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ERP Solutions Designed & Developed For Growing Businesses

Focus Softnet develops and offers industry-specific ERP for medium businesses, with integrated modules hosted on cloud and customizable features that would help you optimize your workflows and control operations at micro and macro level. These ERP systems are uniquely designed to facilitate ease-of-use, quick configuration and enhanced visibility across your organization.

Our ERP software solutions for medium business is used by many reputed organizations around the world and is known for their adaptability, user-friendliness, and simplified structure. The solutions also allow companies to assess market demand through their forecasting capabilities, in addition to helping them ease business complexities.

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Best ERP Software For Growing Businesses

Cost-effective cloud ERP systems for medium businesses with scalable modules on cloud and mobility-driven features. Gain insights, automate operations, and generate reports with 360-degree operational visibility. Deploy the best ERP for medium businesses for easy tax computations and advanced accounting.

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Focus X is the flagship ERP software from Focus Softnet. It is a single-platform, fourth-era Enterprise Resource Planning system with cutting-edge capabilities.

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State-of-the-art retail management solution with tax-enabled invoice generation, multi-currency support, billing, and automated stock management.

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A powerful solution for restaurant management offering custom built features to manage orders, table reservations, menus, kitchen and inventory.

Business Challenges Our ERP Systems Help You Overcome

The usage of automation driven processes has become inevitable to navigate through business complexities. We deliver industry-ready ERP software for medium businesses with features to drive productivity and efficiency. Our business solutions provide advanced features through integrated modules to overcome challenges, navigate through short-term and long-term problems.

Business challenges that our ERP system for medium business help overcome include:

  •    Data redundancy
  •    Manual pen-paper managed processes
  •    Maintaining multiple systems
  •    Customer retention
  •    Imbalanced inventory
  •    Data duplication and data silos
  •    GST computation
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Industry-Ready Enterprise ERP Solutions

Our unique industry-specific solutions provide you with all the necessary tools you need to efficiently manage business operations. Experience top-of-the-line performance, total automation and integration through our one-stop ERP systems, devised to ease operational complexities, reduce costs and standardize workflows within the business enterprise.

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GST Ready ERP Software

Facing challenges in complying with GST regulations? We are here to help!

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