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Focus Softnet is led by a team of dynamic professionals and experienced individuals who have made their mark in the business landscape and successfully transformed the company into a global organization.

Focus Softnet
Mir Hasnain Ali Khan

Co-Founder & Chairman

Having earned a bachelor's degree in computer sciences from the Osmania University, Mir Hasnain Ali Khan played an instrumental role in 1991 as co-founder of Focus Softnet. He brought the company to national notice when in 1993, he developed and launched a graphical user-interface based accounting system on the DOS platform, a first in the Indian market. Since then, along with his associates, he has expanded the company and transformed it into a global corporation with exceptional revenue and profit growth.

As the Chairman and CTO, Mr. Hasnain has positioned the company as a leading global supplier of state-of-art technology solutions for top businesses around the world. Under his leadership, Focus Softnet has earned international, national and regional growth as well as customer service and quality achievement awards.

Mr. Hasnain is heavily involved in philanthropy, spearheading and donating to many charitable organizations.

Focus Softnet
Mir Ahmed Ali Khan

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Equipped with a bachelor's degree in computer sciences from Osmania University, Mir Ahmed Ali Khan is the co-Founder and President of Focus Softnet (P) Ltd. His partnership with co-Founder and chairman Mir Hasnain Ali Khan has expanded the company and transformed it into a multinational organization since it was founded in 1991. Through his relentless efforts, Mr. Ahmed has placed the company as a world leader by steadfastly increasing the company's footprint in and outside India.

Under him, Focus Softnet has earned the reputation of always keeping clients first. Due to his proactive approach towards customer care, a variety of features and enhancements have been implemented within the product portfolios to cater to customer needs.

A philanthropist at heart, Mr. Ahmed Ali Khan has been on the forefront of helping charities and the needy, coming forward to support whenever and wherever he saw an opportunity to make a difference.

Focus Softnet
Mir Fiaz Ali Khan

CFO & Group President

Mir Fiaz Ali Khan, one of the advisors to the founder members of the company management, has an established success record of more than 12 years in the multinational corporate banking environment before joining Focus Softnet. He was a visiting management member and finance consultant to the company from 1996 to 2003, where he played a significant role in its growth. In 2003, he joined Focus Softnet as a full-time Group CFO.
Mr. Fiaz Ali Khan is responsible for the integrity of the company's global financial operations including developing business and financial plans, budgets and cash forecasting, drafting and developing of the company's investment plans and financial analysis of its performance. Further, he places strong emphasis on financial monitoring, risk management and organizational discipline.

The most noteworthy contribution of Mr. Fiaz Ali Khan to the organizational strategy and operational success of Focus Softnet is attributed to his abilities, not just in relying on financial acumen, but also on a degree of reflection and insight in understanding where the company stands and what direction it is headed towards.

Focus Softnet
Ali Hyder

Group CEO

Having earned a bachelor's degree of sciences in electronics, Ali Hyder went on to earn a master's degree in business administration from the Osmania University before joining the company. His tenure with Focus Softnet exceeds over two decades wherein he has held leadership roles in strategy, delivery and operations. He is a unique blend of those contemporary techno-commercial consultants who are equally skilled at technical as well as business skills. He is responsible for leading the company to year-on-year profitable growth and expansion of global operations. Having successfully accomplished the expansion of Focus Softnet within India, he then headed the transformation of the company in the last 7 years into a global organization with diversified services, reinventing it from a product based company to a provider of both solutions and services in high-growth areas. He has been profiled extensively in IT Magazines published in the Middle East.

When Focus Softnet started its operations outside India in 1996, Ali Hyder moved to UAE as the General Manager for international operations. Within a couple of years, the company saw its branches in 4 of 6 GCC countries under his leadership.

He has led multiple teams of consultants, successfully implementing the solutions developed by Focus Softnet across the globe. His dedicated efforts in customer care, constant zeal in improving product features have resulted in the company growing from an accounting solution provider to the developer of smart ERP systems.