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Focus 9 is one of the most preferred ERP software in UAE. The state-of-the-art enterprise resource planning software is powered by an advanced AI and in-memory computing. It is available on Cloud and as an on-premise ERP.

As one of the most advanced ERP solutions, Focus 9 combines standard business practices with modern business approaches and technology, enabling users to streamline operations, track resources and maintain data with ease.

Focus 9 is the flagship solution by Focus Softnet, one of the most reputed ERP companies in UAE.

VAT-Ready and FTA Approved ERP Software Solution

The cloud ERP is system is VAT compliant, particularly for sales and accounting. It allows users to automate return-filing and simplifies the whole process by eliminating manual data entry.

Top-Notch ERP Solution Features For Business Breakthrough

ERP Software UAE


Scale-up as the business grows

Focus 9 ERP software is strategically designed and developed to enable users to scale up the system as their business grows. Its modular structure, unlimited masters, tags and powerful application programming interface (API) lets businesses expand the ERP to cover all operations.

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Bringing business to fingertips, literally!

Our top ERP software system is now available right in your pocket. You can access business data and monitor operations on your mobile devices. Get information in real-time and define role-specific access of functionalities for on-field personnel such as sales teams.

ERP Software UAE

Governance and Efficiency

Define hierarchies and navigate all processes with ease

Make operations smoother with Focus 9 ERP software and define unlimited approval trees, hierarchies and unified processes. With our ERP system, you would not face any functional complexities as the solution is equipped with an interactive home screen, easy-to-use UI and user-specific dashboards.

ERP Software UAE

Advanced Budgeting

Simulate financial plans

Focus 9 is primed with advanced budgeting features including a powerful calculation engine to facilitate instant financial planning and reporting. You would be able to simulate budgets and get insights as to how the financials would play out over the year’s course.

ERP Software UAE

Quotation Analysis

Ensuring you get the best deal

Focus 9 ERP would also help you decide which vendor would be the best for your company. Feed the ERP with quotation details of all vendors and it would automatically record, analyze and track all of them and suggest the most viable option to you.

ERP Software UAE

Statutory Compliance

Track, monitor and stay updated

Focus Softnet is one of the most active ERP software companies in UAE that would help you ensure compliance with regional laws and other statutory requirements. It would also help you track, update and monitor compliance issues and provide you with actionable insights.

ERP Software UAE

Customer Portal

For more effective communication

Enable your customers to easily connect with you through a smart online portal and simplify the raising of support tickets. Integrate the customer portal with the ERP, provide self-service options and substantially reduce support costs.

ERP Software UAE

In-Memory Computing

Data processing delays are a thing of past

Focus 9 runs on the Pronghorn server. With supersonic data processing speed, the ERP software enables users to access information and reports without delay. The integrated data management system lowers complexity and aids significantly in timely decision making through instant insights.

ERP Software UAE

Hybrid Database

On-disk and in-memory data storage features

Focus 9 is supported with both on-disk and in-memory data storage features, enabling it to store massive data and run queries with exhilarating speed. The ERP solution has a three-tier system with a multimode environment that allows quick data movement.

ERP Software UAE

Industry-Ready Templates

Reduce deployment time and get custom features

Focus 9’s industry-ready templates not only speed up the pace of deployment but also reduce the IT costs that your company would have incurred for customizations. These templates contain comprehensive features to support industry-specific requirements and can be further tailored to suit additional processes.

ERP Software UAE

Thin Client

Access and log in to ERP from any browser

Access to Focus 9 is not limited to heavy applications that require desktops and computers. Users can log in to the ERP system through any browser as Focus 9 runs on a thin client. This ease of access does not reduce the complex layers of security the ERP is protected with.

erp third party integrations erp third party integrations

ERP with AI – Integrate AIFA with Focus 9

AIFA – Artificially Intelligent Futuristic Applications is an advanced AI platform built by Focus Softnet. It is equipped with next-gen tools such as robotic process automation, chatbots, predictive analytics and face recognition. Integrated with business applications, it can be deployed and used as an AI for ERP, providing you with valuable insights for timely decision making and process automation.

