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Improve operations and increase profitability with a custom-built solution for manufacturers

Focus Softnet is paving the way for today’s manufacturers to streamline business processes and overcome the challenges of production by breaking down barriers to growth. With Focus MRP, a robust ERP software for the manufacturing industry, owners can effectively handle customer demand and respond to evolving markets.

Developed by Focus Softnet, one of the most trusted MRP software providers, Focus MRP is a one-stop AI driven ERP for manufacturing and a complete cloud MRP solution. It enables manufacturers to track, measure, and monitor their entire manufacturing business, from shop floor to top floor and from raw materials to the final product. It’s an ideal solution for manufacturing units/plants and supply-chain establishments as it combines efficiency and compliance to guarantee customer satisfaction. Right from the stage where a product is planned to the stage where it’s shipped out of storage and delivered, Focus MRP ensures that all production processes are carried out in accordance with the production plans.

Single platform for all data - Boost efficiency with real-time, actionable visibility into plant and business operations

Manufacturing plants often maintain several software and applications for various operations. This not only eats up resources but is also recipe for confusion and data duplication. Focus MRP is a comprehensive capacity planning software that eradicates the possibility of such problems by providing a set of modules that cater to all requirements of manufacturing operations. Its module for production master data is equipped with features to track and generate bills of material (BOM), GUI routing, work center capacity definitions along with other production resource tools.

Working as a process manufacturing software, Focus MRP evaluates the feasibility of production using details like raw material availability, procurement time, machine availability and capacity. It also enables users to generate a production schedule for all machines, which is carried out in an optimized fashion based on production priorities. 

MRP and Shop Floor Management Software - Reduce costs and streamline processes with Focus MRP

Material Requirement Planning or MRP plays a very crucial role in the manufacturing process. Focus Softnet’s material requirement planning software is equipped with all the necessary features to ensure efficient sourcing of raw materials in the right quantity and costs. With Focus MRP, users can generate analysis for lead time and quotation and can manage supplier contracts. The manufacturing inventory software also helps in material requirement for planned orders and forecast and planning for dependent as well as independent requirements.

The production scheduling software solution effectively minimizes bottlenecks and achieves greater transparency and operational control by increasing resource utilization, reducing costs and avoiding wastage of resources. Its integration capabilities are robust enough to be used for multi-location plants and contains features for both finite and infinite capacity planning. The MRP system can schedule output based on plant-wise capacity, achieve standard output with predefined routes in production lines, generate forecasts, completion and process-based reports and send out on-time procurement reminders.  Specific features for material requirement planning help users in analyzing lead time, quotation, management of supplier contracts and planning for dependent and independent requirements.

Focus MRP is also equipped with a robust shop floor management module that includes options to manage issues and transfers to production and variance analysis. The module also generates replenishment reports that helps users to gauge the requirement for production.

Enhanced Quality Control

The success of a manufacturing plant is hugely dependent on the quality of its products. Therefore, a powerful quality control automatically translates into better goods and improved customer satisfaction. Focus MRP’s quality control module includes features such as user-defined tests, QC requisitions, sample and total test management, test approvals and quantity breakups.

Management of Fixed Assets and Maintenance

With Focus MRP, business owners can track and manage all their fixed assets comprehensively. With features that enable users to add and remove value or components, the MRP software also allows capitalization, transfer, conversion and retirement of assets along with scheduling depreciation and generating customizable reports.

On the other hand, the maintenance module allows users to define jobs for individual machine or asset, schedule jobs, generate and track maintenance job cards and break down scheduling.

Production and Material Requirement Planning

A powerful shift management software that enables business to adapt to new manufacturing methods, changing customer requirements, and evolving business strategies

The shift management module enables users to integrate finance with inventory and enables optimum utilization of IT resources. The module also helps in updating production costs (including overhead) and integration of the plant/unit with the warehouse management for improved inventory control.

Quality control, Maintenance and Fixed Assets Management

Focus MRP’s quality control module combines features that make the solution stand out as one of the most efficient manufacturing software. Users can designate test definitions, define rules for testing, manage sample and total tests, QC requisition, test approvals and quantity breakups.

The maintenance module brings complete control of the plant to the users’ fingertips. Through the maintenance module, users can define jobs for individual machines and assets, schedule them and maintain specific job cards. Users can also use break-down scheduling to time tasks as per their requirements.

With a module specific for fixed assets, users can track and manage the plant’s assets, add or remove value of components, manage asset capitalization, transfers, conversions, depreciation and retirement. All this can be tracked through customizable reports.

These comprehensive modules allow business owners and managers to ensure that their plant increases its production quality while still retaining tight control over inventory and avoiding wastage of resources.

As an experienced provider of business solutions that are compliant with local tax regulations, Focus Softnet has earned unwavering trust when it comes to providing and deploying tax complying business software.

The robust nature of Focus MRP allows it to adapt to any manufacturing plant’s size and depth while blending-in with its hierarchy and structure. Its capabilities to assist manufacturing processes and achieve greater degree of compliance and customer satisfaction can redefine your establishment’s operations.

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  • Minimize production bottlenecks
  • Achieve greater transparency and operational control
  • Reduce costs and increase resource utilization
  • Better customer satisfaction with on-time delivery


  • Skill based identification and planning of human or machine resources for work centres
  • Scheduling of output based on plant-wise capacity
  • Can achieve standard output with pre-defined route in production line
  • On-time material requirement analysis and procurement reminders


  • Developed on .Net with MS-SQL
  • Fully integrated with the ERP
  • API Enabled
  • N-tier architecture supports Load balancing


Production Master Data

Production Master Data

  • Bill of Material
  • Production Resource Tools
  • GUI Routing
  • Work Centre Capacity Definitions

Shift Management

Shift Management

  • Integration with finance and Inventory
  • Updating of the Production Cost including overhead
  • Integration with Warehouse Management for better Inventory control
  • JIT management

Fixed Assets

Fixed Assets

  • Asset Tracking and management
  • Add and Remove Value or Components
  • Capitalization of asset
  • Transfer of asset
  • Allows Conversion of asset
  • Retire asset
  • Schedule depreciation and
  • Customizable Reports

Material Requirement Planning

Material Requirement Planning

  • Lead Time Analysis
  • Quotation Analysis
  • Supplier Contract Management
  • Material Requirement for Planned Orders and Forecast
  • Planning for dependent and Independent Requirements

Quality Control

Quality Control

  • User Defined Test Definition
  • Rule definition for testing
  • QC Requisition
  • Sample And Total Test
  • Test Approvals
  • Quantity Breakups

Shop Floor Management

Shop Floor Management

  • Issues and Transfers to Production
  • Variance Analysis
  • Replenishment Report



  • Job Definition for individual Machine or Asset
  • Job Scheduling
  • Maintenance Job Card
  • Break down scheduling

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