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Focus POS is a cloud-based and one of the top performing POS systems in UAE. It is a full-fledged retail management software with modules that cover every aspect of retail stores and custom made for businesses operating in the United Arab Emirates.

The retail POS system is ideal for single and multi-location stores in UAE and can be integrated with third party systems for smooth operations. With advanced modules for billing, finance and inventory management, it is one of the most popular POS software with VAT features and automated options to file returns.

UAE's #1 POS Software with Comprehensive Retail Management Features

POS System UAE

Finance Management

Seamless and secure transactions

Whether you own a single location store or a multi-location retail chain, Focus POS seamlessly integrates your finances and provides you with a total overview and options to process transactions from a single, unified platform.

POS System UAE

Inventory Management

With automated restocking

By deploying Focus POS at your retail business, you would never run the risk of having an imbalanced inventory. The integrated retail point of sale software would help you initiate restocking to meet consumer demand, and also facilitate stock movement between branches.

POS System UAE

Sales Management

Monitor every stage of sales

Whether they are walk-in sales, phone orders or pre-orders, the POS system solution enables you to monitor every aspect and stage of sales, right from the moment the customer walks in or calls with an order, to the time of delivery and billing.

POS System UAE


User-specific and customized info panels

Focus POS is equipped with powerful dashboards whose info-panels can be customized based on user roles. The dashboards allow you to get real time information about stock and sales and help you determine which items in which part of the shop need replenishment.

POS System UAE


Fulfill big orders with ease

Make your retail store the most preferred hub for party orders and huge quantity pre-orders. Use Focus POS to control all pre-orders, manage collection from different outlets and provide your customers with easy payment options such as payment at different outlets as well as cancellation options.

POS System UAE

Customer Tracking

Give the customers what they want

Track your customers and provide them with personalized discounts to improve loyalty. With a configurable member module, you would be able to know your customers, record their information and define points based on the member type.

POS System UAE

Kitting and De-Kitting

Improve product movement

The top performing cloud POS software in UAE also provides you with options to define kitting of products with specific pricing for each type and category. You can assign each kit its own barcode, enable schemes for them and monitor which kits are performing well.

POS System UAE

Discount Management

Give customer-specific discounts

End the usual complexities that surround discounts! Enable time/day specific discounts, discounts based on items, bills, payment modes and other criteria which you can define and control. The discount management module is fully integrated with the stock and finance management module.

POS System UAE

Schemes & Memberships

Introduce and manage loyalty programs

Attract customers with loyalty programs! Manage schemes based on bills, items, cumulative bills and products. With our best POS software, you can also initiate membership rewards by defining a points system that would be integrated with discounts and sales modules.

focus pos third party integrations focus pos third party integrations

Artificial intelligence in retail– Integrate AIFA with Focus POS

Empower your store by using artificial intelligence in retail operations. Deploy AIFA – Artificially Intelligent Futuristic Applications with its comprehensive and advanced features like robotic process automation (RPA), chatbots, predictive analytics and face recognition. By using our AI based POS, you can generate powerful reports and identify loyal customers to target them with customized discounts.

The Best POS Software in UAE with Functional and Business Benefits

Raise Performance

Improve store productivity

Focus POS would increase your store’s profitability by raising performance and productivity. You can better monitor and understand customer needs with its personalized and synchronized options, thereby allowing you to balance consumer demand with the right products.

Quickly Deployable POS

Easy to scale solution

Our POS software is quickly deployable and is hosted on Cloud. With Focus POS, you won’t have to worry about prolonged deployment that would hamper operations. It could be scaled up easily as your business expands and integrated with a number of ERP applications.

Quick Billing POS

Customized pricing

Don’t want to frustrate your customers with long queues at billing? The quick POS system in our retail management software would help you achieve customer satisfaction with quick, accurate and secure transactions. You can also manage multiple outlets with customized pricing.

Multi-lingual and Multi-Currency Support

POS in English and Arabic

Focus POS is a multilingual retail management solution, available in English as well as Arabic, to facilitate UAE’s local demographics. It also supports multiple currencies, empowering you to initiate transactions and make the payment options easier for customers.

Data sync

Get data from multiple outlets

The point of sale solution offers total data integration. It is capable of collecting data from multiple retail outlets, assimilating it and integrating it for a 360-degree view. The data-sync is conducted in real time and is vital in monitoring customer behaviour and purchases.

Face Recognition AI

Integrate with AIFA

Focus POS could be integrated with AIFA, Focus Softnet’s AI platform. AIFA would help you identify loyal customers the moment they step into your store, alert salesmen and managers with customers details so that they can be attended to.

Focus POS Software: Modules

Transform Your Retail Store With Focus POS

Focus Softnet is known as one of the most relied upon POS software company in UAE. Apart from excelling in providing vertical specific retail management systems for major business outlets, it has also deployed ERP and CRM solutions across all industries for enterprises and SMEs.

Focus POS is capable of streamlining your retail store and increasing its productivity through its refined, tried & tested processes.

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