Beautylicious Implements Focus RT to Help Scale-up Business

Luxury beauty Brands Company improves processes and efficiency with Focus’ flagship ERP solution. The company caters to upscale beauty salons, spas, medi-spas, nail bars, estheticians and select retail outlets. When Beautylicious chooses Focus Softnet's ERP solution, Focus RT, to streamline operations and enhance efficiency, speed, and scalability across the business.

Beautylicious Implements Focus RT to Help Scale-up Business

Established in 2005, Beautylicious is a company dedicated to sourcing unique luxury beauty brands from around the world, such as June Jacobs, Eminence Organics, Alterna, Fudge, Bella Lucce and Zoya, and bringing them to the Middle East. The company specialises in brands that are globally inspired, innovative, unique, revolutionary, eclectic, contemporary, stylish, as well as result-oriented. With its wide-range of beauty products, Beautylicious caters to upscale beauty salons, spas, medi-spas, nail bars, estheticians and select retail outlets. Headquartered in Kuwait, Beautylicious has more than 100 employees working from its facilities and retail outlets in Kuwait, Bahrain and the UAE.

Floyd Paes, Finance Manager, Beautylicious, explained: “We were looking for an ERP solution that could take care of all areas of our business processes apart from offering us stability, scalability and speed. The ERP had to have the ability to scale up when required and needed to be easily customisable.

“We studied and analysed various solutions available in the market and decided to go with Focus as it met all of our requirements in business knowledge, customisation and price point. We were impressed with Focus RT’s features and flexibility which would facilitate future customisations as we continue to expand and streamline our operations,” he added.

“Our relationship with Focus’ Kuwait office goes back to 2005, when we signed on for their accounting software. We subsequently upgraded to Focus RT in 2009. With the rapid growth of our business, there was a continuous need to upgrade and modify our processes and procedures, which was possible due to the experience, knowledge and patience from the Focus team in Kuwait. Another important reason for working with Focus is that they have their own development team which caters to that extra, ‘over the top’ requirements that we have.”

Beautylicious was looking for an ERP, which would offer order management that linked the entire sales orders to picking list process and deliveries, web based order booking and back office invoicing and financial updates. Beautylicious decided to go with Focus RT, which is a real time ERP solution that seamlessly integrates all facets of the business, including planning, manufacturing, finance, sales, marketing and HR. It is a completely modular and scalable software, which helps increase productivity and reduce costs thus paving the way for increased revenues for businesses.

Focus RT has been assisting Beautylicious’ regional offices, warehouses and retail stores to operate efficiently as well as providing real-time updates on its operations. The software has the capability to run from remote locations on a centralised database. Using its highly integrated sales module, Focus’ team were able to link entire sales orders to picking list and deliveries through which the customer managed to achieve better monitoring of sales orders with stock analysis, better management of inventories and better customer management and value added services.

Focus customised and provided Beautylicious with a solution for website integration using Focus Application Programming Interface (API), which enables the company’s customers to do online shopping using shopping cart and this raises real time sales orders in the back office. The linkup of the online store with Focus RT has enabled Beautylicious’ customers to purchase items with real-time inventory quantities.

“With robust configuration settings, Focus has integrated the sales & inventory module for back office financial updates. The ERP has functionalities that best fit the current and future needs of our business. The Focus team was professional, quick to understand our needs and showed us how these needs could be fully addressed by Focus RT’s functionalities. Also, having local support and development capability at our doorstep was an added advantage, and increased our confidence in the product and after sales support,” explained Paes.

Beautylicious implemented the finance, sales, inventory and order management, web based order booking and MIS reporting modules of Focus RT. The company is currently working on ‘Focus RT Online’, the online version of the ERP using Internet=1 functionality over Data DSL and Internet DSL.

“Beautylicious brands have a strong market presence and loyal consumer base across multiple age groups. The choice of Focus RT, in preference to other ERP vendors, is a vote of confidence for us that our solutions are best-in-class and offer the best return on investment ratios in the IT industry,” said Baqtiyar Siddiqui, AVP, Kuwait and Qatar, Focus Softnet.

“Focus RT is user friendly and easy to customise. It is perhaps the only ERP solution that passes on the reins, tools and know-how of addressing change to the user. We strive to ensure that our customers realize their business potential by unlocking the information inside their companies to make better-informed decisions,” Siddiqui concluded.