Focus Softnet Exhibits ERP on Cloud

Focus Softnet, is showcasing its ERP-in-cloud product at GITEX Technology Week. Software solutions provider, Focus Softnet, is showcasing its ERP-in-cloud product, Focus 8 Ready for Cloud, while its subsidiary, Centra Technology, is promoting its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions at GITEX Technology Week in Dubai.

ERP-in-cloud product at GITEX Technology Week <

Ali Hyder, group CEO at Focus Softnet explained that while the module and features available in the previous application on mobile and on-premise remains the same, the current launches are being offered on the cloud as well. Speaking further about it and explaining the company’s objectives at GITEX, Hyder said: “Users of the new application can choose between going on-premise or going on the cloud. The difference between cloud and premise is that the user can either have ownership of the license or pay for a subscription.

“We will continue to maintain and manage the applications for the customers.

“I would say that there are two main objectives for us being here at GITEX. First is to create awareness among our current and prospective customers about the new cloud versions of our applications. The second most important aspect of being here is to meet and network with our partners in the region who are actually creating revenues and leads for us.”