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Warehouse Management Software on Cloud

Centra REMS is an all-encompassing and one of the best real estate CRM software, provided by CentraHub, a fully owned subsidiary of Focus Softnet and a leading real estate software vendor in 17 counties.

With its three comprehensive modules that guarantee a 360-degree view of all assets, leads and opportunities, the property management software is the best choice for real estate businesses.

It’s adept in maintaining accurate records of buyers and tenants while also making them easily accessible to the owners.

With Centra REMS, owners can manage all major aspects of real estate such as accounts, contacts, campaigns, leads, property units, quotations, sales orders invoicing, lease contracts and invoicing. It’s apt for real estate firms of all sizes and functions as a CRM that can be scaled up with business growth.

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As a one-stop real estate management and property management system, Centra REMS provides:

• Gain total visibility over the sales funnel, revenue, asset availability and other key metrics

• Track leads and opportunities, including options to record site visits, brokers, proposals, validities, confirmations, availability of real estate stock etc.

• Simplified agreement management and integration with popular real estate portals and platforms

Centra Owners' Association Management System is web base community management and invoicing portal that facilitates the management of community events, calendars, facilities and activities. It’s equipped with:

• Online logins for owners, tenants and community managers

• Dedicated tools for budget management, collection process and occupant management.

• Collection process with in-built alert systems for tenants and owners that check the contract expiration and payment due dates.

• Options to save comprehensive layout and the maps for building management

• Full-fledged rental property management software

• Automated Planned-Preventive-Maintenance (PPM) with inventory management

• Capture billing information based on factors like warranties, services, type of product, their quantities and parts replacements

• Requests’ management with features for request resolution and closure

• Automated notifications and alerts, triggered based on user defined preferences

• Full fledged PMS software that leaves no requirement for any other real estate application

• Smart report and analytical capabilities for 360 degree monitoring

Top Benefits

Business Benefits

Gain customer referrals and repeat customers with service efficiency

Expand your business horizon from a single location

Get complete overview of your business on a single screen

Minimize chances of loss due to human error

Enhance alertness to thaw maintenance related complaints

Function Benefits

View updated enquiries and status report

User defined follow- up reminders

Web access to upright purchase prospects and expected lease renewals

Payment reminders via e-mail or text message

Business Benefits

Developed on Dot Net with MS-SQL database

Completely browser based

Allows uploading of Property images

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