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Managing a business successfully is all about building efficiencies and sustaining growth. Our enterprise ERP solutions help you achieve this through intuitive, expertly constructed modules. These ERP systems provide you with an in-depth view into the business data and allow you to gain greater control over its different operations.

Focus Softnet’s ERP software for enterprises go beyond mere operations management. They also provide you with BI driven analytics and enable you with easily configurable features to assist you in decision making. Gain competitive advantage by deploying our ERP software and grow your business revenue.

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Industry-Ready ERP Solutions Tailored To Your Business Needs

Our business applications offer solutions to address every industry challenge! Developed with advanced technology, Focus Softnet’s enterprise ERP software solutions are dynamic and flexible, enabling quicker and easier deployment. Their modern UI provides you with insights and data right on your fingertips, facilitating timely decision making.

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A data-centric, AI-embedded ERP system that delivers operational excellence and enables businesses to respond to fast-moving and volatile market conditions.

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An integrated warehouse management software with robust functions and features to effectively manage warehouse operations and keep track of every process.

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A fully integrated manufacturing software that delivers real-time insights related to all production processes and assists in resource procurement, planning and usage.

Major Industry Challenges

Technological advancement has increased business competition and made it challenging to sustain in the ever-changing market. Constantly shifting consumer demands and rising expectations have also added to the pressure on businesses to continuously adapt to changes and overcome challenges through innovation. Among the major problems enterprises experience today are:

  •    Disintegrated information
  •    Inefficient resource management
  •    Flawed customer relationship management
  •    Manual GST computations
  •    Faulty organization-wide reporting
  •    Data collection errors
  •    Adapting to fast-changing environment
  •    Recruiting and retaining talent
  •    Lack of data security
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ERP Solutions For SMEs

Our ERP software solutions are designed to meet the specific requirements of small and medium enterprises. They capture all organizational data and help you gain greater control over operations. Enable ground-breaking automation and intelligent features to take decisions based on real-time information with our ERP systems.

ERP Guide

Streamline and standardize business processes across all departments!

A Complete Guide To CRM System

Still using spreadsheets? Switch to a fully automated CRM on cloud now!

GST Ready ERP Software

Facing challenges in complying with GST regulations? We are here to help!

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