system also enables you to create user-specific dashboards to enhance productivity and provide you with more control over data.

Customized Alerts

User-defined notifications

The ERP software include features that allows you to set predefined alerts and notifications. For example, if you want to be alerted every time your inventory is running short on certain products, Focus i would do it for you.

Comprehensive Features

Integrated with multiple modules

All the Focus i modules are integrated to provide you with a smooth platform that enables you to manage business operations seamlessly. Use the system to combine reports from multiple departments, through their respective modules, without having to resort to separate reporting tools.

Focus i ERP Software: Modules

Drive Your Business With A BI Powered and FTA Approved ERP

Focus i is among the most used accounting software in UAE, thanks to its customization capabilities and easy to use UI. Along with simplified configuration, the fact that it is quickly deployable has also contributed to its reputation as the best accounting software in UAE for VAT.

Focus Softnet is a trusted accounting software company in UAE and a provider of industry-specific ERP systems with personalized features and integrated modules on cloud. Since the last quarter of a century, it has been helping businesses drive growth through its smart ERP systems and CRM solutions.

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