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Are you overwhelmed by the constant challenge of keeping track of customer information scattered across different platforms?

Do you find it difficult to meet your customer's ever-changing needs and expectations? Our CRM module is here to ease your burden and simplify the process. Tailored to be your go-to solution for managing customer relationships, it equips you with all the necessary tools to effortlessly handle and cultivate these relationships.

With our CRM module, all your customer data is centralized. Make a smooth transition from the chaos of juggling multiple platforms to a centralized system that makes data easily accessible and updatable whenever necessary. From basic contact details to detailed purchase histories and communication logs, every interaction is meticulously tracked and readily available. This ensures you can deliver personalized service and foster long-lasting connections with your customers.

But our CRM module is more than just a repository for customer data—it's a powerhouse of features aimed at boosting sales performance, enhancing marketing campaigns, and improving service efficiency. By eliminating tedious data entry and duplication tasks, you can focus more on building meaningful relationships and less on administrative tasks.

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CRM module CRM module

Moreover, our CRM module empowers you to manage customer data effectively, track opportunities, and strengthen customer relationships. This, in turn, leads to increased sales and revenue growth while simultaneously reducing costs associated with manual processes.

Accessing data becomes faster and more convenient, allowing you to have a comprehensive view of your customers and their interactions with your business. No more sifting through spreadsheets or searching through emails – with our CRM module, all the information you need is right at your fingertips.

Ready to take your customer relationships to the next level?

Explore our CRM module's capabilities today and witness your business's transformation!

Do You Know Why Every ERP Software Needs A CRM Module

Attract, nurture and seal company prospective transactions. Deploy CentraHub CRM, a full-fledged Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module, from CentraHub, a subsidiary of Focus Softnet. Users can monitor valuable customer data and track opportunities for several market segments with CentraHub CRM. The CRM module in the ERP systems would also allow users to categorize product lines to help evaluate sales projections.

Have CUSTOMIZABLE functions to automate business functions — save more time and money.

Seamlessly gain new clients and INCREASE customer retention.

Get a comprehensive data collection that can be compiled & used to increase the level of PRODUCTIVITY.

Execute MULTIPLE campaigns to get in touch with your clients and prospects.

CRM Module in ERP

ERP Solutions With CRM Module

Why Your Business Needs CRM Module in ERP

Streamlined Sales and Marketing Processes

The integrated CRM module offers sales and marketing functionalities and a comprehensive customer relationship management solution. It provides a centralized platform to manage customer data, track leads, and automate sales processes. It enables businesses to streamline lead management, sales pipeline tracking, and customer communication. This leads to improved efficiency, increased conversion rates, and accelerated sales cycles.

Enhanced Customer Relationship Management:

With the help of the module for customer relationship management in ERP, businesses can build and maintain strong customer relationships. By storing customer information, purchase history, and communication records in a centralized database, organizations gain a holistic view of their customers. This enables personalized interactions, tailored marketing campaigns, and better customer service. CRM module provides valuable insights into customer preferences, allowing businesses to anticipate needs and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Integration of Sales and CRM:

Integrating sales CRM module into ERP systems enables seamless coordination between sales and CRM functions. This integration improves CRM and sales management, allowing the sales teams to access customer information, track interactions, and update data in real-time. By eliminating data silos and fostering collaboration, businesses can improve cross-functional alignment, enhance sales forecasting accuracy, and drive revenue growth.

Improved Customer Retention:

The CRM module within ERP systems help businesses improve customer retention rates by providing tools for effective customer engagement and relationship management. With features like automated follow-ups, personalized communication, and customer segmentation, organizations can nurture customer loyalty and build long-term relationships. CRM module also enables businesses to track customer satisfaction, identify churn risks, and take proactive measures to retain valuable customers.

Comprehensive Customer Data Management

CRM module in ERP serves as a centralized repository for customer data, enabling businesses to capture, store, and manage customer information effectively. This includes contact details, purchase history, preferences, and communication records. By leveraging CRM databases, organizations can analyze customer data, gain insights into customer behavior, and make data-driven business decisions. This helps identify new market opportunities, tailor marketing strategies, and optimize customer acquisition and retention efforts.

Strategic CRM Analytics:

The CRM module within ERP systems provides powerful analytics capabilities. They enable businesses to generate reports and derive meaningful insights from customer data. By analyzing CRM analytics, organizations can identify trends, track key performance indicators (KPIs), and make informed business decisions. CRM analytics also help assess the effectiveness of sales and marketing campaigns, optimize resource allocation, and identify areas for improvement.

Integration of CRM with Other Modules:

CRM ERP integration offers seamless integration with other business software and modules. This allows businesses to synchronize customer data across functions like finance, inventory management, and order processing. Integration with invoicing software, for example, ensures accurate billing and streamlined financial processes. Organizations can achieve end-to-end visibility and provide a unified customer experience by connecting the sales CRM software module with various business software.

Designed To Meet The Following Components


Advanced marketing management tools to initiate, run and monitor market segmentation campaigns, integration of landing pages, telemarketing, response tracking, budget tracking, lead management, and ROI analysis.

The module includes a set of marketing management tools encompassing a comprehensive suite of capabilities to help businesses optimize their marketing efforts, drive growth in lead count, and stay competitive even in the most dynamic market.


Smart sales management functions like sales analytics, position approvals, hierarchy of sales teams, individualized dashboards, territorial management, mobile access and offline access. Improved management tools for leads, profiles, partners and opportunities.

This module plays a pivotal role in enhancing sales effectiveness. Its comprehensive profile management capabilities enable sales professionals to gain deep insights into prospects and customers through every stage of the sales pipeline, ensuring no opportunity is overlooked or underutilized.


Tracking SLAs, service calls performance, managing AMC / Call-based service requests and billing and smartly allocating service call requests to relevant service personnel. Manage technicians, agreements on service level, and preventive & reactive maintenance.

The services module also helps intelligently allocate service call requests to the most relevant service personnel, maximizing resource utilization and minimizing response times, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction.

Centralization Of Accounts & Contacts

You can see all the information in one location, instead of updating accounts / contacts in different systems, just in one centralized location.

By consolidating data into a single system, businesses can ensure consistency and accuracy, enhancing overall efficiency and productivity. It simplifies data management and analysis. And with all relevant information conveniently accessible in one place, businesses can make decision faster and drive growth.

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Automate the business processes easily, using our robust CRM module

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Automate the business processes easily, using our robust CRM module

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Customer Relationship Management ERP Software - FAQs

What is Customer Relationship Management ERP Software?

Customer Relationship Management ERP software is a powerful system that integrates customer-focused data and processes into an enterprise resource planning platform. It allows businesses to manage customer interactions, track sales, automate marketing, and enhance customer service. By consolidating these functions within one software platform, an ERP system could streamline operation, optimize customer relationships, and drives overall business success.

What are the features of Customer Relationship Management ERP Software?

The system combines CRM capabilities with ERP functionalities, streamlining customer interactions, sales, marketing, and service management while integrating data across an organization for holistic insights.

In which countries does Focus Softnet provide Customer Relationship Management ERP Software?

Focus Softnet provides Customer Relationship Management ERP Software in the USA (United States of America), Canada, India, the UAE (United Arab Emirates), Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Kenya, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, and Bangladesh.