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warehouse management solutions

Amongst the cut-throat competition witnessed by warehouses and storage facilities, Focus WMS has emerged as one of the most widely used warehouse management systems in UAE.

By upgrading traditional warehousing processes and arming them with modern technology, the WMS system has become the go-to software for warehouses of all sizes, storage facilities, establishments dealing in logistics, retail, e-commerce storage, cargo and supply chain in UAE.

Focus WMS is a fully automated, cloud-hosted warehouse management solution with state-of-the-art mobility features which allow users to control and track every aspect of their facility with ease.

VAT ready WMS - Automated return filing

Focus WMS is a VAT ready ERP and warehouse management system with features to automate tax return filing. The sales and billing modules of Focus WMS make it easy for users to record tax and maintain details on every sale with ease.

The #1 Warehouse Management System in UAE with Custom Features

Warehouse Management System

Customizable and Scalable

Scale-up as your business grows

Cloud-based business management systems are deployed by small and medium scale warehouses, without the worry of switching to a new WMS solution when the company grows. Focus WMS is the top WMS software in UAE designed to support warehouses and storage facilities regardless of their size and scale up as and when they expand operations.

Warehouse Management System

Equipped with Advanced Technology

Navigate and overcome challenges

Focus WMS is a technically advanced and best WMS software for all types of warehouses. It is designed to end time-consuming manual practices at every level of warehouse management and replace them with automated processes. The software is also RFID-enabled for quick barcode reading.

Warehouse Management System

Demand Forecast for Balanced Inventory

Avoid inventory imbalances

Our WMS software empowers users to generate local demand forecast through its powerful BI (Business Intelligence) module. The advanced forecasting feature also helps users in standardizing and prioritizing the restocking process, based on customer demands.

Warehouse Management System

Comprehensive WMS Modules

An all-encompassing warehouse software

Users are able to streamline day-to-day operations through the powerful dashboards of Focus WMS. These dashboards allow you to set customized alerts for users and send them notifications related to any chosen process.

Warehouse Management System

Powerful and User-Specific Dashboards

Real-time warehouse monitoring

The comprehensive modules of Focus WMS provide owners with a 360-degree view over their storage facility, enabling them to gain total visibility and control across the business. The modules are seamlessly integrated to hold synchronized data and prevent duplication.

Warehouse Management System

Reduce Order Processing Time

Improve responsiveness to demand

Focus WMS is one of the most widely used WMS in UAE. The solution speeds up operations and eliminates delays in picking. With these capabilities, the system enables businesses to reduce order processing time and improve responsiveness which is a game changer in today’s era of e-commerce boom.

wms software third party integrations wms software third party integrations

AI in logistics and supply chain – Integrate AIFA with Focus WMS

Deploy AI for warehouse management by using AIFA – Artificially Intelligent Futuristic Applications, a state-of-the-art AI platform developed by Focus Softnet. Enhance your warehouse operations through AIFA’s robotic process automation and get demand forecasts through its predictive analytics. You can also use chatbots to engage with customers and face recognition for staff logins.

WMS Software with Practical Benefits

Ensure Perfect Order Fulfillment

Reduce shipping errors

Focus Softnet is among the first warehouse management providers in UAE to introduce process automation in small and medium scale warehouses along with large scale storage facilities. This new-age feature guarantees perfect order fulfillment and reduces shipping errors.

Automated Restocking

Based on-demand analysis

Focus WMS is the top inventory management software in UAE and best suited for efficient inventory management. It automates restocking based on maximum and minimum levels and eliminates manual intervention that more often results in overstocking or understocking of inventory.

Complete Inventory Management Tools

Control every aspect of restocking

Focus WMS has features to maintain barcodes, pallet IDs, batch numbers and expiry dates. The warehouse management solution allows users to have an easy access to the inventory information and track it by aisle, location, rack and bin.

Advanced Tracking Mechanism

Make optimum use of all resources

Focus WMS ensures that every resource and all space at the warehouse is put to optimum utilization. The system includes automated features to track and manage resources and its performance in real time.

Apt for Single And Multi-Location Warehouses

One software for all storage facilities

Our WMS solution is apt for both single and multi-location warehouses. It allows single location warehouses to choose the modules they want to deploy and enable scale up as their business grows, without changing the software platform. The integration facilities allow users to manage multi-location warehouses with one platform.

Plan and Track Labor Resources

Ensure no labor resource is unoccupied

The warehouse control system also includes a human resource management module which tracks labor resources and plan their workflows. It allows users to manage the workforce and designate specific processes for them along with details related to time shifts as well as payroll.

Warehouse Setup

Achieve fast and efficient setup

When Focus WMS is deployed, it lets users to identify a warehouse configurator that allows them to introduce rules related to warehouse setup. The WMS system takes users through all necessary steps to ensure that every process is completely configured.

Inward Process

Control what comes in

Focus WMS lets users would easily define the inward processes at their warehouses. The warehouse management software automatically generates pallet IDs, captures complete SKU attributes such as lot and batch details along with dates of manufacturing and expiry.

Outward Process

Monitor what goes out

Focus WMS streamlines the outward process of a warehouse. It uses automated features to record customer sales orders, collect data from the same and make allocation of pick list, create delivery notes and pickup instructions based on FEFO and FIFO along with batch and lot numbers.

Quick Billing

Simplified and easy billing processes

The billing module comes integrated with the WMS system. This WMS software feature allows users to fully customize the whole billing process. It lets users define billing by storer, storage, pallet, weight, quantity or set monthly, weekly and daily billing options.

Insightful Reports

Real-time info

Focus WMS always provides users with real-time information about every operation at their warehouses. The WMS system offers a 360-degree visibility over stock details, occupancy utilization, billing and short expiry through rich-UI reports.

Focus WMS ERP Software: Modules

Focus WMS is An Answer to All Your Warehouse Problems!

Focus Softnet is one of the most trusted warehouse management solution company in UAE. It has successfully deployed warehouse management systems in UAE for many large, medium and small-sized warehouses.

Unparalleled customization and scalability features make Focus WMS software very popular among all types of warehouse and supply chain businesses.

To discuss your business challenges, opt for a free consultation from our product expert by sharing your details in the form.

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