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top hr software in uae

Align your workforce with business goals and enrich your organization with an automated, state-of-the-art human capital management software. Centra HCM is the most preferred and top performing HR software in UAE with power-packed features and custom modules.

The integration-friendly cloud based human resource management software is loaded with features to automate complex HR tasks, reduce human dependencies and provide insights to transform your employees into a dynamic and energetic workforce.

Centra HCM allows quick deployment and integration with your existing ERP with minimal downtime during deployment and quick ROI after you start using it. Its user-friendly interface combined with quick access options make it the #1 HR and payroll software in UAE.

Cloud Hosted HR Software with Dynamic Features

HR Software UAE

Organization Tree

Set up powerful workflows

The HRMS software system helps you set up powerful workflows and build an organization tree with multiple hierarchies. Our HCM software allows you to auto-populate your organization structure, view departments in a multi-level format and generate cross departmental reports to have greater control over operations.

HR Software UAE

Recruitment and Onboarding

Simplify the hiring process

Build the best recruitment process and onboard employees with ease. Our HR software enables you to simplify complex screening processes and initiate automation in all levels of recruitment to onboard employees in an orderly manner.

HR Software UAE


Train your employees and monitor their progress

The HR system helps create training schedules. Whether the sessions are to be conducted live or on the web/online, Centra HCM could be used to prepare multiple training modules for specific batches and groups with test structures.

HR Software UAE

Workforce Management

Control every aspect of operations

Use Centra HCM to control every aspect of operations at each level. Get department-wise comprehensive reports and overall view of all activities. The HR software is equipped with modules related to workflows and authorizations to monitor the execution of tasks.

HR Software UAE

Attendance Management

Automated timesheets

The HR & payroll software is best suited for businesses in UAE as it brings automation in all aspects of HR management, especially attendance, logins, logouts and time sheet management. The HR system also integrates payroll with time sheets and leaves.

HR Software UAE

Quick and Easy Payroll

Eliminate errors in payroll computation

Does your HR department face payroll computation chaos every month-end? Centra HCM, the best HR management software automates all aspects of the payroll calculating process such as deductions, leaves, PF, etc. It allows you to define multiple dimensions based on which the payroll is auto-computed.

HR Software UAE


Plan and implement tag specific budgets

The top performing HR software solution in UAE not only takes care of the management aspects of human resource, it also helps you plan the recruitment budget of your organization, based on departments, positions, locations and projects using tags.

HR Software UAE

Performance and Appraisals

Grow your workforce from within

Centra HCM’s workflow management and monitoring tools empower you with the right insights and data to can elevate your employee experience to the next level. Initiate appraisals through comprehensive performance reviews and automated reports to grow your workforce from within.

hcm software third party integrations hcm software third party integrations

Artificial intelligence in HR – Integrate AIFA with Centra HCM

Introduce artificial intelligence in HR! Deploy Focus Softnet’s next-gen AI platform AIFA – Artificially Intelligent Futuristic Applications. Our AI based HR solutions would help you reduce manual processes in attendance through face recognition logins, minimize iteration and streamline workflows through predictive analytics and engage more effectively with employees via chatbots. Register for a demo now!

Customizable HRMS Software System with Practical Benefits

Comprehensive HR Lifecycle Management

Encompassing all HR aspects

Right from recruitment and screening to onboarding and assignment of tasks, Centra HCM leaves no stone unturned to provide you with a robust set of tools for managing your workforce with ease. It covers all aspects of the HR lifecycle and helps automate tasks.

Employee Self Service

ESS with simplified UI

Centra HCM is also equipped with an all-encompassing ESS (employee self-service) portal through which it enables your employees to check their details such as logins, log outs, leave balance, time sheets and so on.

Regional Taxation Management

Achieve statutory compliance

Centra HCM allows you to manage payroll in single as well as multiple currencies. It also helps you navigate regional tax regulations in payroll and achieve statutory compliance.

Manage HR of Multiple Dimensions

HR for multiple companies and locations

Whether you managing employees at a single office or the workforce of an entire organization at multiple locations, Centra HCM aids you with unified modules to enable you to integrate all operations, including payroll and manage them with ease.

Total Integration

With third-party applications

Centra HCM facilitates integration with numerous third-party applications and plugins to enhance your experience and load the system with personalized structures specific to your organization and HR needs.


Support available in English and Arabic

The HR software is available both in English as well as Arabic. Businesses operating in UAE would find it invaluable and it would help them navigate the local regulations with ease.

Automated Reports

Quick updates for timely decisions

Whether you want to check the employee timesheet or salaries or payroll details of the entire department, Centra HCM helps you instantly access this information. It allows you to get multiple reports on your fingertips, analyze or collate data as per your requirements.

Powerful Communication Engine

For reliable inter-company communication 

Use Centra HCM to set alerts and trigger email and SMS notifications. The system’s smart communication tools help you in setting reminders for periodic actions that are required to be taken within the organization as well as for external clients.

HCM Software: Modules

Simplified Human Resource Management With Payroll Integration

CentraHub has won multiple awards for its adept and efficient deployment of its smart business solutions. It is one of the top HR software companies in UAE and is trusted by major business organizations across the Emirates and the whole Middle Eastern region.

Centra HCM is a fully automated HR management software that eliminates manual processes and ushers in efficiency and growth, something that every organization needs in today’s era of breakneck technology advancements.

Connect with us to discuss your business goals today!

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