Focus Softnet Deploys Centra's CAFM Solution for ServeU

The Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) solution will help ServeU digitise and automate operational flow.

Learn how Focus Softnet deployed Centras CAFM Solutions to optimize operations for ServeU. Experience the power of advanced facility management.

Focus Softnet Deploys Centra’s CAFM Solutions for ServeU

Centra's CAFM Suite has helped ServeU digitise and automate its entire operational flow and life cycle thereby ensuring on-time services and resolution, SLA governance, and enhanced customer satisfaction and retention.

With over 28 years of experience in the facilities management space, ServeU provides a number of different maintenance services for the residential, industrial and commercial sectors, which include facilities management consultancy, building operation, building maintenance, cleaning and hygiene services to name some.

The company has over 3000 employees serving more than 450 customers across the region. With a mission to be recognised regionally as a Facilities Management Service Provider of excellence, ServeU believed that innovation and continuous improvement was key to ensuring best value and service to its customers.

Sunil Mathew, COO, Focus Softnet, commented: "In line with is mission to automate process, ServeU decided to deploy Centra's CAFM suite. Their needs were specific to the facilities management vertical but the volume of managing multiple services to more than their 50,000 Units was a big challenge for them. We strongly recommended Centra's CAFM solution as it met ServeU's requirement fully and we were able to implement it seamlessly with the entire operations flow integrated on mobile.

He added: "CAFM has revolutionised processes within facilities management providers. Solutions such as Centra's CAFM Suite form the operations backbone of facilities management companies by providing end-to-end governance of facilities management ranging from preventive maintenance, contract definitions, SLA governance and control, breakdown or reactive maintenance, free or billable services, technician task assignment, scheduling and efficiency management, spare parts management, and customer satisfaction."

ServeU deployed the facility management, sales flow and Mobile Apps modules of Centra's CAFM suite. The solution supported the company's requirements completely and was ready for their use without having to make any customisations.

The complete end-to-end automated process mapping made it possible for ServeU to manage services more cost effectively with enhanced efficiency. Integration with their telephonic calling system and Mobile Apps for unit holder and service technicians brought performance efficiency and operational report quality at highest standards.

Centra Hub's CAFM solution helped ServeU reduce the service call cycle time, enhance quality and ease in Unit holder follow up, accelerated Real time reporting and service call status review and increased customer satisfaction. The company has also managed to improve efficiency in its operations and increase revenues through additional business.