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Are you tired of dealing with the chaos of warehouse management?

Our warehouse management module is here to bring order to the chaos and help you run your warehouse like a well-oiled machine.

With our module, you'll have all the tools you need to streamline your warehouse operations and maximize efficiency. From inventory tracking and picking to packing and shipping, our module covers it all, ensuring that your warehouse runs smoothly from start to finish.

But that's just the beginning. Our warehouse management module goes above and beyond with advanced features designed to supercharge your business operations. Real-time inventory tracking keeps you updated on stock levels at all times. At the same time, automated workflows and alerts help you stay on top of orders and shipments.

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Imagine being able to eliminate costly errors and delays, and instead, deliver orders faster and more accurately than ever before. With our warehouse management module, you can make it happen.

And the best part?

Our warehouse management module seamlessly integrates with other ERP modules like sales and procurement, providing you with a complete solution for managing your entire business. With powerful reporting and analytics, you'll have the insights you need to make informed decisions and drive your business forward.

Ready to take your warehouse operations to the next level?

Discover the power of our warehouse management module today, and transform your warehouse into a model of efficiency!

Warehouse Management Module Overview

Focus Softnet’s ERP system has a state-of-the-art warehouse management module, designed for storage facilities and logistics businesses. This module provides state-of- the-art technology for warehouse management, stock optimization, easier process delivery and control of all activities.

TRACK and manage your inventory and automate restocking.

Optimize and plan warehouse STORAGE for optimum utility and ease of movement.

Use RFID technology to speed up all stages of order processing.

REDUCE shipping errors and improve on-time deliveries.

Warehouse Management Module in ERP

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Why Does Your Business Needs a Warehousing Module in ERP?

Modernized Warehouse Operations:

The WMS module provides comprehensive warehouse management software to streamline operations within the business. It allows organizations to effectively manage inventory, track shipments, and optimize storage space. By improving operational efficiency, companies can reduce costs, minimize errors, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Real-Time Inventory Managing:

The warehouse module offers robust inventory management that enables businesses to track stock levels, monitor product movement, and optimize inventory control. Real-time visibility into the warehouse and inventory management data allows businesses to avoid stockouts, minimize carrying costs, and ensure accurate inventory replenishment. By maintaining optimal inventory levels, businesses can improve order fulfillment and customer service.

Efficient Warehouse Tracing:

WMS software module incorporates a warehouse tracking system, which utilizes advanced technologies like barcode or RFID to accurately track inventory within the warehouse. This enables businesses to monitor inventory movement from receiving to storage to shipping. Businesses can improve order accuracy, reduce manual errors, and enhance overall warehouse efficiency by leveraging warehouse inventory management software.

Warehouse Automation and Optimization:

The warehouse automation software module enables businesses to automate repetitive tasks and optimize warehouse processes. It includes features like automated picking, packing, and sorting and intelligent routing and replenishment algorithms. By leveraging warehouse automation, businesses can reduce labor costs, improve order accuracy, and impose control of inventory in the warehouse to maximize business productivity.

Better Warehouse Control:

The module gives businesses enhanced control over warehouse operations. It includes features like warehouse control systems that allow enterprises to manage storage allocation, bin locations, and picking strategies. By optimizing warehouse control, businesses can reduce picking errors, improve order fulfillment speed, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Cloud-Based Warehousing Solutions:

Cloud-based WMS offers scalability, flexibility, and accessibility for businesses of all sizes. The warehouse management system also provides real-time data access, allowing firms to monitor warehouse operations from anywhere. This flexibility empowers businesses to adapt to changing market demands, optimize resource allocation, and improve operational efficiency.

Benefits Of Deploying Our Warehouse Management Module

Warehouse Setup

Complete warehouse setup with user-defined configurations, storer information system and online warehouse usage reports.

Our warehouse setup system is designed to meet your specific needs with user-defined configurations tailored to your business requirements. It provides reports for real-time insights into inventory levels, movement patterns, storage utilization and other specific handling protocols, empowering you to make informed decisions and optimize your warehouse operations efficiently.

Inwards and Outwards Processes

Powerful features to manage inwards and outwards processes with enhanced picking options.

With our comprehensive suite of tools, you can streamline both inbound and outbound processes seamlessly. From receiving shipments to dispatching orders, our system offers advanced capabilities to optimize every step of the way. With enhanced picking options, you can prioritize orders, allocate resources more, and minimize errors and keep operations running smoothly.

Inventory Management

Comprehensive inventory tracking and management tools to maintain barcodes, pallet IDs, batch numbers and expiry dates.

To assist you in making wise decisions, the system provides real-time inventory data and statistics. Thus, you always have the appropriate amount of stock, regardless of whether you're working with high-demand or perishable commodities. Its sophisticated features, which include configurable alarms, automatic reordering, and more, guarantee efficient inventory management.


Flexible and multi-currency billing by storer, storage type or SKU, along with monthly, weekly and daily billing.

Our billing system is designed to offer you maximum flexibility. With our multi-currency support, you can conduct business seamlessly across borders without worrying about conversion rates or complexities. The system streamlines your billing experience, ensuring accuracy, transparency, and convenience every step of the way.

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Register for a free demo of our warehouse management module now!

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Warehouse ERP Software - FAQs

What is Warehouse ERP Software?

Warehouse ERP software is a specialized system designed to optimize and manage warehouse operations. It facilitates efficient inventory management, order tracking, and stock control. Key features include barcode scanning, order fulfillment, and real-time data analysis, helping businesses streamline logistics, reduce errors, and enhance overall warehouse productivity. It integrates with other enterprise systems for seamless information flow and reporting.

What are the features of Warehouse ERP Software?

Warehouse ERP software optimizes warehouse operations with features like inventory management, order tracking, automated picking, and real-time visibility. It enhances accuracy, speed, and efficiency in storage and distribution.

How does the Warehousing Module benefit businesses?

It enhances inventory accuracy, improves order fulfillment speed, optimizes warehouse space utilization, reduces operational costs, and provides real-time visibility into warehouse operations.

What types of businesses can benefit from using a Warehousing Module?

Retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, e-commerce companies, and any organization with significant inventory and warehouse management needs.

Can the Warehousing Module handle multiple warehouses?

Yes, it supports multi-warehouse management, allowing businesses to track inventory across different locations and manage inter-warehouse transfers.

What are the advantages of using barcode scanning in the Warehousing Module?

Barcode scanning improves inventory accuracy, speeds up data entry, reduces errors, and enhances tracking of stock movements within the warehouse.

How does the Warehousing Module improve order fulfillment processes?

It automates order picking, packing, and shipping processes, prioritizes orders based on delivery schedules, and ensures accurate and timely fulfillment.

Can the Warehousing Module support different inventory management techniques?

Yes, it supports FIFO (First-In-First-Out), LIFO (Last-In-First-Out), batch tracking, serial number tracking, and other inventory management techniques.

How does the Warehousing Module optimize warehouse space?

It provides tools for efficient warehouse layout design, slotting optimization, and dynamic storage allocation to maximize space utilization and minimize handling times.

How does the Warehousing Module handle receiving and putaway processes?

It streamlines receiving by automating purchase order matching, quality checks, and putaway processes, ensuring that inventory is accurately received and stored in the correct locations.

Can the Warehousing Module manage returns and reverse logistics?

Yes, it handles returns processing, tracks returned inventory, manages restocking or disposal, and supports reverse logistics operations.

In which countries does Focus Softnet provide Warehouse ERP Software?

Focus Softnet provides Warehouse ERP Software in the USA (United States of America), Canada, India, the UAE (United Arab Emirates), Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Kenya, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, and Bangladesh.