The Many Benefits Of Deploying The Top ERP Software In UAE

Advanced Report Writer

Graphically rich UI for insightful reports

Focus 9 runs on advanced artificial intelligence that provides reliable business intelligence to its users. The BI module is capable of generating powerful reports with deep insights and rich UI. The reporting features include standard templates as well as user-defined templates.

Optimum Security

Data security that does not hinder ease of access

Equipped with enhanced security options to ensure data safety, the ERP solution ensures that authorized access to data does not face any hindrance despite the strong security. The solution is pre-equipped with Single Sign-On (SSO) mechanism for a convenient single login to all its applications.

User-Defined Syncing

Data sync based on users' convenience

Users can initiate data synchronization as per their convenience and schedule it to ensure regular data sync at a time of their choosing. This would help in preventing data duplication and formation of data silos.

Business Intelligence

Powerful BI engine

Focus 9’s Business Intelligence module powers and covers all its modules and allows you to gain insights in every project. Armed with the ERP software’s BI analytics, you would be able to generate demand projections, analyze customer behavior and buying preferences.

Document Version Tracking

Eliminate the fear of losing document revisions

Synchronize, edit and refine each document effortlessly, without fear of losing its earlier versions. The document version tracking function of the ERP software would record each edit to the document along with the time and user who did the editing.

Dynamic Workflow Management

Define workflows for various operations

Users can streamline workflow management by defining parameters, KPIs and establish loophole-free hierarchies. The ERP solution has multiple authorization flow definitions for masters/transactions to ensure no project remains stagnant. Users can also create unlimited master types for further customization.

Data Import/Export Facility

Data in desirable format

One of the most important and defining features of Focus 9 is that it enhances data accessibility, allowing users to import and export data in any format. This results in significant saving of man hours and resources and also makes data processing simpler.

Industry-Specific Processes

Define processes in each module

Focus 9 is the best suited ERP software for companies with industry-specific requirements. Users can define the processes relevant to the industry in which their business operates. Since Focus 9 already comes loaded with industry-ready templates, it would not require much time to set up tailored workflows.

Email/SMS/Mobile Apps Integration

To track operations on-the-go

The integration friendly architecture of Focus 9 ERP software not only allows users to integrate their email and mobile devices with the ERP system, but also simplifies the process and eliminates complexities. Users can track operations on-the-go with mobile integration and real-time sync and access data wherever they are.

KPI Definition And Smart Data Analyzer

Monitor business performance

Define key performance indicators for every department and operation. Generate reports to monitor KPIs, track progress and keep an eye on all processes. Monitor overall business performance of every unit with Focus 9.

Multi-Lingual Support

Available in English and Arabic

Taking into view the local considerations, Focus 9, the best ERP in UAE, is available in Arabic apart from English. Its multi-lingual support has proved vital in many areas owing to the usage of Arabic as a primary language in UAE.

Quick And Easily Deployable

Gets processes up and running in no time

As a Cloud hosted ERP software, the time taken for Focus 9’s deployment is considerably lesser than other traditional ERP systems. With Focus Softnet’s team of expert and experienced consultants, you would have a far easier time in determining the modules required for smooth functioning.

User-Specific Dashboards

For easy navigation and controlled access

With Focus 9, business owners and managers can enable users to work smarter by providing them with user-specific dashboards. These dashboards could be customized to show info-panels relevant to each user and have features for alerts and notifications.

Focus 9 ERP Software: Modules

Witness Focus 9's Capabilities First-Hand!

Since the time it was launched at GITEX 2018, Focus 9 has successfully earned the reputation of being one of the best ERP software in UAE.

The level of customization that Focus 9 has introduced, along with its advanced features has made it the most preferred enterprise resource planning software, winning clients across all major industries, including manufacturing, retail, warehousing, real estate, distribution, trade and services.

Focus 9 is fully compliant with VAT. It eliminates errors in accounting, brings automation in sales, optimizes the inventory and simplifies complex processes. Being a scalable and fully customizable business application, it is ideal for small businesses as well as enterprises and large business establishments.

To discuss your business challenges, opt for a free consultation from our product experts by sharing your details in the form.

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Focus 9 ERP Software
Focus 9 ERP Software
Focus 9 ERP Software
Focus 9 ERP Software

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