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Are you seeking reliable tool to maintain impeccable quality standards consistently?

quality control module quality control module

Our quality control management module serves as your trusted ally, ensuring your products consistently surpass expectations.

With our quality control management module, you have access to a set of sophisticated tools designed to simplify your quality control processes. From automated inspections and testing to detailed defect tracking and analysis, our module provides you with the insights and capabilities needed to identify and address quality issues quickly and effectively.

The capabilities of our quality control management module don't stop there. We recognize that staying proactive is vital in upholding quality standards, which is why our module also includes features for proactive quality management. With real-time monitoring, customizable workflows, and predictive analytics, you can able to anticipate and address potential issues before they even arise and take preemptive action to maintain product integrity.

Imagine being able to detect quality issues early, resolve them efficiently, and ensure that only the highest-quality products reach your customers. With our quality control management module, you can turn this vision into reality. Moreover, with seamless integration with other ERP modules, such as production and inventory management, you can ensure that quality control is seamlessly integrated into your entire business process. This integration fosters collaboration, improves efficiency, and ensures that quality remains a top priority across your organization.

Ready to take your quality control practices to the next level?

Explore the possibilities with our quality control management module and elevate your business to new heights of excellence!

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Quality Control Management Module In ERP

Focus Softnet’s ERP systems are equipped with a powerful quality assurance module that would ensure your production performance and output matches the specified manufacturing standards and assist you in meeting the requirements with minimal costs and streamlined processes. With features that you could define right from testing to final inspection, the quality control management module would provide you total control over all stages of production with enhanced visibility, helping you make decisions and introduce changes at the right time.

USER DEFINED tests to ensure best quality output and total control.

INTEGRATION with other departments of production through dynamic modules.

Quick and EASY CONFIGURATION to get operations up and running in no time.

MOBILE READY features to help you operate from anywhere, anytime.

Quality control management module

Glide Through Our Cloud ERP Solutions With Mobile-Ready Features

Increase And Improve Production Output With
Enhanced Quality Control Features

User Defined Testing

Define the test criteria to maintain quality standards. The quality control module allows you to define all aspects of testing such as tolerance percentages, testing parameters and mapping the tests to products. It would also automatically allocate warehouse space for products that fail the tests and assign multiple tests to products that require them.

Through user-defined testing feature, businesses can uphold quality standards rigorously.

Advanced Features

The module’s advanced features include options for total or sample tests, mapping tests to product groups and categories, assigning tests as mandatory and defining various other parameters depending on the test subjects i.e. products.

Additionally, it offers seamless integration with existing ERP systems, ensuring data consistency and accuracy. It empowers organizations to streamline quality control processes and uphold the highest standards across the entire product lifecycle.


Along with basic inspection features, the quality control module also enables you to set due dates for product testing, assign workers to selected tests, link the testing to vouchers such as purchase orders and production orders, enhancing their traceability and transparency throughout the quality assurance process.

Equipped with these robust capabilities, the module serves as a cornerstone in safeguarding product integrity and customer satisfaction.


The quality control module is seamlessly integrated with other modules of our ERP system. It would not cause any data duplications and the automated data flow would enrich your processes with accurate and real time information, helping you devise the right strategies and take timely decisions.

From production workflows to customer service, the integrated approach ensures that every facet of your business operates cohesively.

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Equip your business with Cloud ERP and gain a distinct competitive advantage

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Equip your business with Cloud ERP and gain a distinct competitive advantage

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Quality Control Management ERP Software - FAQs

What is Quality Control Management ERP Software?

Quality Control Management ERP Software helps businesses ensure that defined quality standards are maintained across all of their products and services. It also automates different aspects of quality assurance, such as quality tests, standard definitions, and compliance.

What are the features of Quality Control Management ERP Software?

The core features of Quality Control Management ERP Software include user-defined testing, sample tests, mapping of products with tests, inspections, and integrations.

In which cities of Nigeria does Focus Softnet provide Quality Control Management ERP Software?

Focus Softnet provides Quality Control Management ERP Software in all major cities of Nigeria, including Nairobi, Mombasa, Thika, Kisumu, Bungoma, Nakuru, Machakos, Nanyuki, Eldoret, Kitale, Kericho, Ngong, Limuru, Nyeri, Homa Bay, Athi River and Mwatate.