Service Establishments

Service Establishments ERP Software for Business Operations

If there is a line of business where organizations differ from each other on a massive scale, it’s the service-oriented establishments. As they operate on a project-by-project basis, they need solutions that can create uniformity in the communication between multiple projects in different locations.

Focus Softnet provides cloud based ERP for business operations in logistical organizations, project management firms and professional service providers. With their comprehensive modules, the solutions provide smart and insightful features for effective management of finances, strategies and planning.

These service establishment software solutions give project management a new definition with their capabilities to manage multi-location operations in real time. Right from acquiring projects to managing all aspects of operations, the solutions enable users to govern and monitor operations in real time. With their specialized controls to manage workflow governance, they provide tools for estimation, quotation, version tracking and winning of the tenders.

With the ability to conduct department-wise estimations, Focus Softnet’s project management systems clear the way for auto-creation of the quote with all the costs summed up. They also help users in standardizing the budget structure, pricing & discount and approval policies. The budget is estimated based on resources, plant & machinery and subcontracts. Users can automate the system to trigger payments in correspondence with the accounts. The system’s revenue recognition determines the specific conditions under which revenue is accounted for and displays the difference in revenue and income.

Focus Softnet’s ERP software applications for businesses are also suitable to manage professional services. With their CRM functionalities, the solutions help users in acquiring services from clients and monitoring them on every stage till delivery. Users can analyze customer trends, behavior patterns, purchasing preferences and cash flows to effectively manage and boost their sales pipelines. The solutions are capable of increasing customer retention and reducing the overall customer acquisition costs. They also ensure that all customer service requests are properly logged, evaluated and delivered through powerful SLA governance tools. This results in improved customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

Shipping and logistics operations can be managed with ease through Focus Softnet’s easy-to-use solutions which include features to manage courier and freight forwarding operations using web-based tools. The solutions also feature options for pick-up, routing, delivery, acknowledgment and billing. Their pricing matrix enables owners to build pricing matrices based on location, size, weight, and priority of the shipments. Separate masters can be defined for vehicles, drivers, routes, schedules and to monitor their efficiency.

Users can categorize customers based on walk-ins, retail, corporate or contracts as it proves invaluable while defining price books based on various parameters including credit limit, payment terms, volumes of business and other customizable parameters.

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Professional services

Solutions that enable users to manage all aspects and operations of professional services across various business eco-systems

  • Cloud based solutions
  • Tools to monitor trend analysis and service delivery
  • All-encompassing CRM functionalities

Project Management

Powerful solutions that help in acquiring, managing and executing every aspect of operations seamlessly.

  • Real-time project governance
  • Project budget definition
  • Automatically triggered payments 

Courier Management

Feature rich solutions to manage shipping and logistics operations, complete with options to manage pricing, based on customers.

  • Pricing matrix
  • Features to manage routing and logistics
  • Categorization of customers for price books

Service Establishments Solutions

Focus 9

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