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Centra Auto Dealership Management Software

Centra Auto is an efficient CRM software for automotive establishments, encompassing a robust DMS (Dealership Management System), applications for rentals, leasing and software for workshops and garages. It’s provided by Centra Hub, an emerging provider of industry-specific CRM solutions in USA.

By combining best industry practices with state-of-the-art technology, Centra Auto ensures ease of use for business owners. It’s a complete automobile management software that covers all major verticals of the industry, including automobile sales, rentals & leasing, workshops and garages. 

DMS for Automobile Sales

Businesses that deal in automobile sales require a robust dealership management software that can help in maintaining all records in an organized way. Centra Auto functions as a cloud based automotive sales software with which users can streamline operations by taking control right from identifying leads and opportunities to the invoicing and delivery of vehicles. With complete visibility over all the stages of sales lifecycle, acquisition, tracking, supplying and estimation; it also helps in keeping track of test drives, documentation and logs, discount and negotiation authorizations and delivery checklist.

Comprehensive Features for Automobile Workshop and Garage Management

Owners of automobile workshops and garages can enable proper workflows with Centra Auto to ensure smooth operations. The software features options such as automating booking based on an availability calendar and customer slot booking; managing job requests, estimations, periodic service maintenance (PPM) and service contracts. Owners can also use Centra Auto to manage estimation and quotation of the services, customer approvals, job card initiation, work logs and spare parts consumption, management of warranties, claims and insurance.

With additional features for inventory management, users can automate stock management, requisition management, replacement of parts, JIT and parts procurement. They can also generate invoices, receipts, gate passes and manage all aspects of vehicle delivery after servicing.

Car Rental and Leasing Management

Centra Auto is an effective CRM software for businesses dealing in car rentals and leasing. Apart from keeping track of all customer records, it also ensures compliance and provides a complete view right from rental reservations and contracts to expiry tracking and terminations, leaving is no aspect of the car rental and leasing uncovered. The solution also includes features to monitor agreement extensions, renewals, violations, toll logs, and enables users to integrate the solution with an existing ERP to manage cash and credit.

Centra Auto is a complete automobile management software for businesses dealing in automobile sales, rentals, leasing and garages. It’s a complete, one-stop solution for automobile businesses of all sizes.

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  • Sales Lifecycle Stages
  • Approval and Alert Matrix
  • Inventory and Quotation Management
  • ROI Analysis


  • Web-Based Thin Client Solutions
  • Interactive Dashboards and Reports
  • Login-based Secured Access


  • Developed on Dot Net with MS-SQL database
  • Integrates Seamlessly with The Backend ERP
  • 3 Tier System Architecture
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