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restaurant pos software for hotels

Focus e-RMS is a multi-capability restaurant management system with an in-built restaurant POS. It is custom made for hotels, restaurants and hospitality establishments located in UAE and complies with VAT regulations.

As UAE’s #1 restaurant management software, Focus e-RMS would help you modernize your establishment through its automated processes and efficiency-driving features. It is a Cloud-based POS software that provides real time data synchronization and total integration on a unified platform.

Streamline Your Restaurant with These Power-Packed Features

Restaurant Software UAE

Order Booking

Automation from step #1

Serve your customers with the efficiency of technology by taking orders on a tab or mobile instead of handwritten notes. Our restaurant software would relay these orders directly to the kitchen, eliminating time wastage and providing you with a better window to serve the order on time.

Restaurant Software UAE

Table Management

Allot tables based on customer details

Reduce waiting time for customers with the proactive table management features of our full services restaurant POS. Automatically allocate tables to customers, based on their numbers and preference. Focus e-RMS would also provide you an overview of all tables along with their occupancy status.

Restaurant Software UAE

Table Reservations

Reserve tables based on the arrival time of customers

End all complications related to table reservations by using our restaurant management software. With Focus e-RMS, you would always have data on your fingertips regarding all reservations, arrival time and so on.

Restaurant Software UAE

Pre-Orders and Take-Aways

On-time order fulfillment

Take party orders of any size, maintain an updated list of orders through our restaurant POS system and make sure that all orders are delivered on time. Manage the take-away section with the best POS system for restaurants in UAE, through seamless order delivery.

Restaurant Software UAE

Kitchen Management

Generate KOTs for faster food preparation

Organize your restaurant’s kitchen and transform it into an efficient and streamlined workspace. Automatically generate Kitchen Order Tickets (KOTs) for total control over all orders coming in. Set up kitchen operations for optimum productivity and speed with Focus e-RMS, the best cloud POS in UAE.

Restaurant Software UAE

Recipe Management

Making it easy for you to be special

Integrate kitchen operations with inventory so that you would always have the required ingredients ready. Manage recipes for normal days, prepare special recipes for special days, provide combos and prepare personalized dishes, all with Focus e-RMS, the best restaurant POS system in UAE.

Restaurant Software UAE

Schemes and Promos

Easy management of discounts

Increase customer loyalty and satisfaction by providing schemes, promos and offers. Manage all schemes and discounts from a single window and configure offers based on location, customers, orders and days.

Restaurant Software UAE

Inventory Management

Automated restocking

When it comes to inventory management and automation of restocking, Focus e-RMS is the most popular restaurant software. The restaurant management software alerts you whenever you need to restock any particular item and also aids in stock transfer from one branch to another.

Restaurant Software UAE

POS and Billing

Secure transactions

As UAE’s top restaurant POS software Focus e-RMS provides quick billing and error-free POS features. Gratify customers with seamless options to pay their bills quickly, via secure transactions. The hotel restaurant POS system is also capable of enabling multiple payment modes for restaurants across UAE.

Restaurant Software UAE

Home Delivery

With tracking and review features

Spread the fame and taste of your restaurant beyond the boundaries of your establishment through timely home deliveries of food. Track all deliveries in real time, get reviews to improve services and increase your revenue.

Restaurant Software UAE

Real-Time Data Sync

For multi-location restaurants

Focus e-RMS offers real time data integration for multi-location restaurants and hotels so that as an owner or manager, you could have a full overview of all operations from a single platform. It also provides you with communication tools to authorize approvals on the go.

Restaurant Software UAE

Mobile POS

For waiters and managers with role-specific access

Focus e-RMS is a mobile-ready restaurant software. It is hosted on Cloud and can be accessed from any device. Waiters can install its mobile app on mobile phones to take orders while managers can allocate tables, view orders from their device screens.

restaurant software third party integrations restaurant software third party integrations

AI in hospitality – Integrate AIFA with Focus e-RMS

Enhance customer experience and build efficiencies with Focus Softnet’s state-of-the-art AI for restaurants. AIFA (Artificially Intelligent Futuristic Applications) empowers you with robotic process automation (RPA), chatbots, predictive analytics and face recognition. Automate operations, generate data-backed insights and engage with customers more effectively with AIFA.

Benefits of Our Technology-Driven Restaurant Management Software

Assign Role-Based Security

Manage approvals with ease

Users in different roles can use the restaurant management software easily. Define user access based on their area of operations. Focus e-RMS is a secure POS system with authorization and approvals that you can set according to transaction requirements.

Flexible Payment Options

Please your customers with ease of payment

The restaurant POS software lets you have multiple payment options for your customers, such as cash, cards or online payments. It also integrates user coupons, schemes and offers in the POS system so that customers can encash them whenever they want to.

Generate, Scan and Print Barcodes

Move items faster for quick billing

Using barcodes is an easy and quick method for smooth billing, especially when it comes to take-aways and packaged food. You can generate your own barcodes and scan them for each dish/package being sold for smooth and quick payments.

Easy UI

Dashboards with multiple info-panels

A user interface that is easy to use and dashboards that can be quickly customized are the prominent features of Focus e-RMS. From waiters and chefs to POS counter personnel and managers, everyone would find it easy to use the restaurant software without any complications.

Easy to Deploy Software

Scalable and integrated modules

As it is hosted on cloud, Focus e-RMS would not require the usual long process of deployment needed for on-premise software. You can configure the restaurant POS systems with minimal costs and low downtime. It can be scaled up easily and integrated with existing modules.

Multi-Lingual (English and Arabic)

With utmost reliability and availability

Our restaurant management software is multi-lingual and supports both English and Arabic, keeping in view UAE’s demography. It can be relied upon for its uptime and availability for restaurant and hotel operations where being operation-ready is of utmost importance.

BI Module

With insightful reports

Focus e-RMS is equipped with a powerful BI engine for generating web-based reports and smart analysis. With our BI module, generate location-based customizable reports for staff, processes, sales comparison, time specific, MIS, inventory, purchase and more.

eRMS Software: Modules

Serve Your Customers Smartly With Focus eRMS

Focus Softnet is a trusted provider of integrated ERP systems, CRM software and industry-specific business applications in UAE. Our restaurant management software has helped many hotels and hospitality establishments achieve growth and streamline operations.

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