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Centra REMS is UAE’s top-performing cloud-based real estate software. It is specifically designed for real estate businesses, construction companies and individuals who own property. Functioning as an easy-to-use real estate CRM software, Centra REMS is fully aligned with the property management requirements.

The SaaS based PMS system is equipped with advanced features for managing property sales, leasing, facility management and owner’s association through customizable dashboards. It is web-based, thin-client solution that is ready to be integrated with API kits. It complies with the VAT regulations and is suited for real estate businesses operating in the UAE.

Centra REMS is robust, agile and adaptive to your unique requirements. It’s provider CentraHub is a subsidiary of Focus Softnet with 100+ man-years of management experience. It is mobile-ready, easy-to-use and quick deployable.

State-of-the-Art Real Estate Software Tools and Customizable Features

Property Management Software

Property Units

Allocation, cancellation, and reservation

The real estate management software is equipped with advanced features to manage property units. Use the system to capture property attributes such as area, rate amount and other information related to location, view, etc. This enables you to sort and filter easily through premium units.

Property Management Software

Bookings and Registration

Ensure no bookings are duplicated

Automate all bookings and property registrations with the real estate transaction management software and have clarity about the terms of contract such as outright payments, installment or stage-based payments, agreements and other terms and conditions.

Property Management Software

Lease and Contracts Invoicing

With VAT computations

By deploying the best property management software in UAE, you won’t have to worry about tracking lease start and end dates, as the PMS system would do it for you. Based on predefined rules, the software would trigger renewals and monitor increment or decrement policies.

Property Management Software


Comprehensive tracking features

The commercial real estate software also comes loaded with features for lead and opportunity tracking, campaign management and commission calculations. Automated workflows such as approvals, unit inventory management and sales analysis would free you to engage more in strategy instead of redundant tasks.

Property Management Software

Transfer and Cancellations

Simplified unit management

Centra REMS allows you to define rules for cancellation and transfer of property units. This automated function ensures that business policies in such scenarios are adhered to, regardless of which team is handling the process.

Property Management Software

Document Management

Easily access all documents

All documents are granted secured access and control based on user roles. Centra REMS allows you to monitor previous versions of the documents, manage access or restrictions and consolidate all documents under a single view with smart-search functionalities, in a completely paper-less environment.

Property Management Software

Reports and BI

Insights and accurate data

Operating as the best suited real estate software for investors, Centra REMS provides you with a complete overview of all assets through its BI powered reports. It allows you to build and analyze multi-dimensional reports through smart tools such as color coding, KPI definitions and data visualizations.

Property Management Software

Owners Association

Online portal for tenants

Centra REMS is also equipped with an advanced owner’s association management system for web-based community management. It also has an invoicing portal that enables you to manage community events, calendars, activities and provides logins for owners, tenants as well as community managers.

property management software integrations property management software integrations

AI based real estate software - Integrate AIFA with Centra REMS

Introduce automation in your business with an AI based real estate software. AIFA (Artificially Intelligent Futuristic Applications) is Focus Softnet’s leading-edge AI platform, powered by features such as predictive analytics, chatbots and robotic process automation (RPA), AIFA can provide you with unparalleled business insights and automate operations to drive sales and complete projects on time.

Software Benefits that Would Give you a Competitive Edge in UAE's Real Estate Market

Automate Property Sales

Lease management simplified

Introduce automation in your sales processes and leasing related activities. The real estate management software is built with features to automate lead tracking, account and contact management, property selection and leasing as well as unit block and release.

Real Estate Statutory Norms Compliance

Build trust with customers

Use Centra REMS to ensure that your business follows UAE’s real estate regulatory norms and is in compliance with the regional law. The software is primed with options that would provide you with automated alerts related to impending renewals or other statutory actions.

Integrate with Legacy Financial Systems

No need to feed data manually

Integrate Centra REMS with legacy financial systems and ERP systems to initiate financial calculations, reports and other related tasks without any hassle. The integration empowers you to avoid wastage of time in manually feeding financial data into an existing system.

Integrate with Centra CAFM

For robust facility management

Centra REMS supports integration with our own computer-aided facility management software ‘Centra CAFM’. The system helps you set and manage planned preventive maintenance and service level agreements for utmost customer satisfaction resulting in business growth.

Online Login Portal

For occupants and service providers

Automate payments, SLAs and maintenance by providing a secure and easy UI login portal to occupants and service providers so that every request is created with the right information and is accessible by service personnel without delay.

Intelligent Alerts and Notifications

Proactive tools for business growth

The SaaS based property management solution ensures that you are always updated with business happenings related to your real estate assets. The system allows you to set predefined alerts for notifying you as and when there is anything that requires your attention.

REMS Software: Modules

Scalable Real Estate Software – A System That Grows Alongside Your Business

Centra REMS is one of the most business-friendly and scalable real estate software in UAE. Its modular architecture allows you to deploy specific modules as per your business needs. The PMS system unifies all operations to enable total control over business.

Functioning as a full-fledged real estate accounting software, Centra REMS has features to handle all aspects of property management as well as real estate broker software to manage sales, deals and other related activities.

It is an intuitive solution with smart tools that would help you gain competitive advantage and offer ROI in a short period. The solution is quickly deployable and easily configured to suit your business requirements.

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