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Focus Softnet is a forerunner in providing industry-ready ERP solutions that cater to multiple functions and aspects of businesses. With an established presence spanning over 28 years , we have built multi-capability software for major enterprises and SMEs in 17 countries across the globe. Our ERP solutions are currently used by over a million users around the world.

As a trusted ERP provider, we have always put a strong emphasis on R&D, collaboration with industry experts and combining tried & tested business practises with modern technology, resulting in business systems that are capable of driving efficiency and automation throughout all processes.

Our ERP solutions are equipped with enhanced features to help you streamline, customize and configure the applications that suit your unique requirements. The modular structure of our ERP systems allows you to choose and deploy selective modules and scale up as your business grows.

By providing you with detailed whitepapers with in-depth view of our applications, we aim to highlight the capabilities of our ERP software and how effectively they have helped our clients solve their business problems. Our whitepapers would also help you understand, in detail, the many rich features our business softwaresystems have on offer.

To find out more about our ERP solutions download any of the following whitepapers.

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Data processing challenges and new age ERP systems

Focus Softnet

CLOUD ERP - Reaping the Advantages and Overcoming the Limitations

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