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Vertical-Specific ERP Solutions With Ready-To-Deploy Templates

Focus Softnet offers industry-specific solutions powered by automation and intelligent technologies to ensure you adopt the best business practices and run the processes from a single system. Our ERP solutions are tailored to suit the requirements of various industries and have been specifically developed to address their unique challenges. Explore the industry sectors that our ERP software systems cater to in the following.

retail industry


Our multi-capability retail software helps you overcome your business challenges and deliver a smooth shopping experience to your customers. These systems are strategically built to integrate traditional POS processes with modern tools that ensure faster billing, error-free inventory tracking and aid in improving the consistency of the service, thus increasing customer loyalty.

manufacturing industry


We offer best-suited manufacturing ERP software to help you respond quickly and accurately to changing customer demands, precisely manage materials and supply chain, track and control the entire production cycle, smartly plan procurements, proactively adjust schedules and take care of all processes that impact your business growth or profits.

manufacturing industry
warehousing industry

Warehousing & Logistics

Our flexible warehousing and logistics management software solutions provide real-time control over inventory movement. These customizable and scalable systems are suited to satisfy the requirements of businesses of all sizes. Whether it is a small business with fewer orders or a larger enterprise with complex processes, our ERP systems can handle all operations through their simplified tools.

realestate and construction industry

Real Estate & Construction

Cloud-based real estate and construction ERP and CRM solutions with integrated modules to monitor and control all your business operations. From lead generation and sales conversion to finance and customer service, these modules cover the complete real estate project lifecycle, featuring intuitive dashboards with simplified UI for easy navigation and improved user experience.

realestate and construction industry

Initiate your business transformation today

distribution industry


Advanced distribution ERP software solutions that you can implement to track the movement of inventories in real-time, assess product demand and ensure that the goods are delivered on time while keeping shipping costs under control. These ERP systems help you build and optimize supplier-vendor partnerships and provide you with full visibility across the supply chain through their comprehensive modules.

automotive industry


Adaptive and agile auto dealership management software solutions for dealers and workshop owners, offering full traceability and transparency across the business processes. These web-based systems integrate the necessary internal and external processes to successfully keep in check the usage of material and human resources, track work progress and maximize the outcomes. Suited for auto sales, rentals, leasing and garage management.

automotive industry
education industry


Automate all administrative activities at your educational establishment including admission, by using our academic ERP solutions. These systems provide all data in real time, from accurate reporting to insightful analytics, in order to assist decision making. They further empower you with effective tools for planning, budgeting and forecasting along with automated attendance management and maintenance of time sheets.

trade and services industry

Trade & Services

Our ERP for trading and service businesses relieve the burden of project handling. These solutions eliminate the need of deploying multiple systems for various operations and help you define and assign the right resources for a project, develop more accurate price quotes, recognize revenue, identify areas for margin improvement, increase collaboration with the clients, and respond to change with speed and ease.

trade and services industry

Why Choose Vertical-Specific ERP Software?

industry specific erp solutions

While generic ERP solutions are designed with modules to handle operations performed in multiple industries, they lack those key functionalities that are exclusive to a particular vertical. The industry-specific ERP solutions from Focus Softnet effectively fill these gaps and empower you with streamlined processes and automation. The key advantages of our ERP systems delivery can be summed up as:

    Equipped with industry-ready templates

    Can be customized to suit your specific needs

    Quickly deployable and easily configurable

Ride the automation wave with our industry-specific ERP systems and gain competitive advantage

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