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Advanced Real-time ERP Features of Focus RT

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Financial Management

Focus RT efficiently manages the finances through its smart features that include general ledger, cash & bank, accounts receivable and accounts payable along with options for budget management. The real time ERP software is fully compliant with VAT in Bahrain.

real time ERP in uae

Procurement Management

Prepare powerful purchase plans based on historical sales order data and generate forecasts and projections. Upgrade your procurement and purchasing processes with detailed requirement analysis based on previous bills of material. You can also analyze all suppliers based on credit limits and best rates.

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erp software in uae
real time erp software in uae

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ERP Software With
Comprehensive Modules And Real-Time Updates

Focus RT is a real time ERP software developed by Focus Softnet, an award-winning provider of smart business applications and IT solutions in Bahrain. It synchronizes all business data in real time, providing you with the most accurate view over all operations.

Apart from real time data synchronization, Focus RT also integrates all modules on a single platform with customizable dashboards and info-panels. It is a multi-tier application that can work over local area networks and the internet, allowing you to work even when you are not in your office.

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Focus RT Software Focus RT Software

Integrate AIFA with Focus RT

Focus AI is an integration-friendly AI platform developed by Focus Softnet. Featuring predictive analytics, chatbots, robotic process automation and face recognition, AIFA can be integrated with Focus RT to achieve total automation and deeper business insights.

Focus RT software ensures all data is consolidated and synchronized through its real-time processes, removing duplication and preventing the creation of data silos. The system also enables data sharing from a central location, across any number of offices.

Reap the benefits of quick deployment with minimal downtime to ensure business and operations are not interrupted. Our solution can be tailored to suit your business needs and configured to match your operations and hierarchies.

Cherry-pick applications from the package of modular solutions that best suits the needs of your client. Focus RT does not require you to deploy all modules and increase excessive data load. As your business grows you can install the modules you need and scale up.

Whether it is a past sales report or data related to ongoing operations, you can quickly and easily access the information on Focus RT. Our real time ERP's user interface is designed to ensure maximum productivity by prioritizing user-friendliness.

Loaded with optimum security, the cloud-based ERP software has a much-simplified landscape UI for easy access and is simple enough for a non-technical person to navigate. It has Single Sign-On (SSO) feature that offers:

  • High-end data security
  • Convenient single login for all business applications
  • Compliant identity management

Focus 9 ERP is designed with the most creative in-memory hybrid computing engine and other revolutionary technologies that can improve the speed, accuracy and accessibility of the stored data. Our top ERP software:

  • Integrates high-performance data from different resources
  • Generates precise analysis reports that can be used to reinforce informed decision making
  • Improves the data storage structure pattern which supports transactional and analytical processing at high speed
  • Speeds up the response for search queries and displays output within seconds

Unlike conventional, 'one-size-fits-all' ERP solutions Focus 9 has ready-made templates for different industries. Each template houses a specific set of modules that are specially designed to meet the unique needs of the industry and address its challenges.

  • Our cloud ERP software can be implemented with minimal customizations
  • Rapid and speedy deployment process
  • Allows comprehensive customizations to suit any specific requirement
  • Provides ERP users with dashboards that can be tailored according to their needs
  • UI configuration capabilities improve usability and allow easy handling of complex projects

Enjoy lower hardware costs, since the system requires no investment on large servers. As one of the best web-based ERP software, the greatest benefits the Focus 9 ERP system brings to an enterprise include:

  • ERP implementation is much faster
  • Minimal disruption in the business operations during deployment
  • Scalable modules to support extended operations
  • Mobile ready - accessible on any device, at any time and from anywhere
  • Flexible to accommodate companies working in multiple locations

Explore The Core Features

Focus ERP Software Focus ERP Software