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Warehousing and Logistics:
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Warehouse and Logistics Management Software

Warehousing and logistics industry is a vital part of the global business landscape and is strongly connected with several other major industries. Regardless of which vertical a business is into, it’s dependent on warehousing and logistics for the timely delivery and effective distribution of its products and services.

The concept of Warehousing and logistics operations has gone through significant change, witnessing overhauls in several aspects. In order to keep up with the increasing demand and products, business enterprises look up to international warehouses that can store products at strategic locations around the world and deliver them to the required markets on time.

Due to the magnitude of warehouse operations, enterprises face many challenges. For example, the internal and external processes used in them are too redundant to keep up with the demands of modern markets. Inventory management is plagued by the lack of accurate predictions about future demands, making it very difficult to stock the inventory with the correct balance of products and transport them at right time. With no streamlined processes and the absence of automation, it’s challenging to ensure timely response to demand and supply. Owners have limited options to monitor human resource and cannot access information in real-time, restricting them to make decisions that are not based on data.

An effective and final solution for the above and other such challenges is the implementation of a robust ERP software for warehouse management. One of the major reasons behind the success of several modern warehouses is their willingness to embrace and equip modern business technology for improved operations. Although an investment in an ERP may appear costly and the ROI is as clear as on other physical investments, it’s a proven fact that ERP systems not only help warehouses in getting more business but also clear the existing workload.

Focus Softnet provides the best ERP software solutions for warehouses integrated with CRM and HCM features for the specific management of customer relations and human capital respectively. The solutions have proven invaluable for enterprises in enabling perfect order fulfilment and on-time shipments. With every order recorded and tracked through a centralized system, owners and managers can monitor and manage every single order from request to delivery and ensure it’s delivered on time. With its automation capabilities, the solutions reduce order processing time and help in allocating work to the right resource by reducing unnecessary channels.

These ERP software solutions can automate inventory management and enable users to have more control. Owners can adjust the inventory as per the seasonal demands; automate restocking based on maximum and minimum levels and plug-in wastages. They can also deploy strong security checks to ensure no resource is accessed without proper authorization.

The automation also allows owners to place the products in the right manner which would ensure maximum productivity and least wastage or obstruction of space. It helps in managing and monitoring human resources with automated internal processes. These automated processes not only improve workflows but also provide insights that can help in improving resource utilization.

For a dynamic and fast-moving enterprise such as a warehouse, it’s essential to have a robust system that caters to its all aspects and is capable to streamline all operations. The powerful cloud-based WMS solutions provided by Focus Softnet cater to the two major sub-verticals mentioned below.

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Inventory Management

Powerful solutions for warehouses of all sizes, with comprehensive modules to manage set-up, inventory, finances, inward and outward processes, movement and billing. 

  • Real time updates
  • RFID enabled
  • Ability to manage multiple locations
  • Efficient reporting tools
  • User configurable parameters 

Supply Chain

Manage every aspect of supply chain operations, improve responsiveness to a variety of demand and supply, eliminate wastage of resources and enable perfect order fulfillment 

  • Easy-to-deploy
  • Plan and track labor resource
  • Enable task sequencing and task interleaving
  • Reduce order processing time
  • Minimize shipping and picking errors

Warehousing and Logistics Solutions

Focus 9

Focus 9 is the new leading edge ERP solution by Focus Softnet, a distinguished enterprise applications provider building revolutionary products to support today’s complex business requirements.

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Focus WMS

Focus WMS has disproved the myth that wastage and high costs cannot be minimized at a warehouse. 

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