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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Browse frequently asked questions about Focus Soft Net products and services. For any other queries, Contact Us
  • What is CRM?

    CRM means Customer Relationship Management.
    The primary need of a the business is to have an application or a system in place to effectively manage the sales process and customer relationship; capture vital data and information about customers - purchase history, revenue generated, up selling / cross selling opportunities, etc.; and generate sales quote or create orders. The requirement is to have a 360-degree view of one’s business. This is why the Customer Relationship Management has gained so much popularity among all businesses.

  • What can a CRM system do for me?

    A CRM system helps you recognize customers and prospective customers, understand their preferences, frequently anticipate their needs and respond to their requests quickly and effectively. It enables you to track, organize, and consolidate the interactions dealership staff has with current and prospective customers.

  • How can CRM benefit my business?

    CRM can help you:

    • Raise customer satisfaction.
    • Increase customer retention and reduce marketing expense.
    • Anticipate customer needs and preferences.
    • Increase operating efficiencies.
    • Improve targeted marketing efforts of customers and prospects.
    • Quick Service to Customers

    Implementing a CRM into your company will improve productivity and efficiency. With your employees performing at a higher level, they are able to reach out to more prospects and close more sales. The increase in their efficiency increases profitability by reducing operational costs.
    It’s inevitable that implementing a CRM will cost your company money, and it may be a lot of it. The results in the end are what make it all worth it.

  • What are the important modules in CRM?

    The main modules of CRM are:

    • Telemarketing
    • Campaign Management
    • Marketing
    • Sales
    • Service Desk
  • Can the system expand as my business grows?

    Make sure the technology can scale up and easily support multiple dealership locations. Also request that ongoing maintenance charges, support fees and license expenses do not increase during the initial term of the agreement.

  • I run a small business and I don't have that many customers. Why do I need special software to manage them?

    CRM can benefit a small business by consolidating customer data into a single system. As a business grows, keeping a record of all transactions can become overwhelming. CRM tools allow you to manage your customer interactions more efficiently, so you have more time to focus on your service or product

  • How does the customer service portion of CRM help a business grow?

    Customer satisfaction is a key element of customer loyalty. Loyal and satisfied customers become long-term customers. Loyal customers are also your best advocates. Word of mouth recommendations create the most persuasive marketing for your company. In an age where negative customer feedback propagates quickly to online reviews and blogs, customer service cannot be overlooked.

  • There are two types of CRM solutions- On Premise and Cloud Based. What is the difference between the two?

    On Premise CRM, as the name suggests, are on-premise CRM solutions are softwares which run on computers within the premises of the company. Therefore, all the data and information is stored inside the premises of the company instead of a remote location. This approach was highly popular till about 2005. Various agencies, like defence services, still make use of on premise CRM to ensure the security of data and have regular supervision over the same.

    Cloud Based CRM Since 2005, there has been a development of web based tools. This means that the software, and its relevant data, is accessible through the internet and displayed on a Web Browser. These solutions are becoming popular because they are offered on subscription rather than making it mandatory for companies to buy it. The former happens to be cheaper as it doesn’t require the companies to invest in purchasing and maintaining the IT hardware and the subscription cost is just a small fraction of the actual cost of the software.

  • Can Focus CRM be integrated with ERP?

    Yes, Focus CRM can be integrated with ERP, wherein the information can be shared between the ERP and CRM systems.

  • Can we import our contacts or calendar's appointments from Outlook?

    Yes, Focus CRM can be integrated with Outlook where all the contacts can be imported from Outlook to CRM and vice versa.

  • Can you use Focus CRM on your mobile?

    Sure, you can operate on the move while staying connected to your Focus CRM platform. With an intuitive interface and suitable for use on 3.5-inch screen of your mobile phones, mobile Focus CRM will please users who spend most of their time outside the office and can take advantage of new features.

  • Can Focus CRM be accessed from anywhere?

    Yes, it can be accessed from anywhere. Most importantly Focus CRM is browser independent, database independent and platform independent.

    • Browser independent: Can run on all browsers(Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Netscape, Opera etc).
    • Database Independent: Is compatible with most of the common RDBMS like MSSQL, Oracle and MySQL.
    • Platform Independent: can run on different types of platforms.(Windows, Mac OS, Linux etc.)
  • Is it hard to learn how to use Focus CRM?

    Focus CRM provides a quick, easy and intuitive user interface . All masks have a logical, linear structure and it's been invested a lot of time in research to improve the usability of the product. Technical support is also available online for any clarification and training.

  • Can I Customize Focus CRM?

    Yes Focus CRM is highly customizable; it can be customized from field level to module level. Focus CRM allows you to customize your own fields, page layouts, search layouts, list views, user level security, reports and label names etc.

  • How can we compare various CRM Softwares?

    The factors of comparison for CRM softwares will depend upon the end results that the company is looking for. There can be a variety of different objectives of a company and the comparison will depend upon these objectives. There are many types of CRM softwares, available in the market. The choice of these softwares will depend upon the size of the business and built in features, along with the availability of customization.

  • Can we integrate Focus CRM with Social Networking Sites?

    Yes ,Focus CRM can be integrated with sites like Facebook, twitter, Google+ and Linkedin wherein you can import contacts from any of the social networking Sites.

    Here is a list of some of the factors of comparison:

    • Blend / Integration with existing systems and software
    • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
    • Availability of innovative features
    • Scalability and security
    • Customization
    • Software’s capability of reporting and analytics
    • Data Quality Control
    • Import and Export of Data
    • Mobility of the software: Can be used any where Focus CRM is one Package for all the above