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CAFM Software UAE

Centra CAFM (Computer-Aided Facility Management) is an intelligently designed and most trusted asset management software in UAE. This SaaS based software is powered by business intelligence to help property owners and managers effortlessly deal with multifaceted real estate assets.

Hosted on cloud, our facility management software helps you access property data, plan spaces, schedule repairs or maintenance and other business information on-the-go, through a single system, allowing you to monitor data with ease and improve habitability of buildings.

Modern Features of Integrated CAFM Software in UAE and PPM Capabilities

Facility Management Software UAE

Centralized Database

Structure and maintain business data

Centra CAFM is a powerful asset maintenance management software that records all information related to repair and maintenance work carried out in all the property units, on a single integrated database, enabling process standardization and to ensure all assets have a better performance and prolonged life.

Facility Management Software UAE

Support Change

Hassle-free information sharing

The real-estate management solution supports all business processes and helps you analyze, plan and allocate resources effectively. Unlike traditional systems, it allows process customization. This customization would allow you to alter and modify workflows and align your workforce with the changes.

Facility Management Software UAE

Easy Governance

More visibility into processes

Operational visibility and real-time insights are key to identifying business improvements and cost-saving opportunities. Centra CAFM software keeps track of warranties, services undertaken, parts replaced, their quantities and so on to let you gain a better understanding of the maintenance performed and plan for the future.

Facility Management Software UAE

Service Ticketing

Powerful helpdesk tool

The facility asset management software enables users to manage reactive maintenance requests through SLAs. The easy-to-use application has calendar-based UI to effortlessly create and maintain preventative maintenance schedules. It gives you total control on resources and facilitates quick allocation of tasks. Being automated, it also reduces response time and rectifications.

Facility Management Software UAE

Easy Location Tracking

Floor plans and space management

The CAFM software stores all property related information such as construction project progress, floorplans and other details. The system displays this information to provide a superior view of room dimensions or exact flat locations to the tenants or buyers, making easier for them to choose.

Facility Management Software UAE

User-Friendly UI

Intuitive and customizable dashboards

Centra CAFM is an intuitive and easy-to-configure solution that helps you optimize the workflow and track all facility maintenance processes. Its customizable dashboard enables you to add or remove features to keep you always informed with the latest and most relevant updates.

Facility Management Software UAE

Efficient Tracking

Total maintenance management

Centra CAFM is an efficient building maintenance management software to help you track the planned preventive maintenance requirements of your real estate assets in single and multiple locations. It auto-records maintenance strategies, scheduling, contracts, work in progress and other processes along with their follow-ups.

Facility Management Software UAE

Real Estate Assets

Sales and leasing of properties

Another aspect of the CAFM software is to examine every facet of property in order to enhance the commercial value and usage of these real estate assets. From daily maintenance operations like cleaning, repair, etc., to long-term lease management, the system includes industry-grade tools to handle these in the best possible way.

Facility Management Software UAE

Business Automation

Effective data management tools

Centra CAFM stores all operational data on cloud. The system then reuses this existing information to provide a superior predictive analysis and help you in making better business decisions. This robust solution has a user-friendly interface with options to customize and tailor the application as needed.

Facility Management Software UAE Facility Management Software UAE

AI based facility management software - Integrate AIFA with Centra CAFM

Artificially Intelligent Futuristic Applications – AIFA is Focus Softnet’s custom built AI platform with enhanced tools for robotic process automation, chatbots, predictive analytics and face recognition. Use our AI based facility management software to power your services with automation, error-free processes and ever-ready, all-seeing reporting structure to ensure efficient functioning of all facilities.

Benefits of Deploying the Best Facility Management Software in UAE

Document Management

Ensure data backup in a secured database

The cloud-based CAFM system stores volumes of business data without duplications. Additionally, the software allows this information to be backed up through its data recovery feature, ensuring that no data is lost even if the system suffers a breakdown. The system also includes multi-layered security to enable utmost data safety.

Multiple Module System

Monitor and manage all operations

Centra CAFM software is equipped with modules that are capable to track, manage and monitor every operation functioning in different departments of your real-estate organization. Use these to define processes, measure efficiency and reduce anomalies in order to execute these operations efficiently.

Real-Time Reporting

Visualize information and define workflows

A key strength of our CAFM software is its ability to create multiple reports from data sourced under different scenarios. It allows you to compare these reports and find the most viable solution to support your business in imparting control, manage work orders and manage the budget.

User-Friendly Dashboard

Easy access and better control

Often, it is the usability of software that decides its performance. The user-friendly dashboard of Centra CAFM allows easy monitoring and controlling of your business operations. Thus, the system proves to be a valuable help in upgrading the operational quality of your business through the timely delivery and accessibility of information.

Fast Deployment

Industry-ready template to minimize customization

Centra CAFM solution is designed with industry-specific features to ensure that it is able to manage all the departments operating in your real estate business. As it is primed for the industry, it eliminates the need for software customization, reducing the deployment time considerably.

VAT-Ready System

Auto-calculate tax for each invoice

Our CAFM software allows you to auto-calculate and generate VAT-compliant invoices. You simply need to enter the prices of your real-estate assets into the system and it would compute the data in compliance with VAT regulations. These outputs are error-free, the process is easy and free from any hassles.

Multilingual Support

Available in both English and Arabic

Language is no longer a barrier with our multilingual support available to Centra CAFM. We offer support in English as universal language and in Arabic as widely spoken native language in UAE. The system also covers all functional requirements to make facility management a breeze.

CAFM Software: Modules

Explore the Unmatched Capabilities of Centra CAFM!

Technology advancement is evolving the way facilities are managed by real estate firms. It is now more structured and regulated, leaving no room for human errors. This is brought by Centra CAFM.

With its strong capabilities, the system has established itself as the most favored building maintenance software in UAE. The SaaS based software is used by major real estate companies to optimize maintenance planning, business operations and space management while and improve productivity.

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