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Manufacturing processes are often marred by complexity that undermines efficiency and creates dents in operations. Focus MRP is an advanced manufacturing ERP software designed to overcome such complexities and ensure business growth.

Focus MRP is the best suited ERP software for manufacturing hubs and production companies. Through its comprehensive and integrated modules on cloud, it helps you automate processes, reduce wastage and improve production quality and quantity.

VAT compliance - Automated return filing

The manufacturing management software is VAT compliant with features to automate return filing and make it easy. It records the value-added tax on every level with accuracy and ensures that you don’t face any complication at the time of filing your returns.

Reduce Costs with Feature-Rich Manufacturing ERP Software

Manufacturing ERP Software

Reduce Production Bottlenecks

Increase production efficiency

If your manufacturing plant is still operating with traditional methods, production bottlenecks would be something you face very often. Our production tracking software would minimize and even eliminate these bottlenecks, introduce a smooth flow and increase the output significantly.

Manufacturing ERP Software

Achieve Greater Transparency

Gain visibility across production stages

As a manufacturer, you strive to achieve transparency across your business. Focus MRP is a custom-made ERP for the manufacturing industry that unifies all operations in a single platform, providing business owners and managers with complete visibility throughout all stages of production.

Manufacturing ERP Software

Reduce Costs and Spending

Increase resource utilization

Deploying the top performing Cloud based manufacturing ERP software in UAE would make you less worried about the recurring IT costs that come with traditional on-premise ERP systems. You would also get comprehensive reports about resource usage to plug wastage.

Manufacturing ERP Software

Improve Production Quality

Fulfill customer requirements

Our manufacturing software helps you establish the right processes to improve production quality. It includes quality control module to assist you in maintaining comprehensive details related to customer requirements and ensures that all the demands are fulfilled.

Manufacturing ERP Software

Ensure On-Time Product Delivery

Eliminate production delays

Focus MRP makes on-time product deliveries completely viable. Through the integration of modules that manage customer demand, inventory and material requirement planning, the software ensures that every stage of production is aligned with deadlines and delivery schedule.

Manufacturing ERP Software

Generate Demand Forecasts

Initiate advanced production planning

Plan your production and procure the raw material in accordance with the demand forecast that Focus MRP generates for you. Rationalize production to ensure co-ordination between all activities and control costs by cutting away unwanted processes that incur expenses.

manufacturing software third party integrations manufacturing software third party integrations

Artificial intelligence in manufacturing – Integrate AIFA with Focus MRP

Boost production by introducing artificial intelligence (AI) in manufacturing. Deploy Focus Softnet’s AI platform AIFA – Artificially Intelligent Futuristic Applications and put into action powerful features such as robotic process automation and predictive analytics. Engage more effectively with customers through AIFA’s chatbots and streamline staff timesheets through face recognition.

Reap Operational Benefits with the Best ERP for the Manufacturing Industry

Material Requirement Analysis

Get timely procurement reminders

Our material requirement planning software tracks material usage, issues procurement reminders and alerts to ensure that no raw material is understocked, resulting in uninterrupted manufacturing process.

Define Production Calendars

For single as well as multiple locations

Apart from assisting you in decision-making and overall process tracking, Focus MRP has other robust features to help you manage day-to-day operations effectively. It allows you to define production calendars for multiple locations along with the required work hours to ensure timely product delivery.

Effective Workforce Management

Integrated HRM module

Our manufacturing software is equipped with a smart HRM module integrated with production tracking tools. This advanced HR management feature enables you to specify work hours and manage skill-based allocation of duties for the workforce.

Schedule Output Based on Plant Capacity

Get the most out of your resources

Not only does Focus MRP matches the requirements of multi-location plants and large-scale production companies, it is deployed as a scalable manufacturing software for small business. With Focus MRP system, all stages of production are balanced through output scheduling to match plant capacity.

Simplify Bill of Material (BOM)

With standard and custom BOM templates

Focus MRP simplifies the complex process of preparing a Bill of Material (BOM). Whether you need a BOM of a few components or of hundreds of components, use Focus MRP’s standard templates, customize them to suit your requirements or prepare a new structure.

Achieve Standard Output

With a pre-defined route in a production line

A predefined route in production line brings continuity in the whole manufacturing process. As the best ERP for manufacturing industry, Focus MRP assists you in achieving standard output by setting a defined route in production line, thus ensuring uniformity in quality and quantity.

Warehouse and Logistics Management

Organize your supply chain

Focus MRP is also equipped with comprehensive modules to manage your inventory, facilitate quick movement of products, enable error-free shipments and effective administration of the supply chain.

Focus MRP ERP Software: Modules

It’s Your Turn Now!

Deploy the most preferred MRP software system in UAE and it won’t be long before you witness a total transformation at your manufacturing plant.

With features that are tailored specifically to UAE’s manufacturing industry, Focus MRP helps you achieve maximum output with minimum resources and have a 360-degree view across your business. Get accurate business intelligence and insightful reports on an easy-to-navigate, fully customizable and unified platform.

Focus Softnet has proven its expertise in deploying multi-capability ERP solutions across different industries, for enterprises, large scale companies and small/medium scale establishments.

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