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Centra AUTO is a full-fledged VAT-ready dealer management system customized for automotive sales, garage management and rentals/leasing in UAE. It is a cloud hosted CRM software with powerful features to manage leads and opportunities.

In addition to sales and dealership management modules, the SaaS based system includes an integrated garage management software that is designed to automate operations at your workshop, increase productivity and streamline workflows.

Centra AUTO also includes comprehensive features to manage vehicle rentals and leasing, with complete process automation and advanced BI powered reporting capabilities.

The #1 DMS Software in UAE for Auto Sales, Rentals and Garage Management

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Leads and Opportunity Management

Complete sales lifecycle management

With the car dealer CRM, you can manage all stages of sales lifecycle including acquisition of leads, tracking, supplying and estimation. You can also bring efficiency in managing the inventory, quotations and track authorizations as well as calendars along with other activities.

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Test Drive and Vehicle Selection

Maximum conversions and minimum drops

Managing test drives can be cumbersome. However, with the best DMS software in UAE, you would have an automated vehicle log with test drive details that would include features to track the documents related to test drive, fines and violations.

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Finalization, Invoicing and Allocation

Seamless movement through all stages of sales

The easy-to-use dealer management system software would assist you at every step of the sales process. During the finalization stages, the system would help in handling the authorizations for negotiation and discounts. It would also aid you in allocation of the chassis number of the vehicle.

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Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI)

Deliver satisfaction to customers

The top dealer management software in UAE would also assist you in taking care of important details in the final stages of each sale, such as PDI checklists, delivery checklists, due date tracking and gauging the overall satisfaction of the customer, for business growth analysis.

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Garage Management - Servicing, Accidents, and Repairs

Garage Management Software

Designed to assist in workshop operations

Eliminate chaos at your workshop/garage and introduce streamlining and organization in operations. Automate job requests, estimations to generate job cards. Schedule planned preventive maintenance and regular maintenance as per the inflow of vehicles for servicing and repairs.

Spare Parts Management

Optimize your garage inventory

The car garage management software enables you to maintain a balanced inventory and helps in managing spare parts efficiently. Manage stock, parts replacement and requisition and ensure that your storage space is put to optimum utilization with no over-stocking or under-stocking.

Automated Billing

Estimation, invoicing and insurance 

The online garage management system would estimate costs, generate quotations and automate the entire approval process, reducing manual dependencies that may slow down billing and invoicing.

Warranties and Claims

Keep track of every document

Centra AUTO is the best dealer management software in UAE. Apart from automating daily operations, it would also assist you in keeping a track of regular and extended warranty programs. You would have an easier time in managing claims and warranty reimbursements with Centra AUTO.

Car Rentals and Leasing Management

Car Rentals Simplified

Lease agreement management

Centra AUTO is also one of the most preferred car rental software in UAE. Whether it is rental reservations, long term leases, contracts or terminations and returns, the dealer management system would provide you with streamlined processes to increase revenue.

Easy Checkout

Automated billing

Simplify billing to improve customer satisfaction and ease transactions with Centra AUTO. Our DMS would take care of the entire checkout procedure including car delivery process, management of cash and credit and integrating the financials with an existing ERP solution.

Termination and Renewal

Smart alerts and notifications

Manage the terminations and renewals of all rentals with Centra AUTO’s advanced tracking features. Monitor agreement expiry dates, extensions, early returns, terminations and renewals right from the dashboard.

Violations and Accidents

Automated records and charges

Ensure that all agreements and incidents related breaches are documented and that applicable protocols are followed with minimal manual intervention and no human confrontations. Centra AUTO’s 360-degree tracking would ensure that agreements and records are maintained without errors and duplications.

Centra AUTO Software: Modules

Speed Up Your Sales and Operations with Centra Auto

CentraHub is a reputed automotive management software provider and has deployed Centra AUTO for numerous businesses that deal in major automotive brands. It is among the most trusted CRM vendors and DMS software providers in UAE and has also won awards for its smart business solutions.

Centra AUTO is an automated, fully flexible and easily deployable dealership management system. As your business grows, its scalability will allow you to add new modules and features to the system.

The SaaS based DMS software combines features of sales, dealership, garage management and rental & lease management in a single platform. It is easy to use and can be customized to suit your business needs.

Centra AUTO enables you to automate redundant tasks so that you can concentrate on things that matter most, such as customer engagement and business strategy. With its insightful BI powered reports, you can take data-backed timely decisions for business growth.

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